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Obama Budget Plan Gives Campaign Points to Dems

March 5, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s election-year budget seeks to rally fellow Democrats with new help for the working poor and fresh money for road-building, education and research....

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Mar-07-14 4:33 PM

BrainTransplant, The AP has been cheerleaders for the Regime since 2008. Your comment unintentionally hightlights the sorry state of journalism in the country.

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Mar-06-14 9:27 PM

cal, are you really that du, never mind! LOL

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Mar-05-14 10:39 PM

calrants, this news article is labeled "WASHINGTON (AP)" in the first line. Google the text and you'll find the same news article in lots of newspapers, nationwide. So guess again, LOL.

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Mar-05-14 10:33 PM

Comments from all the usual suspects. My question is, " Is this a news article or an editorial?" My guess is, the latter LOL!

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Mar-05-14 9:25 PM

Obama's going to have to work harder on those Dem talking points. Even after Harry Reid lowered the voting standards for confirmations they can't get approval from the Dem controlled Senate.

From RCP, "In a bipartisan vote, the Senate on Wednesday blocked President Obama’s controversial pick to head the Department of Justice’s civil rights division. It was the first defeat for the administration and Harry Reid under new rules pushed by the Senate majority leader last year requiring a simple majority vote on executive nominations."

Doubtful Obamacare would pass if the vote were today.

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Mar-05-14 8:13 PM

"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes," billionaire hotelier Leona Helmsley famously (and allegedly) sniffed.

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Mar-05-14 8:01 PM

trillion dollar tax increase.. but hey, hey, hey.. fat albert say it's only on the rich guys anyway... ho, ho ho .. we is gonna have usin sum money to b playin th lotto and t knockout games whata ya say, say , say votes fer my man he bein a dem.. all votes fer him is a vote fer our free stuff.......

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Mar-05-14 11:52 AM

Meanwhile, the Chinese are doing what?

Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on stumbleuponShare on emailBeijing China made headlines today with its annual military budget, up 12.2 percent to $132 billion dollars this year. That's about one quarter of the $495 billion military budget that President Obama presented to Congress yesterday.

Skip to next paragraph In Pictures: China's military muscle.Related stories How much do you know about China? Take our quiz. Focus China's aggressive air zone rattles a suspicious region (+video) Behind Japan's new military plans: China, nationalism, or both? .Ads by Google Free Medicare Plan List Free List of Medicare Advantage & Medicare Part D Plans. Compare Now! planprescriber****/Medicare Subscribe Today to the Monitor

Click Here for your FREE 30 DAYS of The Christian Science Monitor Weekly Digital Edition Predictably, official commentary here stresses that China is a peace-loving nation with no aggressive intenti

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Mar-05-14 9:56 AM

The sad thing about all of this is that we don't even pretend anymore that the people count or doing a good job is the goal. The Obama Administration is going to make budget proposals that congressmen adn Senators can tell their constituents about as though its real. So we are going to make "proposals" that they can tell voting blocks benefit them so vote for us. American politics, particularly in the Obama era is about dividing people into groups, having those groups hate or be suspicious of each other than get them to vote for a candidate who makes empty promises such as these proposals. Here, we will say this, so go tell the morons in your state they need to elect you...of course once the election is over they can all go back to screwing us over. Obama budgets purged seniors and now the military in favor of maintaing the nonworking benefit block that he farms each election. And wants to get the vote for non citizens to add to his block. Maybe we should vote with ou

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Mar-05-14 9:37 AM

dying,now we know that was will be on here to tell you how stupid you are along with everyone else.a legend in his/her own mind.

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Mar-05-14 8:05 AM

In the past five years , when has gasoline been low? It has just fluctuated between high and higher.

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Mar-05-14 7:39 AM

Let us wait until caltransplant gives his comment! Always very intelligent! LOL

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Mar-05-14 6:02 AM

And of course that doesn't count the $TRILLION a year off the books printing of money AKA QEII.

Doesn't count, eh??? Have you filled up your gas tank lately??? Yeah, it COUNTS in the pocketbook of the working man.

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Mar-05-14 6:00 AM

"Gives" campaign points to the Dems?

No it ****ing TAKES more money from the MAKERS and gives it to the TAKERS in a blatant attempt to BUY votes for DEMS as has been the Obama style year after year after year.

"The Obama budget projects a 2015 deficit of $564 billion and a shortfall this year of $649 billion." In 2007 with two wars raging in the Mideast and 2 years after the biggest natural disaster in American history, Hurricane Katrina, the deficit FOR THE YEAR under Bush was $162 BILLION, which is good MONTH for Barry daBrainless.

Where is the "peace dividend"?? We were spending $100 BILLION a year fighting TWO wars in the Mideast; Opies gets $79 BILLION to fight NOTHING? WTF???

It is certainly a SHAME that the Dummorats love political power MORE than they love the American youth.

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Mar-05-14 5:58 AM

btw-what's the cost of gas in the OV? Hmmm...... Now this guy is good! bring on the freebagger rebuttals

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Mar-05-14 5:56 AM

Wow! So Santa Clause is real! I won't have to buy gas, pay my mortgage, cell phone bill, etc.

LOL, infinity!!!! What a complete waste of human life.

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