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Police Want 15 Percent Raises

Union: Department turnover at ‘alarming’ rate

March 4, 2014

WHEELING — Members of Wheeling’s police officers’ union are seeking a 15-percent pay increase to combat what they term an “alarming” rate of turnover within the department, as the city has seen 19......

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Mar-06-14 12:50 AM

You really can't compare cops salaries with teacher salaries. It takes a minimum of 4 years (time for which the student is not paid) to become a teacher, and there are requirements for continuous education at the teacher's expense. In addition, teachers have to take work home and have to prepare lesson plans on their own time so they have a lot more invested in terms of time.

I'm not putting this down, but one can qualify for police service with the 12 week police basic academy during which time the cops are paid a salary. You can't compare apples to oranges.

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Mar-05-14 1:14 PM

I had a flat tire . know jack neither. when I got back to the car it had been stripped. That experience opened my eyes to life. Never eat kabbage and eggs when you are giving a three hour speech.

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Mar-05-14 12:51 PM

Gotta agree with Melvin 19 officers over 3 years doesn't even seem bad to me. I'm sure a lot of cities have it tougher. We have a lot of younger guys that need jobs anyway should be easy to get people for the job.

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Mar-05-14 12:35 PM

Reducing the size of the police force would be a really bad idea. I don't see how the city can afford that big of a raise though. 5 percent is much more realistic. I think the police department does a great job.

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Mar-05-14 10:34 AM

ran out of room.

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Mar-05-14 10:32 AM

just like everywhere else,too much administration in this town.the pee-ons get to see the higher ups giving themselves pay raises[big ones]so they figure that they that do the actual work might deserve some.the crap rolls downhill.note to politicians and administrators;if you're going to throw money at yourselves at least take care of the workers.the difference between cops jobs and teachers jobs is this;the police positions are at least 8 hrs. a day.teachers on a good day teach 6 hrs. a day.2 hour delays reduces that to 4 hrs. a many of these do we have?in a good year they teach 180 instructional days[less than half a year].the amount of money spent on subs for the board of education employees is phenomenal because of the amount of paid sick days used so they take a lot of days off.cops don't get the same deal.teachers make a whole lot more per hour of work than what cops i said before,the working group has seen enough.administrators are becoming rich at your expens

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Mar-05-14 10:29 AM

duhrat I suppose the potholes are somehow caused by Obamacare, get a life.

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Mar-05-14 8:27 AM

They tried hard to justify the Regional Jail system by keeping it filled with our good citizens, many times for petty charges and for grant-grabbing prosecutors, the majority of charges are dropped or people found not-guilty, only after missing days of work, diminishing resources to pay for an attorney, and losing jobs, public is a trauma that you never get over. NRJ is not justified, and our good citizens do not deserve this relationship of fear and lack of tolerance and humanity.

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Mar-05-14 7:54 AM

The concern over 19 officers leaving in 3 years is no reason to give 15 percent raises.

Six per year of 90 officers is an attrition rate of about 7% per year. In one study of police turnover the attrition rate was compared to nurses at 12% and teachers at 13%.

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Mar-05-14 3:06 AM

The city supplies water and treats sewage, it would be in the best interest for them to join forces.

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Mar-05-14 1:45 AM

Something tells me the rest of the county wouldn't be all that anxious to take the city on in terms of joint government. That would also mean they'd have to pony up to pay for some of the stuff that goes on within the city limits. The rest of the county seems to be doing okay with the current arrangement.

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Mar-04-14 10:37 PM

A metro government(City-County), as suggested by FL, is the solution. The costs of government in a declining area will become-and may already be- unsustainable.

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Mar-04-14 7:27 PM

The city and county should combine and reduce costs by eliminating administration and then they can reevaluate salaries to retain employees

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Mar-04-14 6:42 PM

I'm think more like a 50% lay off!!!

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Mar-04-14 6:19 PM

good article. fairly decent sentenze struckure. need work on speling some. atta boy.

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Mar-04-14 6:06 PM

Median HOUSEHOLD income in Wheeling $35,500....

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Mar-04-14 5:13 PM

cowtransfat, the truth about Obamacare hurts, doesn't it?

Virtually everybody is adversely affected by Obamacare and THEY all get it even if you don't.

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Mar-04-14 4:32 PM

CTMountaineer: I had a flat tire last winter on Rt 2 near OVMC after hitting a huge piece of concrete that had broken from the road. I had both kids (under 3) in the car at night and I was outside in the dark getting the spare out. Within 2 minutes a WPD officer was there asking what he could do to help. He held the flashlight until I was done and asked if I needed anything. He would have changed it if I had needed it. Couldn't ask for more out of an officer. After I left he went back to remove the piece of concrete from the road. I have had maybe 2 or 3 dealings with the WPD in the last 5 years and all the experiences were the same.

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Mar-04-14 3:56 PM

Oh blah blah: Where have I gone astray? Haven't you ever had a place, thing, or person that dwells in your heart and keeps beckoning to you to unravel the reason why? So it is with me and Wheeling. So many sweet memories of bygone days now languish amongst the rubble of that once great Mecca of vice and corruption, and I fear, unlike the Phoenix of lore, never to rise again and harken me home. Tis indeed with a heavy heart that I watch from a distant place as what is left crumbles through neglect and ignorance. It can be saved,but always, when the votes are counted; the black curtain of despair is pulled tighter blocking out the light of a new day. Blah blah on my friend, look not to the future, think all is well, and seek nothing better, but question others motives of hope.

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Mar-04-14 3:48 PM

I want a pony.

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Mar-04-14 2:58 PM

Hefner, get your facts straight before you say they all double dip the system. And since you no longer live in Wheeling, why are you still so concerned about what happens here?

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Mar-04-14 2:58 PM

It used to be police service was a way of life. I remember being a boy of 16 in the 60s driving down Main Street late one cold Fall night and having a flat tire on my car.

The beat cop (they actually had them in those days) came by, and saw that I wasn't dressed warmly enough to be out there changing the tire. He made me get in the car and he changed it for me, putting the flat and the jack in the trunk. They actually cared about the public in those days and saw their roles as being of service to people. They were the peoples' friends.

I simply can't imagine anything like that happening these days. Now a kid would probably get some sort of ticket for blocking the sidewalk and a tow truck would be called. It has become more of an us vs. them thing now. They are the "us", and everyone else is the them. The problem is, it is the thems that are paying the bills, and now in many ways the service is to themselves.

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Mar-04-14 2:08 PM

Wheeling has a critical management problem from the top down and why is a group that manages a bar and gambling den telling the inept city manager and mayor what to do. Why, because thse weak lily liveried imbeciles allow them. Wheeling has twice the police force it should have and overtime is a problem for the chief? The guy has got to be brain dead. This is the mayor's chance to start cutting the size of government as he proclaimed in his "state of the city address" but without a second thought he'll give the city manager an outlandish raise to stay and finish the destruction of the city. Don't forget the police retire in 20 years and then double dip the system. Reduce the size of the PD, give the remainder a raise with the savings, and make the age 62 before they can draw retirement. The same for the tinderbox tenders. Any one in Wheeling who is still ambulatory should get out.

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Mar-04-14 1:05 PM

hoopie2, that's "there", not "their".

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Mar-04-14 12:57 PM

I know, they want 15% but actually will settle for 5% and claim they are getting screwed. Hogs at the trough.

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