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Cheat Canyon Preserved for Future Generations

April 13, 2014

ROWLESBURG, W.Va. — Tucked away in the rocks of north-central West Virginia is the secret to a multi-million dollar conservation effort — a “threetooth” snail that actually has just one toot....

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Apr-14-14 4:56 PM

So, does the conservancy pay the property taxes on this land, or dead it to the state so the rest of Preston and Mon County property owners get the privilege of paying higher taxes to support the schools, so the snails can roam their typical square meter of lifetime habitat?

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Apr-13-14 7:06 PM

CTM, BTW WV has 15.5 million acres of public land! You really think more is needed? Funny stuff.

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Apr-13-14 7:04 PM

Coopers rock is close to Motown. Take a drive to the Mon Forest, plenty of area to recreate! Who holds the deed to the recently bought property? Look into the "non-profit" involved, even you will not be impressed!

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Apr-13-14 6:45 PM

My opinion is this is one of the very few operations involving our state government that is well thought out and will benefit the people of North Central WV indefinitely. It has the chance to be a game changer for the tourism industry there.

Since it is closer to major population areas than Fayette County, it will get a good share of the tourism money from the populated Northeast too. That is pristine, beautiful land located in the Alleghenies right outside of Morgantown. That potential is limitless. You won't see me complimenting state government very often, but on this one they were right on target.

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Apr-13-14 6:04 PM

Yet another land grab intended to take away any and all rights to it's use from the state and the people!!

Look at what has happened recently to the Bundy ranch in Nevada!!

We nearly had another Ruby Ridge the other day because this corrupt government is stealing public STATE owned laND THEN charging local residents to use it!!

Fortunately local militia were able to thwart their first attempt!

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Apr-13-14 1:38 PM

Let us see exactly what these peeps are conserving!

2012 IRS tax form (113 pages long) shows income (goberment grants-contributions of which 750,000,000 was goberment grants) of $992,000,000 with SALARIES and EXPENSES total of 852,000,000! Leaving them 144,000,000 for conservation efforts! Non profits......Sure thing! BTW they do NOT pay taxes on the income! Funny stuff!

The document is on the web site! Read on!

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Apr-13-14 10:01 AM

Is this the same Gov. that has given wavers to Renewable Energy to kill Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles and any flying bird or Reptile, endangered or not by the tens of thousands !!!!!!

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Apr-13-14 8:13 AM

7 million for 3800 acres of which 4 million is tax payer money! $1,800 per acre! Undeveloped cliff side land in rural WV is valued at $250 or less! When it's not your money.....Snail my arse!

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Apr-13-14 7:19 AM

"WVDNR Wildlife Specialist Craig Stihler said the snail's name can be misleading - it has one tooth on its shell, not three"

So the government is protecting the three tooth snail that only has ONE tooth. . . . . . .

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