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Holder: Give Drug Dealers a Break

Attorney general says non-violent traffickers should not face long mandatory sentences

March 14, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday endorsed a proposal that would result in shorter prison sentences for many nonviolent drug traffickers, saying the change would rein in......

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Mar-14-14 5:08 AM

There's a special place in hel l for this douche bag!

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Mar-14-14 5:59 AM

OK. Let's execute the violent drug offenders. That should leave plenty of room for the non-violent ones.

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Mar-14-14 7:15 AM

duhWraith. You, my friend, are a true ignoranus. You're both stupid AND an a hole.

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Mar-14-14 7:21 AM

What country are we living in? Where doing wrong is rewarded as long as you follow the Govt. line. As long as you stop thinking for yourself, and do as your told. Smoking dope and selling it, isn't really wrong now? Why? Because your president does it and our new improved mandate from Holder says so. Light up everyone. Dream a little dream while your Uncle Sam steals anything you may have and re-distributes it as he sees fit. Health and Human services says, watch out for cotton mouth though. So we will increase your food stamps because you will be so hungry. Never in my life would I have thought we would hear, smoking dope is good but smoking regular cigs is bad for you.

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Mar-14-14 7:23 AM

Wrath. You sir are exactly correct. I'm an independent, but will never vote for any Dem. again. It's the party of DEATH

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Mar-14-14 7:45 AM

By the way, for all you right wingnuts out there bashing the AG and the Pres come out of your little holes and read something other than this rag which only gives half of a story and truth. Ever hear of Mike Lee, John Cornyn, Rand Paul, or Rob Portman? Hint: They are conservative Rebubs. Guess what they are pushing in the Senate, shoulder to shoulder, with the likes of Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin. Another hint since you prefer to stay uninformed: Sentencing reform in the federal system--just what the President and AG are advocating for. Soooo, duhWraith and you other ignoranuses, I guess your little darlings of the tea baggers want those felon votes too!

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Mar-14-14 7:51 AM

Oh, I almost forgot. The pride and joy of the Teabaggers, Ted Cruz, is also pushing for the reform.

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Mar-14-14 7:58 AM

However it makes little difference what OVmit and his man servant Holder think, the Senate will be GOP and the House will remain GOP so we can let the adults start running the country again.

Favoring "prison reform" and favoring ex felon voting are not the same thing.

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Mar-14-14 7:59 AM

Oh. I see Myers is back with another insane headline.

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Mar-14-14 8:02 AM

Give a hungry man a fish and he will be hungry in a day.

TEACH a man to fish and he will never go hungry again.

GIVE a hungry man a pardon from prison, voting rights, food stamps, welfare, unemployment, and SS disability and he will vote DEMOCRAT for life!!!!

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Mar-14-14 8:06 AM

Rob Ford of Toronto isn't the only high profile person on crack! If I was to select any one single person in the Obama Administration that is truly lawless and corrupt, it clearly is Holder. This really has nothing to do with nonviolent drug dealers, it's an issue of the skin color of the dealers, nothing more. To be truthful, I do agree with Holder to a degree. This could be an issue to compromise on. Give Holder what he wants and make mandatory minimums on rapist/child molesters that so many States in the US refuse to do.

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Mar-14-14 8:16 AM

alcohol dealers also should rot in prison.ask any cop.they'll tell you which causes the most problems for society.pot smokers would be at the bottom of the list.

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Mar-14-14 9:18 AM

When did Myers start working or writing for the AP in Washington? You freebagging liberal half-wits are just plain STUPID! And as the saying goes, you can cure STUPID!

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Mar-14-14 9:20 AM

By the way, Eric the Destroyer has pulled the FBI off of the investigation of Harry Reed. May they all burn in ____!

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Mar-14-14 9:30 AM

People often forget (the media sure did) that Holder had quite a niche in the Clinton Admin. For sure, Bill and Hillary never, ever thought they would be back in public life (no one could anticipate Obama's non America administration) so they ran amuck at the end of Bill's bizarre tenure in the White House. Hillie looted the White House of every gift given the US during their eight yrs in office (when heads of state visit they often bring a gift for the WH) and after they left Hillie was threatened with arrest by the GAO and had to return the stolen items. She did. But Bill, well Slick Willie went in the business of selling Presidential pardons for his post WH nest egg. The Atty Gen opted out since it was so stinky, and who stepped up to handle the bag man role, Ast AG Eric Holder (who never thought he would ever be in Gov again). Bargain basement selling pardons to rich guys, thugs and violent criminals. That was Eric the Bagman's first foray into jsutice and perverted ethics

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Mar-14-14 9:45 AM

that's"can't" cure

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Mar-14-14 10:18 AM

Hey STUPID! Myers writes the headlines!

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Mar-14-14 10:33 AM

"WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Eric Holder is putting the weight of the Obama administration behind restoring voting rights to former felons, calling laws that disenfranchise millions of Americans "unnecessary and unjust," and saying they are rooted in "centuries-old conceptions of justice that were too often based on exclusion, animus, and fear." Holder, who has made criminal justice reform a central focus of his over the past several months, said the policies had a disparate impact on minority communities and echoed those enacted during the post-Civil War era."

Everything in the Obama_Holder world is RACISM. Give me a *****ing break!

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Mar-14-14 10:40 AM

The headline here is so typical of this rag. No where did Mr. Holder say to "give drug dealers a break." This shows a clear lack of journalistic integrity. All over the country, States are taking similar measures as those suggested by the Commission and Holder, in an effort to reduce prison overcrowding and the enormous cost of incarceration.

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Mar-14-14 10:40 AM

intresting, I hope you'll join him.

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Mar-14-14 11:34 AM

This Brother will take care of his Brothers.

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Mar-14-14 11:48 AM

caltransplant, Please explain the following statement: "In a country where nearly half of all federal inmates are serving time for drug crimes, the harshest penalties should be reserved for violent drug defendants and criminals with long rap sheets, Holder said."

Yes, the states and feds are now in the reduction of sentencing mood! Does anyone recall the politician platform of the 90's? Lockem-up....Just a game to fool the sheeple!

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Mar-14-14 12:47 PM

They might be non-violent but how many people, families, and communities are they killing or destroying. But, the government thinks it is ok?

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Mar-14-14 12:50 PM

Government must want to use the risk vs reward program to see how much they can save in taxes while passing the cost on to the citizens to put up with all these non-violent people.

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Mar-14-14 12:53 PM

Holder maybe should come up with a program where anyone receiving government aid must take a blood test to insure keeping in good standing to receive the benefits.

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