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Flood Insurance Costs More For Inland States

Ohio, W.Va. Rates Higher Than Hurricane-Prone States

March 30, 2014

WHEELING — Inland states such as West Virginia and Ohio are getting significantly less bang for their buck out of the National Flood Insurance Program than many coastal states where flooding is much......

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Mar-31-14 4:57 PM

swingdog, Major implications? What would you be speaking of? Is it like the 7 day forecast? Funny stuff

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Mar-31-14 1:44 PM

The IPCC report has major implications to literally everyone, regardless of political affiliation. Shouldn't the WI include coverage of this item?

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Mar-31-14 12:54 PM

Curious. One of the prime front page articles on most major U.S. and most other Western Nation newspapers today is the breaking news on climate change and the recent UN report. However, all references to climate change have disappeared from this website. It is an important development regardless of personal viewpoints. Why doesn't the WI at least present the basics of the story? Not conservatively politically correct?

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Mar-31-14 8:23 AM

This is part of the concept of redistributing the "wealth" of the middle class. It is the same with Obamacare, it is just making those who work, pay so those who do not choose to work do not have to, there only duty in life is to vote a certain way to keep their lifestyles intact. So the next time you see politicians out there "touring" the damage of a disaster and promising aid, they are there to create the image that they care at all, The money is not coming from some Federal fund to help you, its coming from us so that they can give it to us. Neat deal isn't it? There was so much help being given out starting with Katrina that politicians must savor disasters like Christmas. They get to spend huge amounts of your money and farm your votes at the same time. Its a sweet deal unless you work and own a home then you are kind of screwed but then most of us seem to vote for that so its what we get for not paying attention.

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Mar-30-14 7:19 PM

The insurance often covers replacement cost of the home + or - and the coastal cost 2 to 5 times or more than a humble WV house.

Just saying ain't much to cover in WV.

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Mar-30-14 1:56 PM

example: Earthquake insurance in WV is pennies on the dollar as compared to earthquake insurance in California! It's all about the risk! Call your local insurance agent and price some insurance in a flood zone A as compared to a area that does not have a flood map.

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Mar-30-14 1:48 PM

Break on home owners insurance? The home insurance is based on the risks in a particular area. Florida has a greater chance of huge wind storms (hurricanes they call them). What do you think the risk is in WV?

Reason why flood insurance will not be supported by the private industry is the fact that most that buy are in a risk area of flooding. In the wind risk arena almost all people have home owners insurance.

Understand? Funny stuff.

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Mar-30-14 12:13 PM

My point is that all you complainers out there saying they are getting a break on flood insurance. Well nim, your getting a break on home insurance.Understand now .

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Mar-30-14 9:52 AM

rightiswrong, You would be correct! What is your point?

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Mar-30-14 9:01 AM

I guess you folks dont get out much.If you had any friends that lived in Florida you would know that they pay about three times in home insurance than you do,

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Mar-30-14 8:16 AM

The program is administered by the goberment! What exactly do the people expect from the non-efficient and political goberment?

BTW, good research on the article.

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Mar-30-14 8:08 AM

more government killing of the middle just goes on.the politicians must have some fancy coastal homes that they don't want to pay for.fema will pay for it so you all don't starve to have to wonder how many more dumb ideas will come out of this bunch of monkeys.see no evil.hear no evil.speak.oh well.we know.

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Mar-30-14 7:03 AM

remember the flood insurance you are paying is not for your protection.. It's for the protection of the group your in.. your supposed to be happy that you can even buy any... yes, don't worry be happy... knowing the national flood insurance plan is protecting the interests of the bank loaning the money and protecting the insurance company writing the insurance, while if you do have a flood, you will be paid maybe pennies on the dollar...but gee you get to pay the premium with a smile if you thing is to move out of flood prone area where you can't buy insurance without it having the flood ins. added. Govt. Regs. ..I moved and save some serious $$$..

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Mar-30-14 6:58 AM

The simple solution is don't buy a house in the flood plain. That is all.

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Mar-30-14 2:40 AM

This is total crap..people living in hurricane states pay less for much more coverage. it's not only crap. It's an outrage.

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