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Lawyer Claims Arrest Is Sham

He says there was no reason for police to act

March 19, 2014

WHEELING — Chief Public Defender Shayne Welling will argue this afternoon that Prosecutor Scott Smith’s request to hold Charles Severance without bond is “irrelevant, reckless, unsupported and......

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Mar-19-14 5:24 PM

Wait, the police can just pull someone off the street and hold them for hours on end. If they arrest you they need a reason and there needs to be a warrant. Fax machine broken? computers not working? What people seem to miss is he wasn't arrested for murders he was arrested because someone said he had at some point may have possessed a gun. I'm sure Scott Smith will have another press conference alleging this guy hid that 777 that's missing in Asia but he's not charged with that either.

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Mar-19-14 4:46 PM

So some really think he should be out on bond? He is wanted for 3 murders. I dont think he should be roaming wheeling. Send him back to Virginia but dont let him out.

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Mar-19-14 12:56 PM

How did they ever find him hiding in the library, across the street from two police departments...hiding, scheming a way to pedal his bike into oblivion, raising his fist into the air, laughing maniacally.

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Mar-19-14 9:04 AM

Does the FBI have an office in Pittsburgh? Do the "local" police take orders from the "federal" police? Funny stuff.

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Mar-19-14 8:55 AM

FBI is the big cheese. If they thought he there was a warrant, why didn't they sweep in and get him???? Virginia said he's a suspect, which contradicts what Scott Smith said, so.... Everyone is ENTITLED TO DUE PROCESS!!!

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Mar-19-14 8:51 AM

Good Job Mr. Welling, it's about time someone is fighting this justice system around here. If they said he's a suspect does not mean he is GUILTY!!! People in Wheeling need to realize that you just can't lock everyone up!!!! This man is entitled to due process. Just because the FBI said anything doesn't mean it's a fact. Just like the "Obstruction" ala carte that if you don't answer the police's questions it's obstructing, that's bull. "I HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT!!!! Good Job Counselor, keep doing your job and let the rest of the "lock 'em up" people talk. They'll be begging for your services when one of their own gets locked up!!!!

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Mar-19-14 8:27 AM

where's that amish beard cutter?

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Mar-19-14 8:24 AM

Not sure that the local police have much choice but to arrest if the FBI tells them that this is the guy. Really doesn't involve the locals much at all, he is wanted, the FBI said thats him and once arrested the Judge cannot just say well Wheeling is a harshing his mellow he should be allowed to be free. Before giving this freak a gaint hugfest we should remember that we were his second choice, his first choice was to try to go to Russia. Maybe when the Russians rejected his request for asylum they suggested he go to Wheeling where bitter people would over look three murders. If you call the Public Defenders office they may be able to have him released on house arrest but it will have to be your house. He is in the local jail, needing visitors, you could go there and touch hands through the glass and let him know he is among friends. Why Wheeling though? We must be highly rated on Hobo Monthly. Primo soup kitchen, great shelters and weeping liberals on every corner. Bazinga!

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Mar-19-14 8:09 AM

The “Public Defender” is just doing his job. It’s the law...everybody is entitled to legal representation. I would be driven to drink if I had such a job...but, hey..somebody has to do it.

Hope he gets extradited though....otherwise he might run for Mayor of Wheeling...and shucks...he looks like a perfect fit and could well win. heh...heh.

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Mar-19-14 7:02 AM

I recall an article giving the Wheeling PD an ataboy for the arrest! Sounds like they were in "lock-step" with the Virginia peeps! It's the SYSTEM!

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Mar-19-14 4:42 AM

Shane Welling...nicely done, and you are absolutely's what they do in Wheeling...arrest arrest arrest. It could be on a whim, on the word of a disgruntled lover, or for some petty "obstruction"...Wheeling is no longer the friendly city. It city of arrests. NRJ is not justified, but boy they're trying.

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Mar-19-14 3:34 AM

I suppose that is his disguise?

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Mar-19-14 12:20 AM

From the article: Prosecutor Scott Smith's request to hold Charles Severance without bond is "irrelevant, reckless, unsupported and premature."

Yeah, seriously. I mean, come on. Look at that sweet, innocent face. Such a good boy...

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Mar-19-14 12:15 AM

Nice Job Public Defender. ;o)

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