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Kasich Seeks More Tax Cuts

Ohio governor calls for rates below 5 percent

February 25, 2014

MEDINA, Ohio — Go....

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Feb-26-14 9:05 AM

wvhoopie, you can look all you want for a good paying job. If an employer doesn't have the incentive to hire the job won't be there. Raise the wage all you want, there will be less jobs available. Taken to a ridiculous level, pay minimum wage workers $100 per hour. That's a living wage right? It places some of the profits of greedy corporations into the peoples hands right? What do you think will happen to the price of goods and services? How many jobs will an employer make available at that rate? I guess it doesn't matter because the liberal mindset is one where the federal government knows better, so just keep piling on the expenses and regulations until all businesses are strangled under the weight. Then the feds can print money all day long and we live happily ever after. Sounds ridiculous, right? Tell me what is the difference between this and your belief that raising minimum wage actually works?

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Feb-25-14 10:52 PM

ragnor, How is the gobernor reducing taxes when his "balanced" budget is increasing 6% per year? Someone is paying more! Fool....

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Feb-25-14 7:46 PM

"When Ohioans have more money in their pockets, we're being true to the fundamental idea that made our nation great," he said to applause. "Government works for the people, not the other way around."

If any politician TRUELY believes that, then why is it that we are still paying taxes when trillions are being made in the oil and gas industry???

Ohio should be income tax free like Tennessee, Florida, South Dakota, and Texas!!!!

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Feb-25-14 6:54 PM

"The HORROR! A governor wants me to keep more of my own money! How ridiculous! Why doesn't he raise my taxes?!"

"Well, you can voluntarily give more, if you want."

"HELL NO! Why should I do that? He should raise taxes!"

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Feb-25-14 6:28 PM

wwu, The State of Ohio is the biggest employer in Ohio. My bad!

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Feb-25-14 11:27 AM

wwu, Kroger is the number 2 largest employer in Ohio!

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Feb-25-14 9:18 AM

In the 1969-1970 budget years Ohio spent 2.4 billion dollars!

The largest employer in Ohio (2014), Walmart!

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Feb-25-14 7:54 AM

Love the picture. When he goes back to Faux, he can replace Mike Huckabee. LOL

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Feb-25-14 7:11 AM

BTW, the headline is for the sheeple! Cue the sheeple.....

"Kasich Seeks More Tax Cuts!" The US economy has increased by about 1.9% per year since 2010 and the state of Ohio "SPENDING" has increased by an average of 6% per year since 2010! So the gobernor will be "cutting" taxes? The numbers do not add-up....

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Feb-25-14 7:03 AM

No worries peeps! The budget (spending) in Ohio has grown by 24% (50 billion 2010-2011 budget and 62 billion for 2014-2015 budget) under Kasich's reign. In the last 4 years has your "budget" increased by 24%?

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Feb-25-14 6:26 AM

An incentive to work is good pay, not a half percent less tax. When a person works full time and is still below the poverty level, that work does not pay. Even at $10 per hour a full time job will not lift a family out of poverty. Raise the wage!

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Feb-25-14 5:50 AM

Cutting taxes increases economic activity and thereby increases tax money collected. JFK knew this worked. It's called an incentive to work. But some naysayers still prefer the Obama way. The pied piper pres. is the food stamp king sending million to the edge of the cliff. Will they just follow him over? Most likely yes.

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Feb-25-14 2:25 AM

Ohio is 45'th in the country in job growth Governor. We have a huge number of counties with gas and oil drilling. what is the problem here???

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