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B&O Tax Relief Delay Debated

March 5, 2014

WHEELING — Some members of Wheeling City Council are concerned that a proposed delay of tax relief for retail businesses set to take effect April 1 may make some business owners feel like they’ve......

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Mar-06-14 10:58 AM

Lets see as a local small business owner I still am paying the B.O. tax and also my customers now have to pay the city an extra .5% tax. According to my records my B&O was approximately $40.0O dollars last month and the hard working people coughed up approximately $297.68 dollars in taxes to the city last month from my sales hmmmmmmmmmm. It is absurd that the mayor see's fit to retain a city manager at the OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY he receives, spent sooooo much money on new chambers, spends money tearing down the city with hopes of someone want's to develop the area that is now a green space for LITTER, don't get me wrong I do like living and working in Wheeling honestly but please City Officials lets do the right thing for the people not for the government,,,, FOR THE PEOPLE !!! have some self respect, look at your own families take into account that they have friends whose mothers fathers try to SURVIVE in an economy that is not HERE.

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Mar-06-14 10:36 AM

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Mar-05-14 10:37 PM

The B&O tax shows how the HOME RULE is all about making government money to support their spending and waste and help special interest. Some HOME RULE ideas might be good but the State could of enacted them. The State wants to shift the tax increase blame and waste to the local level.

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Mar-05-14 10:30 PM

Notice how the city mention trying to use HOME RULE to be selective in taxes. Was the .5% sales tax to give the Camber members a cut in B&O taxes? The citizen were to pick up the tax cost but someone figured wrong and government will protect their self before the business and citizens. Special Interest at the local level are government, chamber and the citizens which will always come in last.

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Mar-05-14 7:01 PM

Public SERVANTS need to be above even the APPEARANCE of corruption-police and prosecutors ESPECIALLY.

The evidence of fraud is staring you right in the face. A 0.5% sales tax increase was implemented on the promise that the B&O tax would be reduced. The sales tax went into effect and now the town "leaders" are going back on their word.

If they are worried about a shortfall in revenue, get rid of 10% of the police force and cut Herron's salary by 50%. This should save roughly $600,000 per year in wages, benefits and taxes.

See-I have closed the budget gap!

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Mar-05-14 6:58 PM

If anybody has ANY EVIDENCE OF CORRUPTION state it here or take it to the FEDS. EVIDENCE that could or would stand up in court. Not the APPEARANCE OF CORRUPTION but actual EVIDENCE OF CORRUPTION. If you can't produce any EVIDENCE then please seek professional help and get some MEDS to alleviate your symptoms.

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Mar-05-14 6:00 PM

It's beginning to look as though they never did intend to eliminate the B&O tax and only used that tactic so that they could steal yet MORE tax from the people to expand this corrupt to the core government!!

And now they are threatening cutting anything and everything that affects the CITIZENS the most in order to extort the money they want!!

"EXTORTION" last time I checked was still illegal!!!!


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Mar-05-14 12:13 PM

I love Wheeling and want to see it thrive. We all know what cut needs to be made...but everyone is afraid to say it. Let's make Wheeling a fun, productive, beautiful place to live, work, and play. We already have the natural beauty, many beautiful and sound, architechturally beautiful buildings, and good people.

We are not a community of criminals, yet the biggest business in Wheeling is law enforcement, prosecution, and defense...they all need to be minimized. We all pay dearly to maintain this ridiculous state of being. We are better than that.

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Mar-05-14 9:17 AM

If you like your B&O tax relief, you can keep your B&O tax relief. Period.

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Mar-05-14 7:38 AM

Let us wait until caltransplant gives his comment! Always very intelligent! LOL

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Mar-05-14 1:04 AM


Believe it or not, Herron and company have the vision of a bats in the sunlight. A poorly planned politically motivated effort has now left them with an omelet on their face.

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Mar-05-14 12:27 AM

Some immediate layoffs of the bloated City staff are in order along with, lets say, 5% pay cuts. City government is over staffed. That is the problem.

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