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Eco-Groups Unhappy With Frack Waste Bill

March 15, 2014

CHARLESTON (AP) — Environmentalists raised concerns about a bill that won final passage Friday in the West Virginia legislature that would overturn caps on how much drilling waste several landfills......

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Mar-16-14 2:27 PM

I was very interested in clean streams as a fisherman and joined the Sierra Club years back. While my little 4 cyl car did not fit well at the meetings as I had to park among the behemoth SUVs of the time, I still went to the meetings and rubbed elbows with people who I thought were interested in the earth (despite the spectacle of their own piggy lifestyles). They used to weep and wail over coal especially since it (and there SUVs) could be replaced with CNG. It was clean, it was holy it was the thing. But alas, now we have that and so its clear that the environment is just a political thing. If the GOP was for nerf, the ecos would be against. The greatest enemy to the earth and to middle class families is the left wing politics of the eco flakes. It feeds one's ego to be morally superior even if you life is a contradiction of your own pretend values. Global warming? made better by gas, but c'mon we have to have an issue, its so stylish. Has Al Gore been clued in?

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Mar-15-14 12:13 PM

yawn... Once again WVUGEO spreads his coal shilling disinformation by comparing drill cuttings to industrial effluent standards. They aren't.

Again, show us actual data from an unbiased source, not anecdotes and anti-gas babble.

"children around there start being born with flippers instead of hands and feet, with eyes in the middle of their foreheads" Oh boy. You're making Chicken Little look reasonable.


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Mar-15-14 10:07 AM

Rant? Shale frack wastes and shale drill cuttings have set off landfill radiation alarms, by some accounts, more than 1,000 times in recent years. We've seen news reports of at least three locally - which is more than enough, since Penn State University, and others, have confirmed that the radiation comes from radium primarily; and, that radium can be present in shale wastes in amounts hundreds of times higher than allowed by law in industrial effluent. You've been gulled by the hucksters. Do what you want, just don't ask questions when children around there start being born with flippers instead of hands and feet, with eyes in the middle of their foreheads; and, when news reports start appearing in this rag questioning the appearance of cancer "clusters". And, when everyone starts to ask, "Hey! Where's the economic boom?"

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Mar-15-14 9:37 AM

WVUGEO rant in 3.....2....1...

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Mar-15-14 9:28 AM

will the landowners be responsible to clean up these dumps[well sites]?

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Mar-15-14 8:29 AM

Does anyone have a calculator? LOL

"Bill Hughes, Chairman of the Wetzel County Solid Waste Authority, said the Wetzel County Landfill took in 250,000 tons of drilling waste last year, although the landfill's cap has been 10,000 tons a month."

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Mar-15-14 7:27 AM

mk Corruption in Wv what? When did that start, oh yeah depends on what your name is then projects get fast tracked and laws tweaked to do what they want its just re-election money not bribes

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Mar-15-14 6:45 AM

yawn... show me the evidence... any evidence... zzzzzzzz........

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Mar-15-14 3:33 AM

Unchecked cutting at why were the cuttings unchecked, why were they permitted to be buried on sites and why is this continuing? Mixing the waste, dilution is no solution.And the idea that there will be testing is a joke. Have you tried to get help with contamination? We have a problem of corruption.

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