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Republicans Gaining in W.Va.

April 12, 2014

Rep. Shelley Capito ought to be pleased there hasn’t been much attention paid to her Senate race by national pollsters. They are something like the press, after all. They like good story lines — i....

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Apr-15-14 9:19 AM

DaveRao "There will never be another Robert C. Byrd."

One can hope...

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Apr-13-14 10:01 PM

Got 3 words for you DAVERAO: KEITH RUSSELL JUDD. Did he have coffee with Manchin?

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Apr-13-14 9:18 PM

During his last campaign, Senator Byrd promised to bring a billion bucks in five years. He brought five billion in one year. There will never be another Robert C. Byrd. Let's talk about Cecil Underwood and what he did. Zero..except forgive all his coal cronies their Workers Compensation debts to the tune of thirty million. No matter, elections decide...not our little bantering..though I do enjoy hearing the right wing drivel.

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Apr-13-14 8:15 PM

And how did WV fair with Byrd in office? Look at WV socio economic stats in 1950's Byrd elected and how we were upon his death! Why do you continue to shoot yourself in the foot? LOL

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Apr-13-14 5:29 PM

Rahall endorsed Nomomma!..says dyingov. Most Democrats did and that's why he won. He got trounced in WV because Joe and Nick refused to go to the convention and never invited him over for coffee. The GOP assumes everyone will believe their attempts to superglue everyone to the President. The local grassroots will be painting us blue once again. We're Byrd Democrats...not Ted Cruzians. Bet on it.

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Apr-13-14 4:01 PM

We just gots to get Lois Lerner back on the job to do what she does best....which we KNOW was all legal since no one has gathered any proof....I just wish EVERYONE going before Congressional hearings would take the Fifth.....there would be hellstorms from the left and the media if a Republican took the Fifth like Lerner did.

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Apr-13-14 2:18 PM

Rahall endorsed Nomomma! Funny stuff! Nicky been representing WV since 1977, and the results are in!

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Apr-13-14 11:26 AM

The primaries aren't even over and Myer is trumpeting victory for the GOP. Same guy who cheered on Romney and McCain. When the "Explainer in Chief" Bill Clinton starts hanging in West Virginia, Myer will be changing his tune. Tennant by ten. Rahall by twenty. Hip hip hoooray.

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Apr-12-14 3:40 PM

Don't write off Tennant too quick. Rumor has it Capito's cousin is back practicing law in the Ohio Valley for Dewey, Cheatum, and Moore. His negativity ratings could swing the race to 50/50. LOL

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Apr-12-14 9:01 AM

I am an ind. always have been even at 18 I didnt like either party and it should be about the the ideas the person brings to the table and is this election I will be voting for Capito and have asked her in emails several times please begging you to run against Rock he has lost his way a long time ago and needs to go many of them need to go to far out of touch with the common people who work and struggle to pay bills and mandates by govt. taxes etc. I hope she wins by a landslide and if you have followed her the R by her name means nothing she just seems to have head on her shoulders and think term limits would be good. If Byrd were alive today he would be having a fit and have worn out many of those little constitution books he carried just by pullling them out sooo many times and he never forgot where he was from he was a great Rep for WV and the nation

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Apr-12-14 8:43 AM

Obama changed the voting game.

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Apr-12-14 7:53 AM

"Who wants to be the sacrificial lamb?" Seems to be the Demorat question of the week these Obamadays...

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