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Fort Hood Gunman Sought Mental Health Treatment

Iraq War Veteran Opens Fire, Kills Three People, Himself

April 3, 2014

FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) — An Iraq War veteran being treated for mental illness was the gunman who opened fire at Fort Hood, killing three people and wounding 16 others before committing suicide, in an......

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Apr-04-14 12:54 PM

NSA another joke on the American people!

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Apr-04-14 9:20 AM

Now that we have a gay and transvestite military force, Raver is going to re-enlist.

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Apr-03-14 8:00 PM

I never will understand a military policy that strips a soldier of his means of defense

As for myself, I ALWAYS carry every hour of every day without fail and without hesitation WHEREVER I am and I will continue to do so till I draw my last breath!

"My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will..."


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Apr-03-14 5:28 PM

The conservatives love war and it’s contract profits. The top 1percent got out of sending their kids off to die years ago. The near gone ‘middle class’ was bought for votes several decades ago with the ‘all-volunteer force’ BS. That force is mostly the underclass, minorities and/or the ’true believers’.

When you have less than 1 percent of the population actually being sent ‘in harms way’ what do you expect? You are going to get a skewed distribution showing a higher than normal percentage of depress, crazy or fanatical ‘volunteers’.

Solution???? BRING BACK THE DRAFT! Make it fair and equitable across the board. Man, Woman, Gay, Lesbian, ‘objector’, etc. you name it....lock, stock and barrel everybody goes unless they are at least 80 percent incapacitated.

There will be less fake ‘wars’ and saber rattling and more of a objective understanding of what military life is and does.

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Apr-03-14 2:32 PM

rover1958 “there are too many uneducated, wild-eyed nut cases in this area”

Pretty funny coming from raver, who also posted today “Whatever happened to the ‘good old days’ when the school Football Coach (who also badly taught the ‘boys health class) would beat an offending kid half to death in front of the rest of the boys as an abject lesson? Bring back the past! Bring back big, gruff men (former military enlisted types) to reek ‘justice’ on punks!”

Double that lithium dose, raver. And don’t forget about that restraining order... LOL

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Apr-03-14 12:12 PM

Well....either most of these postings are from the fevered many faces of duhRAT in his looney guises OR...there are too many uneducated, wild-eyed nut cases in this area. I pick the ‘duhRAT’ option as the reason for the craziness. (the more postings...the more min wage ‘hits’ he gets from the Tea Party).

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Apr-03-14 11:30 AM

Another 'Gun Free Zone' mass shooting! Yes liberals, you built that. Wanderwhy?

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Apr-03-14 11:22 AM

wunder, The funny stuff is that the peeps think the US only has terrorism when towers are plane bombed and marathons are backpack bombed! Happens every freakin' day in the USofA and your goberment will stop it like that war on drugs! funny stuff.

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Apr-03-14 11:03 AM

George w bush Iraq war still killing people.

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Apr-03-14 8:57 AM

homeland security.

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Apr-03-14 8:01 AM

Webster's.. Terrorism.. The use of force or threats to intimidate, etc. esp. as a political policy. By the very definition our own Gov. is terrorizing its citizens to control everything. Gee, doesn't seem to be working out so well at Fort Hood does it.

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Apr-03-14 6:51 AM

dyin- You are really getting pathetic calling deaths 'funny stuff'. no wonderwhy!

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Apr-03-14 6:29 AM

Terrorism in your own back yard and your goberment keeps telling us it's in the Middle East! Funny stuff.

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