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Roads Are ’14 CDBG Focus

CDBG Paves Way for Municipal Improvement

April 8, 2014

WHEELING — Despite yet another cut to the city’s annual Community Development Block Grant allocation, Wheeling residents should see more streets paved and sidewalks repaired through the program this......

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Apr-09-14 8:48 AM

Residents can express their views what a government joke. The fix is already decided, why have public hearing since the vote is a done deal if it was not a done deal they would have had it in the beginning and things like the field of dreams would of not been even on the list. The majority would of not wanted it because they need better roads and sidewalks but the politicians have all the wants to spend it on.

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Apr-09-14 7:12 AM

The spending shows how government has the needs mix-up with wants and the money that should be helping the community is only helping a few. This waste keeps people from wanting to relocate to Wheeling.

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Apr-08-14 6:31 PM

Rt2 through Warwood is a joke!!

MASSIVE ruts and pot holes that now have vehicles driving LEFT of center to keep from bending a rim or breaking an axle!!!

Soon there will be head on collisons as a DIRECT result of the dangerous roads and the suits that will result will easily bankrupt this corrupt government and instantly transform podunkville to Detroit over night!

Prgressive government all wind up the same!

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Apr-08-14 4:04 PM

Simple upkeep & maintenance would be so much more ecoonmical - not only for municipalities but also for the entire state regarding roads & sidewalks. This is very noticeable in the newest part of Rt.2 4-lane between Washington Lands and Fish Creek - believe it was a ~$250-Million project back in 2005/06. It is already in pitiful & pathetic condition due to simple & now expensive neglect that cannot only be ignored for so long until repairs will need to be done - while upkeep & proper maintenance would have & should have been the case.

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Apr-08-14 2:29 PM

About time to spend the funds to benefit all. Let these dozens of local so called charities stand on their own.

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Apr-08-14 11:19 AM

We put a practice field for Central catholic ahead of our roads and the safety of our citizens? Who prioritizes these things, the bishop?

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Apr-08-14 9:57 AM

This article is like a politically spun riddle. The title is "Roads are 2014 CDBG Focus. In the article it states that this year only $71,000 will be spent on streets and sidewalks. It is 2014 correct? The article further states that $546,000 will be available for infrastructure in fiscal year 2014-15. Are the horrible streets in Wheeling being paved this spring/summer? When does the city fiscal year start/end? Are the Oil/Gas drilling companies contributing for any repairs this spring/summer? Kruger street in EG is a city street that comes to mind.

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Apr-08-14 9:05 AM

The city of wheeling has never been for the small business man it's why the place dried up . Why would I do business in wheeling they have run us all off. It's sad that the ohio valley mall will welcome you with open arms . Wheeling adds a sales tax then brags how they blew 1.5 mil on nothing. They can't wait till ohio county absorbs the city and it becomes a metro government. Keep polishing that turd with my tax money please !!!

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Apr-08-14 7:30 AM

Andy, I still would like to know the total cost of your "field of Dreams"

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Apr-08-14 7:23 AM

$200,000+ to manage the program! Just some of those federal tax payer funded jobs that do NOT count in the federal employee numbers! Funny stuff.

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