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United Bank Robbed

Cash grabbed from United teller’s hand at knifepoint

March 26, 2014

WHEELING — Police combed the streets of Wheeling on Tuesday in search of a man who robbed the United Bank on 12th Street at knifepoint. Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger said that shortly before 1 p.m....

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Mar-27-14 4:21 PM

duhRat muses: 'If I threaten a teller with a picture of Anthony Wiener on my obamaphone will they give me some money too??’

Only if you continue in your mincing about, while affecting your best Freddie Mercury imitation with a large right earring, plus a highly pronounced lisp while uttering, ‘ohhh.....dick ‘em up everybody!’.

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Mar-27-14 10:19 AM

you'd think that with all of the bank robberies going on that they would get some security in these the old days.cameras can't replace everybody.

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Mar-27-14 7:05 AM

The government robs ME every day of the week! Its called INCOME TAX to pay for for the 50 percenters.

Maybe in Obama world this was just an "interest free loan with quick approval"???

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Mar-27-14 3:46 AM

Sounds like BS to me. All these one man cruisers and they have no leads? Was it a knife or a screwdriver, I think I could tell the difference. I see 3 cruisers everytime I travel a mile or two-where are they when needed?

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Mar-26-14 8:42 PM

If I threaten a teller with a picture of Anthony Wiener on my obamaphone will they give me some money too??

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Mar-26-14 7:23 PM

I seem to recall a similar situation at a Elm Grove Pharmacy a couple years ago!

The only difference was an employee was ARMED and shot and KILLED the crook thus saving the lives of the workers and saving the taxpayers hundreds of thousands in legal procedings and 3 hots and a cot!!!

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Mar-26-14 5:56 PM

Foot patrol combined with a mobile unit would be an excellent solution for downtown.

When cops used to walk the beat, crime was low and criminals got their heads busted. The community supported and helped the police and the police remembered that their duty was to protect and SERVE the public.

The public didn't used to be their enemy.

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Mar-26-14 10:10 AM

Just the visual presence of a foot-patrol officer may have deterred this. We don't need tanks, fleets of vehicles, and a mega-force, we need common sense policing that protects the citizens, instead of the citizens being targets for petty incidents.

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Mar-26-14 10:00 AM

Did they ever find the guy that robbed Gumby's back in Dec.? Probably won't find this guy either.

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Mar-26-14 8:22 AM

Drug crime, needed just a little money to buy some pills, did not have time to stand at an intersection with a card board sign and wait for do gooders to buy his drugs for him. Smash and grabs, box cutter robberies and home invasions are part of the need money now for drugs culture, sorry if you are get killed or hurt but me needs my dope.

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Mar-26-14 7:09 AM

354,522 Armed Robberies in 2012 (last year available) in the US, just Wheeling's turn yesterday!

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Mar-25-14 8:13 PM

Once you allow your place of work, and your city and county buildings to ban weapons, a crook with a pointy stick becomes king!!!

Stupid gun grabbing liberals will never learn!


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Mar-25-14 6:53 PM

Knife point??What a bunch of crap.Maybe they should give all the tellers pepper spray and use it the next time someone shows a knife, PLUS he will be easier to catch. Hard to run when your eyes are burning.ALSO, WHERES THE VIDEO????????

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