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EPA Hot Air Going To Supreme Court

Regulator accused of abuse of power on global warming policy

February 24, 2014

WASHINGTON — Industry groups and Republican-led states are heading an attack at the Supreme Court against the Obama administration’s sole means of trying to limit power-plant and factory emissions o......

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Feb-25-14 8:01 AM

Oh wonderlie, thanks for reminding us that cold kills tens of thousands of people world wide while heat only kills a few hundred.

The net result of more CO2 in the atmosphere is:

1) Longer growing season

2) More crop output

3) More farm output from further northern ag areas.

4) Fewer deaths from hypothermia!

5) more food for a starving world

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Feb-25-14 7:57 AM


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Feb-25-14 7:50 AM

--Federal Water Allocation for the first time in 50 years.

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Feb-25-14 7:49 AM

Blunderwhy my homeboyz got my back and gave you a beat-down early! ditto ditto!

CA is a semi desert, only gets 12 inches of rain in a NORMAL year, so we got 3. Yes worst in history but a bigger problem is OBAMA is cutting farmers from Federal for the first time in 50 years. WHY?

Maybe they are handful of rich white guys and he needs the votes from the da Hood in South Central? YO!

But CA is the biggest Agricultural state in the USA, raises HALF of all the fruits and vegetables. WATCH your grocery bill soar this summer when the Cali Farm boyz cant produce thanks to Ovomit.

Now will that hurt (A) the 1% or (B) the POOR???

Opies wants EVERYBODY possible on government help, he is out to deimate America and wreck the Economy so George Soros can make a KILLING in the currency and stock markets by betting against America!

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Feb-25-14 6:50 AM

wunder, If the climate remains constant will those storms and droughts be reduced? The events you speak of are "extreme" as compared to what? Do some research on droughts and hurricanes and get back with us! BTW, Sandy was a "storm" when it made landfall, not a Hurricane! The damage from Hurricanes is greater because that is what happens when you "tempt" nature! We build right on those huge bodies of water called oceans....

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Feb-25-14 6:40 AM

"He hasn't ever heard of Hurricane Sandy or the extreme drought in CA."

From the NY Times, "In fact, the most recent computer projections suggest that as the world warms, California should get wetter, not drier, in the winter, when the state gets the bulk of its precipitation. That has prompted some of the leading experts to suggest that climate change most likely had little role in causing the drought."

"Saturday (Nov. 30) marks the end of the relatively uneventful 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, which saw the fewest number of hurricanes since 1982, according to NOAA."

I guess some news is just different than others!

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Feb-25-14 3:42 AM

"Climate Change" is much like obamas "Hope and change" full of hot air. Smoke dope and skip rope, that's the Obama way. The actual climate has been changing for thousands of years.. Did co2 cause it then?

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Feb-24-14 11:55 PM

duwhop doesn't watch the same news I do. That's quite clear. He hasn't ever heard of Hurricane Sandy or the extreme drought in CA. Nor the deadly storms in the Midwest, because by the creationist, duwhop claims "gawd, yinz got a nasty winter", (polar vortex, yea, makeup name. limp was the only one that confirmed that gem.) But hey, no wonderwhy! Rather pointed view Whatever the topic is, it comes back some Hitler remark now. The list is long from the array of bigoted and racists remarks down right name calling to make up names of the President of the USA. Brilliant! Oh, and his news sources have a dismal batting average. Some of the more pungent phrases can be easily disproved. But HEY, the rest are commie socialist, Muslim special member of the brotherhood, all wrapped up in one person. Heard he can sing and dance too. LOL

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Feb-24-14 10:54 PM

smugdog the used car salesman, not peddling Anthropogenic Global Warming any more??

The 2014 model is "Climate Change" where if it is Colder, Hotter, or Same MAN is the cause and CO2 is the bogeyman!

Anyone who says "the Science is Settled" doesn't know one scintilla of science.

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Feb-24-14 9:52 PM

No one can deny that the climate changes. Between 800 a.d. and 1300 a.d., Greenland was green with a temperate climate. All that carbon dioxide from "man made" climate destroying manufacturing caused the change in climate and . oh wait, there were no coal power plants back then, so what caused the climate to change? That is where scientists with an agenda (anti-capitalist) goes off the rails.

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Feb-24-14 8:22 PM

Amusing article from Investors Business Daily! Farmers' Almanac More Reliable Than Warming Climate Models

"Bad Science: It turns out that a 200-year-old publication for farmers beats climate-change scientists in predicting this year's harsh winter as the lowly caterpillar beats supercomputers that can't even predict the past.

Last fall, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center (CPC) predicted above-normal temperatures from November through January across much of the continental U.S. The Farmers' Almanac, first published in 1818, predicted a bitterly cold, snowy winter."

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Feb-24-14 7:37 PM

thetruth, Thank you. A well stated argument. The evidence is overwhelming insofar as the reality of climate change is concerned.

