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Kasich Trumpets Buckeye State Job Creation

Ohio ranked ‘No. 1 job-producing state in the Midwest’

March 19, 2014
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Mar-19-14 7:08 PM

If a trained monkey were Governor the result would have been the same!!

The gas industry came in creating tens of thousands of OUT OF STATE jobs and it was going to happen regardless of who was in office!

The Governor had NOTHING to do with it and was just the monkey that was behind the wheel at the time!

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Mar-19-14 6:50 PM

Just think.Good ol west virginia contributed to Ohio debt.All that cleanup cost of the contaminated water (chemicals)that you put in the river.Thanks.

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Mar-19-14 4:36 PM

dyingov, You sir, are 100% correct in you posts. One thing that few seem to understand. It's the over extended DEBT that is causing much of the financial problems and it's going to get worse.

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Mar-19-14 1:06 PM

So is he explaining how high the debt will be when he is done with his "conservative" ways? Funny stuff.

Anyone willing to give me some of those conservative ideas of Kasich (R)? They are lowering income tax, as they are increasing sales tax....

See at the end of the day the R's will be telling about the reduced income tax and how that is good for the peeps of Ohio! While all along the increased sales tax will give the goberment more money to spend!

The only "conservative" way out of our debt is CUT SPENDING! More tax collections for the tax spenders does not help with the debt.....

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Mar-19-14 9:42 AM

So Kasich is a conservative spender? His first budget (ohio does bi-annual budgets) was 55.5 billion an increase from Stricklands budget of 50.7 billion. Budget number two for Kasich is 62 billion! When 10% budget increases are considered conservative! Funny stuff. Both parties are just big spenders. I can prove that statement 1,000x over!

BTW, Ohio debt is 240 billion dollars!

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Mar-19-14 9:10 AM

Stop it, Blackrock. I just heard two liberal heads explode at the city building. The cleanup at the library computer kiosks must be nightmarish...

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Mar-19-14 9:08 AM

blackrock, I will give Kasich credit for bringing the Ohio budget closer to "balanced!" His administration just quit paying some of the long-term debt notes! Interest will accrue and the good peeps of Ohio will pay more at a later date! I'm checking with my accountant to see if I quit paying my mortgage if my disposable cash flow will increase! Funny stuff.

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Mar-19-14 8:20 AM

President John Kasich. A man who has actually accomplished goals in life rather than a community organizer and a hag of an former president.

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Mar-19-14 7:15 AM

300,000 less people employed in Ohio now than were employed in April 2008!

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Mar-19-14 6:03 AM

Currently Ohio is second in the nation adding new jobs. Texas is first. Business climate in Ohio has and is changing to make more jobs. So of course the current Gov. Kasich will try to take some credit. This is politics. Show business for ugly people. Maybe the Dems. would like to say the increased jobs are due to what the last Dem. Gov. did while in office. Well, that dog won't hunt.

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Mar-19-14 3:47 AM

The only reason there is job creation in Ohio is because of the fracking, oil and gas drilling. It has nothing to do with this bozo or the king of all bozos the drunken cig sucking John Bhoener.

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