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Obama: It’s Time For More Overtime

He wants to bypass Congress to add more salaried employees

March 13, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bypassing Congress, President Barack Obama intends to order changes in overtime rules so employers would be required to pay millions more workers for the extra time they put in on......

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Mar-26-14 12:30 AM

Do you mental midgets read your history? For 6 years from 2000 to 2006 your freaky party had total control of this country's finances. What did they do? They blew it!!!! They turn surpluses to deficits (Cheney said they don't matter) They spent our blood and treasure.


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Mar-26-14 12:26 AM

Charming daWrath, charming.

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Mar-14-14 10:41 AM

BillGrrh I hope you choke to death on that Ovomit. Do your part to save the Social Security system!

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Mar-14-14 12:24 AM

@BillGarr: While you was at it, I hope you chit yourself too. Rand Paul would make a better president than the idiot that in office not. All he wants to do is spend, spend, spend. Want's $10.25 an hr. pay and wants to raise the overtime. Bozo The Clown could do a better job. Excuse me, Bozo is already in office. People on SSI got a 1% raise this year and they need more. A sorry excuse for a leader. And listen to what Trey Gowdy said yesterday about Obozo said while he was in the Senate.After he became president he lied about everything he had said. He is like a portrait of of the Mona Lisa after it has been dropped in a mud puddle, "A Worthless Piece Of Art!'

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Mar-14-14 12:17 AM

I Barry Hussein Obamboozler do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, EXCEPT for the laws I decide to NOT execute...

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Mar-13-14 11:31 PM

"I, President Rand Paul,"

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

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Mar-13-14 8:50 PM

I agree with you Shemp. Respect is like trust. It must be earned. I have to ask. Where have all the good men gone? The last three presidents really haven't helped the country much have they?

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Mar-13-14 8:39 PM

daWraith, that is exactly what I want to hear too, except maybe Marco Rubio saying it.( not that I have a problem with Paul) I can't wait for tomorrows paper to read what this idiot wants to do next. It's a shame that we in America have so little respect for our President, unfortunately, he has brought it all on himself and deserves no respect.

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Mar-13-14 8:20 PM

I, President Rand Paul, on this date January 21, 2017 do hereby Cancel, withdraw, and negate ALL executive orders issued by President Barack H. Obama effective Feb. 1, 2017.

Now lets get back to a Country of Law where the Constitution means what is says.

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Mar-13-14 6:01 PM

Your welcome Quiz......

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Mar-13-14 1:09 PM

I think this guy also "Has a Dream" wakes up and tries to implement it, and blames others for it's failure.

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Mar-13-14 12:53 PM

LogHog, thanks for a great laugh!

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Mar-13-14 12:27 PM

this is the dumbest president ever.salary jobs pay well in this long does it take a person to realize that they weren't right for the job?at this point all the commoners can do is sit back and laugh at you's a circus act.the salaried people will hang out at these workplaces just to get rich.most don't have any other life.

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Mar-13-14 9:48 AM

It's time to lay off Obozo and "share" his pay. Then, he can start paying his "fair share"

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Mar-13-14 9:38 AM

Mr. Obama. Why don't you just mandate to send every working person a Govt. check for $10,000. Obama adviser: with stings attached of course? Yes, when they sign their name to cash said check, they are signing a pledge to hand over all their assets to the US Govt. very fine print of course, so we can redistribute it as it should be. "Great idea" But can we pull this off? Sure. Most Americans are to dumb to know what's happening. They still think we are giving them all "free" stuff. The few that don't cash the check, we will collect them later, so they can go to re-education

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Mar-13-14 9:28 AM

silly barrack... tricks are for kids

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Mar-13-14 6:10 AM

Obama must not have gotten the memo. Because of the ACA most businesses are cutting hours. Overtime. Heck most companies are not all part time. What a maroon.

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Mar-13-14 5:51 AM

I've never seen a president more committed to destroying an economy than Obama. He continues to jump from one failed policy to the next in such rapid succession that is keeps people from understanding the dire effects of his prior proposals until it is too late. It's little more than political slight of hand.

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Mar-13-14 5:39 AM

$4 Trillion, missed the "$"

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Mar-13-14 5:39 AM

It is time for a new President! One that has a clue how business operates and what it take to really make the economy work.

5 years, almost $1 Trillion in Stimulus, more the 44 Trillion in QE stock market pump and what do we have?

A 16,000 Dow that makes the rich vastly richer while the poor and middle class suffer with permanent 7% bogus unemployment numbers and 37% real un and under-employed.

The weakest recovery in the history of the Republic, double the number on food stamps.

Miss me now? George W.

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