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Lawyer: Pa. High School Stabbing Suspect Like ‘Deer in Headlights’

April 11, 2014

PITTSBURGH— The 16-year-old boy accused of stabbing 22 people at his high school was dazed “like a deer in the headlights” hours later and doesn’t fully grasp what he did, his attorney said Thursday......

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Apr-11-14 6:36 PM


But just keep blaming guns, knives, drugs, movies, video games, etc etc etc

The bottom line is YOU are the ONLY one responsible for what YOUR kid does!!!!

ANYTHING that child does while living under YOUR roof is YOUR responsibility!


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Apr-11-14 9:11 AM

save,i couldn't have said it the acid era I never knew anybody to do this while under the influence.this didn't happen back when we respected the teachers and principals with no cops in the buildings.look to your lawyers to find out why his stuff is happening.they know the reason.they removed the paddle.the day will come when it won't be safe to have public's coming.lawyers please fix what you all have ruined.

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Apr-11-14 8:54 AM

uglyassmf, you must have know a lot of ppl who went on violent rampages while on "acid" to make that assumption. Next time, do some real research, just don't take Ronald Reagan's word on how drugs affect someone. There are drugs that make ppl flip out, "acid" isn't one of them. Neither is pot, just to be clear. Many ppl were brain-washed during the "just say no" campaign in schools in the 90's. Its ok to not want children on drugs, its not ok to lie to them about what the affects are, or misinform them. You don't want children going around thinking pot is as bad as meth bc if they are offered one or the other and out of curiosity decide to try one, you want them to be informed on which one really is bad for them.

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Apr-11-14 7:45 AM

Yep, let's keep defending these kids so that more kids can follow in their paths. Wtg defense. He doesn't understand what he did... Not for a minute was this premeditated , he didn't take the knives to accomplish a task. He didn't know what he was doing as he prepared for school. This world *****! Well, I'm sure the kids he attacked surely knew what happened as they try to heal physically and mentally. Morons

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Apr-11-14 7:31 AM

That lawyer needs to keep his mouth shut. Yep, this was just an ordinary boy who didn't know what he was doing. Yep.

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Apr-11-14 2:17 AM

hmm..He was drugged..hopefully they drug tested him..maybe acid or something similar. either that or he is seriously mentally ill. what a shame..society is falling to pieces.

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