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Spring Will Not Halt Cold

North to get a season cooler than average

March 21, 2014

The first day of spring? Some people in Maine were shoveling 6 inches of new snow. And in Michigan, college students couldn’t even burn a snowman. OK, so it was a fake snowman....

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Mar-22-14 4:28 PM

So you decide to look outside the Malignalitaloptereosis specialty for a cheaper cure, and you go to a general practice medical doctor. When you tell the general practice physician that you fear you have contracted Malignalitaloptereosis, he laughs and tells you there’s no such thing as Malignalitaloptereosis. Obviously he’s a Malignalitaloptereosis denier, so you move on to a second GP doctor. He, too, denies that your Malignalitaloptereosis is real. You search far and wide, through tens of thousands of GP doctors, and are shocked to discover they are all Malignalitaloptereosis deniers. Fools. Non-experts in your serious, life-threatening disease. Obviously those tens of thousands of GP doctors don't know anything about medicine.

Sound familiar? LOL

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Mar-22-14 4:28 PM

swingdog, here’s a more appropriate doctor analogy. You wake up one morning with a fever, and you suspect you have Malignalitaloptereosis. So you go to a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Malignalitaloptereosis, and he tells you, yes, sorry, but you do have Malignalitaloptereosis. Fortunately he can treat you for that disease, but the cure is staggeringly expensive. So you decide to ask for a second opinion. You go to a second Malignalitaloptereosis specialist, and he confirms that you definitely have Malignalitaloptereosis, but his treatment is even more expensive than the first. You go through every Malignalitaloptereosis specialist in the Yellow Pages. 1000 of them, in all. 97% of them confirm you have Malignalitaloptereosis, and all of their treatments are ridiculously expensive. Clearly there’s a consensus - the science is, as they say, settled. But the cure is simply devastatingly expensive.

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Mar-22-14 2:01 PM

dah, you just can't quite seem to grasp the fundamentals of global climate. I am sure that you have experienced weather in a given community or general locality. In one part of town or local area the weather can vary quite a bit with temperatures, wind, precipitation, etc. being significantly different as you travel relatively short distances. However, the general weather report is usually based on the average across the entire community or area. The same general rule holds true when measuring trends in the climate, particularly when it is global. The fact that the U.S. may have a relatively cool winter or hot summer has to be factored into the averages for the entire planet over a given time span to be able to arrive at an overall global climate average.

Also, remember my post re: the doctor analogy? When 97% of doctors tell you that smoking is damaging your health, but one doctor says it is not which diagnosis do you believe?

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Mar-22-14 8:52 AM

Yeah Dawg it is "global". Head lines from July 30, 2013:

1,122 Record Cold Temps in the U.S. in one week

July in the USA ends on a frigid note as record cold outpaces warmth nearly 10 to 1

71% Of The US Below Normal Temperature in 2013

South America in massive deep freeze

Yeah a week or two in one area is Weather.

Year after Year around the world is CLIMATE.

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Mar-21-14 8:34 PM

Swigdog(hic) no it just usual liberal elitists plot to unload the middle class taxpayers of their limited funds to give to third world countries while they line their pockets with MAJOR GREEN obtained from scams like Solyndra, A123 Batteries, and Carbon Tax Credits.

But Slumdogs are useful idiots for spreading the lies that the AGW is real.

The SCAM is real.

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Mar-21-14 5:26 PM

Recent poll of mostly scientists and engineers conducted by the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum :

96% agree - Atmopspheric CO2 Levels are climbing.

81% Agree - The earth has warmed since 1900

2% agree - The increase in CO2 could cause catastrophic warming.

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Mar-21-14 5:25 PM

All you members of the church of AGW, do you really want the earth to become colder? Really?

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Mar-21-14 4:50 PM

It's all part of a massive conspiracy by evil scientists all over the world who are plotting to take over the world and set up a global communist government that will then show themselves to actually be invaders from outer space! Be sure to buy one of dah's aluminum foil hats!

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Mar-21-14 2:25 PM

The operative word in AGW is FRAUD.

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Mar-21-14 2:24 PM

Yeah, it is global 1/9/2014 ).

The midlands and the north are set to be the worst hit on Sunday and the cold snap could carry on into next week.