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Feb-24-14 4:57 PM

saveapplachia, So the EPA creates rules and regulations and it's the fault of the corporations for implementing the laws? Mitchell Plant spent $1.1 billion to install scrubbers on the plant and I guarantee some new requirement is 2-3 years away!

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Feb-24-14 3:38 PM

Save Appalachia: When the WV Water Company discovered that a toxin had entered their system from a spill in an adjacent waterway, what procedure was enacted by the water company and the various regulatory agencies to address the problem?

Booms were placed in the waterway and once the water company identified the toxin it began "flowing hydrants" to flush the system, eliminating the toxins that were so dangerous that residents were warned no to allow them to come in contact with their skin.

Downstream water suppliers were advised that dilution in the waterway would mitigate the threat to their water systems.

The various environmental and health related agencies (WVDEP, WVDNR, EPA, WVBOH, CDC) stood by as the system was flushed without issuing a cease order to the water company flushing the toxins back into the environment where they would flow back into the waterways.

Why no outrage in the selective enforcement by the EPA, et. al.?

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Feb-24-14 2:55 PM

Only in Liberal Land does the federal government get a free pass for decimating jobs and the economy. Only in Liberal Land are corporations vilified for embracing capitalism. Save Appalachia somewhere else; small business is harmed by onerous legislation too. In your seemingly innocuous siege on corporate profits, small people get hurt too. I know that doesn't matter but you should be aware of it.

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Feb-24-14 2:13 PM

... one else’s, yet still those that they have wronged defend them like they have no idea how these companies have violated them.

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Feb-24-14 2:12 PM

If an individual (who was just working to pay for his family) was directly harming another family, the individual would be arrested. We wouldn’t attack the arresting officers, saying that they cost this individual his job and now he can no longer pay to feed his family, would we? Then why do we attack the EPA who are there to protect every family from toxins? We need to take the blinders off and see what’s really going on around us, or we won’t have a WV around to enjoy anymore. A job isn’t going to matter if there is no clean air to breathe or clean water to drink.

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Feb-24-14 2:12 PM

In reference to the Freedom Industries Elk River spill: “Creditors are also starting to look into $6 million Freedom Industries paid to executives and associated companies in the year before filing for bankruptcy, court documents show.” And now the tax payers in that area are paying to clean up the mess that those executives failed to prevent. But they deserve those bonuses and it’s the EPA’s fault that the workers there no longer have a job… right?

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Feb-24-14 2:11 PM

The EPA did not cost you your job, it has never cost anyone their jobs. Greed from corporations is what costs people their jobs. If the leaders of the companies who violate EPA standards would have done honest business, meaning its not costing members of the community or the workers their health, then the companies they ran would still be in business. They violated the law, and were punished for it. But they tell the workers that they can't afford to run the business anymore under the clean standards and can't pay them, meanwhile they take millions in bonuses for themselves, leaving others workless. If they would just not take those million dollar (undeserved) bonuses, and cleaned up their business according to the clean standards (with new technology and procedures) they could still afford to run business and keep people working. But that takes away those giant bonuses and salaries, so that obviously won’t work for them. They have their own wallets and interests in mind, an no

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Feb-24-14 1:55 PM

Atoddh; for the moment I will consider your "facts" that these abnormal weather events of late are directly related to the burning of coal.

How do you propose we proceed?

Lets shut down all coal-fired plants today!

Since the Global Climate Change mantra stipulates that the culprit is not coal, but the release of carbon compounds as the coal is burned, we wouldn't want to gear up other carbon-based fuels uses.

Hydroelectric power generation requires a differential in water levels, typically created by backing up water, disrupting upstream migration of fish. Sorry no new hydroelectric plants allowed.

Solar sources are limited by available sunshine, are land intensive, and have roasted wildlife that strayed into the concentration area. Are there enough rooftops in NY City to power the city?

Windmills are ugly, noisy, and kill birds. One in everyone's back yard would be nice!

Nuclear generators -- NIMBY, need any radioactive wastes.

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Feb-24-14 1:54 PM

Atoddh: the fact is: these abnormal weather events of late are directly related to the burning of coal.

Where can I find the scientific evidence to support this ludicrous claim?

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Feb-24-14 1:42 PM

This whole country is going to the dogs.Just look around with what we are forced to live with.

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Feb-24-14 1:36 PM


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Feb-24-14 1:21 PM

In the 16th century the scientific consensus was that the sun orbited the earth.

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Feb-24-14 12:57 PM

Atoddh that is complete rubbish that even climate scientists who believe in 'AGW' deny.

But thanks for proving my point made many times here.

When Skeptics point out a cold winter is not congruent with "Global Warmer" the Alarmists Scream " You are confusing WEATHER with CLIMATE! Get educated!"

But when Obama does EXACTLY the same thing in his SOUTA, the Alarmist CHEER or look the other way.

I could not have proven my point better!

Last year had NO named hurricanes striking the US and fewest tornadoes in decades. Alarmists promised after Katrina that "this will the NORMAL not the exception".


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