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Little Impact Felt Locally

Good & bad from gas industry pales in comparison to other drilling regions

April 11, 2014

NEW MARTINSVILLE — The impact of the natural gas boom in Wetzel County — both good and bad — pales in comparison to other Tri-State area counties also experiencing a surge in drilling activity,......

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Apr-12-14 8:56 AM

gee I live in Wetzel co. the gambling joints are the same ones that inhabit every town in w.v. the drug traffic though bad has not increased .as far as stds how in the world would you know?

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Apr-12-14 12:14 AM

This is a false and misleading article. the harm done to Wetzel county is water sources remain contaminated.the collaboration of Jesuit university and others including county leaders, the turning over of county roads to Chesapeake are scandalous. STD's and drugs, crime beyond belief...gambling joints line the streets, a girl drinking out of a paper bag staggering down the road and depression and despair...that is the real story. Babies born with drug addiction. We are haunted by the dead. Lies and greed have seized and hold this tiny town built beneath a****as tremors increase from frac quakes...fear is Wetzel County and those who have refused to participate in this carnival of evil are praying in the hills for help from beyond a corrupt state.

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Apr-11-14 8:14 PM

Its interesting that one of the largest landholders making money from all of this is Wheeling Jesuit University. Fund raisers at churches and schools often solicit people to leave schools/churches their property in their wills and that is one way that the Diocese has become one of the largest landholders in all of WV. I am guessing WJU accumulated large quantities of land and mineral rights that way. Wonder if the same out of town students and faculty who protest the gas industry will now picket their own school? After all if WJU would just stop the drilling if would be so good for the environment. I am sure something that can be swallowed to remove that taste will be worked up and life will go one as usual.Its seems incredibly ironic. When its your money, you form conflicting values easily. If WJU accumulated that much land in Wetzel Co, wonder what it is in Ohio/Marshall or the whoe state? And the Diocese too? Chances of learning that are less than slim.

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Apr-11-14 7:43 PM

Oh boy...

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Apr-11-14 6:13 PM

Increased crime, traffic jams, prostitution, drugs, drunks everywhere, pulverized roads, poisoned drinking water, polluted air, and contamininated soil

What's not to love?

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Apr-11-14 8:55 AM

After growing up in Wetzel County and leaving (thank god I did) because of the complete lack of jobs way back in 1976, it is still the same. They have a small group (click) that run the town I grew up in who own everything, run everything and take everything! There is absolutely ZERO in cultural value...Why would anyone actually WANT to be in the area?!The drilling has benefitted that same small (click) group there and it sickens me to see the raping of the land and destruction of all things involved in the town/area I grew up in all for the almighty dollar. Sad and sickening is all I can say

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Apr-11-14 8:23 AM

Environmental wackjobs aside, Tioga County is hundreds of miles away, Carrol County Ohio is in the Utica play, and Greene County is in the heart of the dry gas Marcellus play. Wetzel county has barely been drilled. Comparing drilling and drilling related jobs increases in Wetzel county to these other counties would be like comparing standards of living between the U.S., Canada, Great Britan, and North Korea.

Great study. lol

"One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong..." hahaha

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Apr-11-14 8:08 AM

"The report also found that public perception of the industry is driven largely by who is receiving a direct financial benefit from the activity, based on a survey of West Virginia landowners with at least one completed well on their property."

"Those who don't get royalty payments have a lot less satisfaction with the drilling process and have a much more negative perception of the drilling activity," O'Leary said."

Jealous Marcellus? Should have signed that lease when you had the chance.

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Apr-11-14 7:12 AM

The editors should get Casey to write a story on how CHEVRON thumbed their noses at the Pa DEP since WV could be next.

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Apr-11-14 7:08 AM

"Experiencing population decline" and "little in the way of permanent population growth." Idliketoknow how DrollSaver and other O&G industry shills will spin this one. Bwwaaahaaaa!

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