‘There may be ice, with a chance of snow, particularly in the north of England and Scotland,’ the Met Office told Metro.

There are fears that excess rainwater, which is still draining into rivers, will combine with further wet weather to ‘top up’ flood waters.

Dozens of homes have been evacuated in Oxford amid further downpours."

Europe has been wet and Australia has been hot, the USA cold.

But the RATIO of COLD RECORDS to WARM record is about 10,000 to 6000 in favor of COLD.

Hence NO GLOBAL WARMING worldwide.

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Mar-21-14 1:29 PM

The operative words in Anthropogenic Global Warming are "redistribution of wealth." From private industry to socialist Government. From first-world countries to third-world countries. From makers to takers. And it takes the evangelism of ignorant but faithful disciples like you to make that happen. Keep the faith, brother. LOL

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Mar-21-14 1:02 PM

The operative word in Global Warming is "Global". Even then it is a multi-decade process, and it is not a straight line progression. And, it is real.

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Mar-21-14 1:01 PM


wonderliar "Wonderwhy no article about the record breaking temps in CA" ?

Because it is ALWAYS warm in southern CA and this a Wheeling newspaper so NOBODY GIVES A RIP!!!

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Mar-21-14 9:52 AM

Global Warming has caused the wicked cold record temperatures in the eastern 3/4 of the nation this winter and, on January 6, the first appearance of the polar vortex in the US since 1994. As the earth warms we can expect more of this in the future according to a video from John Holdren, whitehouse chief science advisor.

February Global temperature = 0.17 deg C above average. It has been hovering at about 0.2 since 2000.

This extreme temperature rise without a doubt contributed to the disappearance of flight 370.

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Mar-21-14 8:36 AM

Global warming is probably a reality in some ways, but the issue was highjacked by political people who saw it as a way to create division and farm votes. It would be dumb to think that we do not effect the environment in some ways as humanity grows, but the hysteria of the "global warming mantra" tends to make people not pay attention. While advocates wail that its science and cannot be denied there are other views on the climate that cite weather records and make a good case that weather is cyclical. As always the truth is somewhere in between those views and not on the lunatic fringe of advocates or deniers. Henny Penny says the sky is failing, the sky is failing.

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Mar-21-14 8:35 AM

log,what do you think these politicians did in college?they didn't learn education means nothing these days.other than to party.

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Mar-21-14 8:23 AM

Earth cooling, ice age coming. Earth warming, disaster coming."Global Warming has changed to Global Climate Change" By changing it's name and blaming the changes in weather patterns on mankind we the Global Tax Group of 1984 will be continually funded, just by people living their meaningless lives. Mr. S. there could be a problem with the current president who is from the greatest generation. Do not worry. Our plan to get all the worlds wealth has no timeline. Soon the Americans will be electing baby boomer presidents and they are party guys with no common sense when it comes to finance. Yes Mr. Soros, we think you are correct, this concludes our Jan. 1 1984 meeting. We will go FORWARD with your plans. Currently 2014. Last three US presidents all have been conductive to the Soros Plan. Party Hardy Bill, who smoked but didn't inhale. Cowboy GW who thought he was saving the world by blowing up Iraq. Drone king Barrack who has been helping the cause more than anyone. George

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Mar-21-14 7:40 AM

wunder, If the globe is warming the opposite would be global cooling, right? So how much cooling would you like to see?

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Mar-21-14 7:03 AM

Wonder why wonderwhy can cite just two record high single-day events in just two cities in just one state and that's "global warming," but when the NOAA says we had the coldest entire month of February worldwide in 20 years, that’s just “weather”?

Keep buying those carbon credits, wonder. Al Jazeera Gore needs a new jet. LOL

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Mar-21-14 6:47 AM

The warmest part of San Diego County was El Cajon, which hit 92 degrees. This broke the previous record of 88 degrees, set in 2004.

It was a hot 91 degrees in Escondido. Until Sunday, the record high there was 90 degrees, recorded in 1914.

Wonderwhy no article about the record breaking temps in CA? Well, it's actually no wonderwhy while pushing propaganda! LOL

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Mar-21-14 5:29 AM

But some flat earth scientifically challenged few cling to their belief of man-caused global warming like Linus with his security blanket.


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