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It’s the Hole Truth: Doughnuts Weren’t From Proper Kitchen

April 12, 2014

WHEELING — It’s not about the doughnuts, who made the doughnuts or who was getting money from the sales — it’s about where the sweet treats were being made, according to the Wheeling-Ohio County......

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Apr-13-14 3:33 PM

The rat most likely worked for a competitor of either the restaurant or another donut seller.

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Apr-12-14 10:29 PM

wrongdong were you the snitch AGAIN??!

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Apr-12-14 4:51 PM

Believe it or not you can't even give food to a homeless bum living under a bridge in Wheeling!!!

It falls under the very same rules!

They are free to eat out of trash cans but don't you DARE give them food that you cooked at home!!!!

If someone rats you out you could be fined!!!

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Apr-12-14 12:14 PM

The Ohio County Health Dept. is a tyrannical little department.

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Apr-12-14 12:09 PM

Everyone wants to be a rat...

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Apr-12-14 11:58 AM

The law is the law.I bet if a roach would have been found in the donuts they would have been seing a lawyer.Do it in a approved kitchen.Whats the big deal about that.You folk been drinking that moonshine for to long.It's starting to show.

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Apr-12-14 11:06 AM

Whoever went crying to the health department needs to be smacked in the gob. And the health department could have looked the other way, no harm would have been done by doing so, but whoever runs it had to get all anal and self important and ruin something for retarded kids. You must be proud.

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Apr-12-14 10:00 AM

Easy to get around. Just give them away and post sign saying $5.00 donations welcome. Unfortunately there are negative creeps living among us and person who reported this is one. This has happened once of twice in Pa. Again, easy solution. Just give away for a donation. And middle finger to the person who called the health dept.

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Apr-12-14 8:58 AM

A teachable moment!

Welcome to the world of GOVERNMENT REGULATION OF ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE, boyz and girlz!

The Doughnut Nazi sez; NO DOUGHNUTS FOR YOU!"

Sig Heil!

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Apr-12-14 8:56 AM

and the young people continue to learn about politics and money.

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Apr-12-14 8:46 AM

I completely agree goodwine someone probably thought she was makin millions .

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Apr-12-14 8:41 AM

The great ohio county health dept lol I thank you for getting those dangerous doughnuts off the streets. You guys are on par ! Doughnuts made at wheeling parks home ec kitchen bad, but fracking and green hunter are ok . It's like your smoking ban it's unhealthy at bars but it's healthy to smoke at the track. Mr gamble you should be ashamed of yourself ! you****we'll know the home ec kitchen is more up to standard than most of wheelings food establishments.

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Apr-12-14 8:22 AM

I find it hard to believe the person who reported it to the health department was not being malicious. Why else would you report it and hurt the attempt to raise money for a worthy cause and help special needs children give back to the community ? Truly despicable on that persons part. I wish the health department would have to release that persons name to the public so we could see who the horribly selfish person is.

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