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No Guarantees On Minimum Wage Fix

Tomblin says special session will address issues

April 3, 2014

WHEELING — West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s has promised to call the Legislature into special session to fix problems with the minimum wage bill he signed into law Tuesday....

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Apr-05-14 8:37 AM

Hot Air:

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) may retire at the end of this session, but he wants Americans to learn one lesson from his exit after twelve terms in the House of Representatives. His colleagues aren’t getting paid enough for their efforts.

Perhaps Moran thinks that Congress over-performs for their compensation. Well, good luck making that case. The base salary of $174,000 is three and a half times the average median household income in the US. Congress hasn’t had a raise since 2010; median household income has declined since that time. For that salary (and we haven’t even begun to consider the cushy benefits of Congress members), the taxpayers that pay those bills rate Congressional performance at 13/79, according to RCP’s latest poll average. It was 22/71 in 2010, the last time Congress got a raise; why should they get another when their performance reviews are dropping rather than improving?

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Apr-04-14 9:58 PM

Obama work in Action!! Time for a change! Tired of Tomblin, Manchin, Kesslers!!

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Apr-04-14 2:29 PM

Here is my take. What hasn't been said is that for the small business owners having to pay a payroll tax!!!!!!!! so they raise the pay scale, not only do the workers get more money from the employer but the GOVERNMENT MAKES MORE IN THE TAX EMPLOYERS HAVE TO PAY!!!!!!!!!! We as small employers can't keep footing the bill for everything while government and big business get all the tax breaks loopholes and extra money, meaning we have to raise our pricing to the consumers, which is ME also an owner and a consumer.

Sorry to say but the fast food chains and lower pay scale jobs are just that they are not intended to be career jobs, there for students, part timers, extra income, first timers. If they want to make more money then unfortunately they need to continue to seek higher paying skilled jobs.

I understand fully that people fall on hard times and need these jobs!!!! Understand no way am I dissing the field, or people that work there !!! Its a LOWER PAYING JOB

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Apr-04-14 11:35 AM

If politicians had to live on a wage of 35000 a year for their family they would learn that money does not come in automatically and you cannot raise your pay to meet the demand. It is time to cut the fat and have a layoff in nepotism government job to get the work done right.

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Apr-04-14 11:25 AM

When a city give city managers big pay raises the little worker deserves a raise too. Government thinks they are a private industry and are making money. The taxpayer is broke and they want budgets, wages, taxes and jobs cut and the wasteful spending in the government sector. Who passes a flawed law? These are the ones getting overpaid for doing a bad job and keep having special session raising their pay.. Time to cut legislatures pay to balance the budget.

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Apr-04-14 10:58 AM

Test is given every three years or upon the occasion of all candidates on the list having been employed or exhausted.

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Apr-04-14 10:14 AM

blabla, Best defense against loss of life in a fire, smoke detectors! Best defense against being the victim of crime, .357!

6,000 calls defending life and injury, sounds like a war zone!

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Apr-04-14 9:48 AM

WOW! How our community has forgotten what emergency services have done for our community,our country. The Wheeling fire department and Wheeling police department are class acts. This article is about what POLITICIANS have screwed up and some people are attacking these people who are there to SAVE YOUR LIFE. They didn't vote this bill through. I laugh at some of the comments. There are no firemen or policemen making anywhere near 100K a year.Wages The schedule takes firemen away from their families 24 hours at a time plus call out when there are larger incidents. Their lives are in JEOPARDY everytime they go out on a call which is I believe over 6000 times a year. The same goes for the police in this and every city. I don't know all the in's and out's but I know they are in more danger every month than most are in a lifetime. These same people whine about the firemen and police but are willing to pay $200 a tix for a NFL,NHL or concert ticket. Amazing priorities. You should be ashamed!

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Apr-04-14 8:34 AM

Big difference between private business and tax spenders on the nepotism question. In private business the model is make money or fold! In tax payer business the model is raise taxes and spend! Not the same animal!

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Apr-03-14 10:42 PM

getaclue, Does the City have rules against nepotism? 50 took the test for how many job openings?

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Apr-03-14 10:14 PM

Less than 50 candidates took the last Wheeling Fire Dept civil service exam.

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Apr-03-14 3:41 PM

If the City of Wheeling needs help scheduling the fire department give me a call and I will figure it out in about an hour. I will need some numbers to give you the answers....

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Apr-03-14 3:15 PM

CT Mountaineer is correct something like 80 percent of Fire Department's are volunteer. There's literally a line of 1,000 people waiting for one opening in a city. From what I understand you can graduate at the top of your class in training and it means nothing.

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Apr-03-14 2:58 PM

Getaclue I don't give a $%^& not all cities are the same and they sure aren't all like Wheeling..LOL.

The fact is it's not a standard schedule job so that's why they don't get standard OT. It's one of the sweetest deals in the entire work world because yes you can hold two jobs very easily.

I understand why city leaders would be upset cities can't afford to pay all that OT AND have a decent sized force.

Only in Wheeling though people think the money never runs out for city employees LOL.

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Apr-03-14 2:26 PM

WWU... FD union & PD fraternal organization but there is NO CONTRACT and there is NOT A COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT between the city and either organization. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH.

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Apr-03-14 10:37 AM

Many firefighters are very happy with the current situation because their work schedules essentially permit them to hold other jobs too.

If the pay weren't adequate, they would be having trouble recruiting them and I do not see that being the case. People are lining up to get those positions.

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Apr-03-14 10:23 AM

BurningUp..... YOU don't know what you are taking about. Firefighters are paid for their overtime hours they are just not paid at a time and a half rate. In Wheeling they work 24 hours on and 24 hours off.

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Apr-03-14 6:59 AM

Dyingov a firefighter does not work 9-5 bankers hours their schedule is unique in that they essentially live at the firehouse for an entire day and then have a couple of days off.

It's one of the best deals at any job period so most firefighters aren't complaining they're not getting OT for those extra 8 hours or what not. They have it made most people would kill for that sort of a shift.

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Apr-03-14 6:23 AM

What does the amount someone makes have anything to do with getting paid overtime? If you are scheduled/paid for 40 hours and you work 45 you should be paid 1.5x for the "extra" 5 no matter your pay rate!

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Apr-03-14 12:53 AM

lol..why does some one making 100 grand a year need overtime? wouldn't it make more sense to have mandatory time off per month?

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