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Chief: Game Could Turn Into Tragedy

April 11, 2014

WHEELING — Nearly 300 Wheeling-area high school students are sneaking around neighborhoods, hiding in yards and cars and stalking their targets with water guns that could be mistaken for real weapons....

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Apr-11-14 8:56 AM

It's too bad we can't let kids be kids. Judging by the schools involved these are good kids. The difference between now and 30 years ago is the lunatic adults. The police don't fear what the kids are going to do. They are enjoying the best time of their life. They fear what some mouth breathing hilljack with a hero complex and a carry permit might do on accident.

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Apr-11-14 10:03 AM

this will be an accident waiting to happen.hiding in the bushes at night with anything resembling a gun isn't good right now with all of the robberies.parents talk to your kids to see if this game is worth it[$1300.00].

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Apr-11-14 10:27 AM

Sounds fun. Perhaps the kids should wear some obvious identifier to avoid an unfortunate incident. Thanks Chief for alerting your officers and for making the public aware as I can see where this could cause some concern for unknowing citizens.

Let the kids have fun. Support innocent creative activities like this.

Have a great day!

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Apr-11-14 11:04 AM

the people that live in the neighborhoods where this is being played should be notified door to door.we would hate to see a kid accidently shot in the dark just playing cowboys and Indians.that would be the tragedy.

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Apr-11-14 11:19 AM

Let them do their game, in day light hours only.Who knows one of them may get shot sneaking around someones house late at night.

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Apr-11-14 11:35 AM

Do so at your own risk, but don't cry when you /others get injured or worse.

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Apr-11-14 12:39 PM

WOW, Were we not all kids once? Let these kids be kids!!!!! these kids are good kids who go to school and do right! They could be out doing MUCH worse, selling drugs, doing drugs, drinking, raping, but they are playing a harmless game. All participants have agreeed to play the game so its not like they dont know that someone is looking to soak them with a super soaker. And for petes sake, the kids are using super soakers,I have bought plenty of these water guns for my three boys and they are anything but small, they don't resemble a real gun by any means. If people in the community took the time to know the kids in the neighborhoods that these kids are playing in then they would know that they are just trying to have fun. times have changed your right, but these kids are doing nothing wrong.

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Apr-11-14 3:28 PM

It is sad that this game can't be played safely as it is today. Maybe different rules would help. Limit it to one weekend and make sure everyone knows what's going on with media saturation. My kids run around our neighborhood with their nerf guns right up to dusk but you'd be an idiot to confuse a nerf gun with a real gun.

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Apr-11-14 3:55 PM

Does anyone know if I need to get a permit to carry my Super Soaker in public?:)

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Apr-11-14 6:26 PM

How sad is it that grown teenagers are playing such childish games!!!

Sounds like the same bunch of juveniles I see riding the kiddie toys at the park till they break them!!


AGAIN lousy parents raising lousy kids rears it's head!

And this is EXACTLY why communities have curfews!!!

If I hear or see ANYBODY around my property late at night they WILL be illuminated with a crimson trace laser!

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Apr-11-14 7:32 PM

Sounds like a fun game. But if you are business owner, I can see how you don't want them on your property. Ruin inventory, disrupt work, get hurt and sue... Yeah, it's not the 80's anymore. Times have changed. That said, if they are respectful of other people and property, let them have their fun.

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Apr-11-14 7:41 PM

"Wheeling laws state that "minors" under the age of 18 "shall not remain, idle, wander, stroll or play in any public place" within the city between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

Officers who find minors in violation of the curfew must take the name and address of the minor, issue them a warning, and report the matter to the police chief. It is the chief's duty to notify parents or guardians of the minor regarding the curfew violation"

It's LAW and it's on the books

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Apr-11-14 7:48 PM

UNCOMMONSENSE, when you point your handgun with that laser sight at those kids be sure to get a photo of yourself doing that, and then send it to the police just to document your fine work. They'll be very impressed by your good citizenship and will probably make you an honorary member of the force.

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Apr-11-14 11:37 PM

@WTHIWWY: So you want kids to play their stupid game? If it was one of your boys and he was shoot by a policeman you would sue him and the city. Give me a break it is a dangerous game and kids should not be doing it for their own sake, and if you believe it is a safe practice I believe 250 watts of your 300 watt bulb is burned out. We do not want kids killed because of a stupid game.

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Apr-12-14 9:03 AM

Come on, toy guys are brightly colored to distinguish them from the real deal. How many psychedelic Orange colors is a Super Soaker?

Yes night might be a problem in the dark, but the police are trained to SHOT without regard to situation or background? HUH?

I did far worse as a kid.

Heck, I even rode a bicycle without a HELMET!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!

And I drove cars which had no SEAT BELTS back in the day!


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Apr-12-14 9:10 AM

Yeah we were all kids but the last time I checked my mother gave me home training. If it's on private property that's one thing but times have changed. Imagine this I'm driving my truck that my son also drives of course we could look alike. As I'm getting out of my truck I get mistaken for my son and I have no clue of this game. How do you think I'll react to someone coming at me with a gun ? Your brain doesn't have the time to react and also determine the gun is fake. Times have changed opiate addiction is out of control and they will rob steal and kill to get what they need. Between the pill heads and the news register printing every penny I get from Chesapeake,personally I have to be prepared to defend myself. It's like playing hopscotch in a minefield

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Apr-12-14 10:45 AM

the possibility of collateral damage exist but who cares "HOLD TRUE TO THE CREED"

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Apr-17-14 7:29 AM

Does anyone remember this?

Zimmerman: Okay. These ass$#%&@ they always get away. When you come to the clubhouse you come straight in and make a left. Actually you would go past the clubhouse.

Dispatcher: So it's on the lefthand side from the clubhouse?

Zimmerman: No you go in straight through the entrance and then you make a left...uh you go straight in, don't turn, and make a left.*****he's running.

Dispatcher: He's running? Which way is he running?

Zimmerman: Down towards the other entrance to the neighborhood.

Dispatcher: Which entrance is that that he's heading towards?

Zimmerman: The back entrance...f$#@%&g [unintelligible]

Dispatcher: Are you following him?

Zimmerman: Yeah.

Dispatcher: Ok, we don't need you to do that.

Trayvon Martin was killed. This involved only 2 people. In this situation we have 270 people out lurking about. That is a 13,400% increase in people, and they aren't carrying tea and skittles.

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