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Man Turns Self In

Montgomery Wanted In Island Shooting

April 10, 2014

WHEELING — One of three men wanted for allegedly breaking into a Wheeling Island home last week and shooting a man in the face turned himself in to authorities Wednesday evening....

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Apr-11-14 12:47 PM

T.W.Shannon a Senate Candidate from Okla. (Black) when asked about Holder using the race card. One more form of Liberal intimidation to silence all opposition. Tim Scott, Senator from SC, also black, Holder grasping at straws because he has no answers for his refusal to obey US Law.

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Apr-11-14 9:53 AM

hey wraithy,cals got a name for someone that hates everybody a racist or is there something else wrong?

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Apr-10-14 8:29 PM

Cowtrans is a racist bigot.

Your comments are no different than saying you support the KKK simply because they are white.

Criminals come in all races too.

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Apr-10-14 7:19 PM

Ragnar, you left out powerful public unions.

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Apr-10-14 6:33 PM

Some More Equal

You hit the nail on the head. The best countries are the least diverse.

If you look at any large city in the US, what do they generally have in common?

1. Run by Democrats.

2. Large AA population.

3. High crime rates and/or gang activity.

People don't want to hear the truth. This is because 50 years of liberal indoctrination have taught them that whitey is the devil, that minorities are oppressed and never, under any circumstances, point out shortcomings, wrongdoings, underachievement or failure to assimilate as these things relate to minority groups.

Political correctness/diversity will destroy us.

Rome was great when it was ROMAN. When everyone could be a Roman citizen, citizenship became diluted, lost its' meaning. Rome fell from world power to nothing. The same is happening to us, even now.

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Apr-10-14 5:58 PM

WOW! The daughter said they went to her dad's safe for his marijuana and money and that he keeps his pistol under his pillow for protection. No he doesn't keep it there just for protection, he keeps it there because both are obviously DRUG DEALERS...Sorry but guess they got what was coming to them.

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Apr-10-14 3:29 PM

"That there Treyvon, he be just like my son if I's had one", Barack Obama.

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Apr-10-14 2:50 PM

Richardwhee, why don't you tell me what "truth" you're talking about, then I'll respond, ya pig!

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Apr-10-14 12:47 PM

People who are ‘unsocialized’ need an opportunity to receive one-on-one teaching of social skills and behaviors.

See the old movie ‘Cool Hand Luke’? That is what needs to be brought back...a Southern style approach to socialization focusing on beatings, hard back-breaking work and discipline. In a word...road gangs, stripped prison outfits, overseer’s up on horses with shotguns...all the trappings.

If it don’t ‘kill you’ it will ‘cure you’.

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Apr-10-14 11:25 AM

Caltrans- Whats wrong? Maybe you don't like the truth.

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Apr-10-14 10:39 AM

I knew when I saw this face and story, that the racists would come out and comment, not about the story, but the face

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Apr-10-14 8:10 AM


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Apr-10-14 7:25 AM

Seems like Ma'lick and Ja'quan are still on the loose, maybe they are holding up at Ra'quan and La'quan's house.

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Apr-10-14 1:43 AM

Will this still happen when they legalize POT? Just askin'

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