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Gee Named WVU Pres

March 4, 2014

MORGANTOWN -- E. Gordon Gee was named West Virginia University’s permanent president today – the third time he’s been asked to lead the state’s land-grant, flagship research University....

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Mar-04-14 7:42 AM

I don't care what he says that is controversial. As long as what he DOES moves The University forward... that is what counts. All this political correctness, somebody might choose to be offended stuff is pure nonsense. This man gets results. He has done that wherever he has been, and he does it in a student centered manner.

Invariably students love him because he has amazing energy and uses it to keep them directly involved in everything that happens. For somebody in a powerful position like that, he is incredibly approachable, and regularly communicates with individual students day and night. You see him at sporting events sitting with the students... not hanging out in luxury suites.

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Mar-03-14 10:32 PM

dino, that would likely get Arch, Moore votes! Mojo received more votes after his daughter was found to be 32 credits short in a 36 credit program! Received her degree, BTW. LOL

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Mar-03-14 10:05 PM

Hope he keeps sharing his opinions! Cmon Gordon share your opinions on Obama!! Love it!!!

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Mar-03-14 9:58 PM

DYING "I'm sure if Arch would run for office he could win!" NOT IF THEY KNOW HIS NEPHEW.

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Mar-03-14 6:01 PM

Make excuses for him all you want and let $$$ signs trump school dignity. And after he spends $7 million a year on personal expenses and then leads the Mountaineers to a bowl ban, then WVU can hire the ex president of Penn State. Because everybody makes mistakes.

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Mar-03-14 5:54 PM

Those who know him, have worked with him, have associated with him, the faculty, staff, and recently students of The University as well as the many he knows in the Morgantown community know he will do an outstanding job. *******

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Mar-03-14 2:35 PM

Gordon Gee is a TOP SHELF choice. WVU is lucky to get him and his leadership. Anyone posting otherwise won't be able to state a specific reason why they disagree with the choice outside of some PC B S.

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Mar-03-14 2:26 PM

The University made great strides during his previous tenure here. Ohio State (twice), Colorado, Vanderbilt, and Brown University also benefitted from his sage and humorous leadership... sense of humor aside.

The wack jobs at OSU who made such a big deal of some off the cuff remarks made a big mistake. This day and age, a thick skin is in order. He has maintained close ties with many at WVU through the years and has often been a speaker at events for several charitable organizations in Morgantown.

I'm Catholic, and I'm not offended by his joke. He's Mormon, and he can take it as well as dish it out. Political Correctness is for idiots. He's a proven leader, and I for one am glad we have him.

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Mar-03-14 12:53 PM

Not to sound like a broken record, but I'd like to see Gordon Gee step up to the plate regarding an issue of national security. There's always the potential for a mass cellular hoax, carefully attenuated to spark a panic at the stadium or the coliseum.

A malicious act of this nature would be designed to spark a stampede.

Why not run a looped message on the public address system as fans are filtering into the venue ---

Please be aware, that in the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation... such an order would NEVER originate from your personal cell phone.

Is this really asking to much? From a public safety perspective, this sounds like common sense to me. Gee-whiz!

Maybe we could get the owner of this newspaper to chime in. He agrees with me in regard to PNC Park --- but won't step up to the plate. Please forgive the second weak pun.

asgaf dot org

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Mar-03-14 12:50 PM

Well! WV is like the US. We never learn.

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Mar-03-14 12:38 PM

Nothing like improving West Virginia's image as backwards, racist, and bigoted. Southern Polish Catholics beware .... there is a whole Board of Gov's ready to put you down. Maybe this time Gordon Geek will insult black people and make WV really proud.

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Mar-03-14 11:53 AM

Relax DYINGOV, maybe it's just part of a new MTV "Reality Show" since BUCKWILD was cancelled early

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Mar-03-14 11:50 AM

Bring back Frank Cignetti as FB coach. He deserves another chance.

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Mar-03-14 11:33 AM

Kind of reminds me of WV politics! I'm sure if Arch would run for office he could win!

One thing about Gee this time, we are sure he will leave soon! LOL

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