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Proposed Smoking Ban Raises Concerns

April 13, 2014

WEIRTON — Mike Frangos doesn’t smoke and he isn’t fond of it, but he likes the money he makes working at the Route 2 Cafe — a video gambling parlor in Hancock County....

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Apr-14-14 3:18 AM

In the state that legalized Maryjanna not long ago, the state made 184 million in taxes. Why would the small minded people not consider the fact that this brings in billions of dollars for our state and you want to stop it? Why? Have you lost your minds? Tobacco has been a legal substance approve by many of our former presidents. Why don't you ban bus smoke? Truck smoke, the Mitchell power plant smoke, to name a few. There is something by the water plant that smokes all the time in Moundsville. The hospital is literally dead from former people who came and could smoke outside. No one goes there anymore. There was one patient in the lobby alone. The economy is dead and you want a raise and more money. With what? When did the health department have total control over Free Americans?

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Apr-13-14 10:06 PM

Well, while everyone is pointing out the Democrap-rethuglican angle,mostaremissing the fact we live in The United States, where we are supposed to be able to make our own choices! If a business wants to allow smoking, then it should be their choice. If I choose to smoke, it's my decision. If I stink of tobacco smoke,then stay the*****away from me!If you choose to slather yourself nasty cologne and perfume which in my opinion makes you stink, then I'll stay away from you and any room you happen to occupy! If you choose to ride a harley with eardrum crushing loud pipes, that's your choice, If I flip you off because your bike rattles my teeth-disrupts the quite of my home-scares the dogs-boils my blood- then take it like a man and accept the fact that in a free country the choice to flip you off is mine to make just as the choice to be a menace to society is yours!

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Apr-13-14 9:04 PM

Whoopie as a matter of fact the trial lawyers OWN the Democratic Party.

Hail you nominated one for Vice President (John-boy Edwards) a few years ago.

And as a matter of matter there is a bout a 50 point different between DEM support and GOP opposition to POT legalization.

So YEAH you ARE a bunch pot smoking, Lawyer loving a&&holes!

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Apr-13-14 3:47 PM

Ya just can't have it both ways! You will have to choose between health and a longer life or the almighty dollar! Other parts of this country have successfully chosen health and once the rank and file have picked it,too, life is OK with a healthier environment!

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Apr-13-14 12:10 PM

hoopie, Maybe it's a Republican thing! Funny stuff!!

"Democrats favor pot legalization by a 34-point margin, while Republicans oppose it by 23 points, according to an NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll, which also notes that Americans aged 18 to 34 favor legal marijuana by a whopping 49-point margin."

I'm sure Republicans are signed-up for nomomma care, as well!

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Apr-13-14 11:36 AM

Here is an idea let the owner decide which way to go if he or she doesnt want smoking then let it be and if other wants to allow smoking then let them and it will be up to the patrons on where they want to spend their money "land of the free" dont believe that 1

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Apr-13-14 10:59 AM thinking of the posters here is that conservatives love tobacco and liberals do not. All lawyers are democrats and conservatives have no lawyers. Dope smokers are liberals and conservatives would not touch the stuff. Ignorance is running at high levels in these rooms. Now that's funny! LOL!

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Apr-13-14 10:02 AM

As long as the smoking is kept inside the building, employees are warned about smoke before they hired and customers have a warning to read before they decide to enter the establishment.....have at it.

I don't think the board of health has any business telling private businesses whether or not they can allow smoking.

If they want to do something, start cracking down on filthy employees working in food preparation. I don't know about you but I don't want some zit faced, long haired, dirty meth head touching my food with his bare hands and slobbering in my drink.

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Apr-13-14 9:56 AM

A simple question: Do smokers actually have any idea how bad they STINK, every single part of them, skin, clothes and hair?

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Apr-13-14 8:31 AM

"In budget year 2013-14, this legislation provides for over $5.5 billion of funding to Colorado school districts via state taxes ($3.55 billion), local specific ownership (vehicle registration) taxes ($131.4 million), and local property taxes ($1.85 billion). Moneys provided via the Public School Finance Act of 1994 are available to each school district to fund the costs of providing public education."

So dope smoking will bring in an additional 40 million dollars to the schools (see earlier post) that have a budget of 5.5 billion! What a scam on the peeps of Colorado! Very liberal I might add....Funny stuff.

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Apr-13-14 8:25 AM

How will we ever legalize dope smoking? Funny stuff.

Only liberals would think this is good stuff! Legalize dope and have a program (for the feel good crowd) to educate the children on how bad dope is for you! Funny stuff.

"The funds are slated for treatment, school construction and deterring young people from using the drug. School districts will likely get $40 million, or nearly 30 percent, of the projected $134 million in total marijuana tax revenues. New revenues will only make up 1.4 percent of the state's available general fund."

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Apr-13-14 7:12 AM

private property.

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