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Senator Says CIA Meddled In Probe

Agency accused of snooping in network, deleting documents

March 12, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee accused the CIA Tuesday of criminal activity in improperly searching a computer network set up for lawmakers investigating allegations......

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Mar-12-14 9:23 PM

CowTransplant shows how childishly simply minded liberals are.

They need simple sound bytes like "The Politics of Personal Destruction" and "Tax Cuts for the Rich" to catch their simpleton minds, like a laser pointer on the ground for a dog.

The can't defend the abysmal record of the DiC (Dictator in Chief) so take the simpleton route: Cry RACISM.

Dogs (and Cowtransplants) are too stupid to realize their puppet master is running them in circles.

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Mar-12-14 1:54 PM

Maybe now[Idoubt it] she will realize what/who she has been suporting.

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Mar-12-14 1:01 PM

William J. Jefferson and Jesse Jackson Jr. on that list of the "lost" good-ole boy network? How about Mary Rose Oakar?

caltransplant, do some research before you claim the good-ole boy network is gone! Might just want to say it now includes woman, blacks and gays! Nothing changed just a more diverse group of players! LOL

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Mar-12-14 12:27 PM

Dianne is probably 100 % , unfortunately she voted for Obamacare and is opposed to the 2nd amendment. No real support from me, although she is realizing that this administration is actually lawless and corrupt.

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Mar-12-14 11:39 AM

Nagin, the New Orleans Mayor that was famous for his "chocolate city" speech! Funny stuff!

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Mar-12-14 11:36 AM

caltransplant, "The good ole boy network is gone!" Nothing like pumping 85 billion a month into the stock market! You know the peeps that funded the nomomma campaign! Funny thing is you believe what you posted! LOL

Maybe New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was framed! LOL

Of course it reads like he was taking money for providing contracts to the "good-ole boys!"

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Mar-12-14 11:15 AM

Triton, all this crapola is nothing. Benghazi, the CIA, the It's just more of the same. Get the black man in the White House. People like you started whining the day the President announced his candidacy because you feared he would change the complexion (no pun intended) of this country. The old boy network is gone. All over this country, government is composed of women, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and even egad, gays and lesbians. GET OVER IT!!!

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Mar-12-14 10:48 AM

These people want re-elected. Incumbents will get my vote when they pry my cold,dead fingers from around it.

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Mar-12-14 9:41 AM

This is the same senator that wants to control my ability to have guns and employees armed guards!

Funny how spying is a problem when it's turned on the "elite!"

Also interesting that the very goberment that claims the communist type system of repressing it's people are doing the same with a different name attached to it! Keeping you safe from terrorists!

SHEEPLE, wake-up before this night-mare is over.....

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Mar-12-14 8:18 AM

So the same Senator who made excuses for the Obama Administration's listening to citizen phone calls (including reporters) and using the IRS to punish people who dissent, is now upset that she was also spied upon. Some of the abuses of power in the Obama administration are monumental, the worst in our history. We removed Nixon over Watergate and it was nothing compared to any of this, it was just political hacks messing with each other, breaking into a party headquarteres. No citizens were harmed. We had a special prosecutor and endless congressiional hearings and yet here we have a fasicst President doing the scary things we always hope gov won't do, and there is not a peep from the people who are supposed to protect us. No special prosecutor? Well, until then there is no chance that people will trust that gov is not intent on harming us. And without citizen trust, democracy does not work. Not working, is it?

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