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Tax Burden Heavy For Middle Class

April 15, 2014

Finished your income tax return yet? Today’s the deadline for most filers, so if your return isn’t completed, you’d better get at it....

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Apr-22-14 10:00 PM

Wow, I hear some strong angry opinion here and someone who seems who knows what is best for everyone. Umm, no abortions? Is it ok if a woman that makes a million a year decides she wants to have a child alone, or do you think she must marry someone as well. Dont like atheist? Jewish ok with you? Maybe single millionaire mothers, atheists, and jewish should not be able to vote either, how about those with brown eyes?

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Apr-20-14 3:36 PM

SME-I disagree with "what are the poor doing with a car". A single woman with a couple of kids living in public housing, may work and make 15 k a year-this is poverty. How do you suppose she gets to work. There are many jobs that are not in walking distance or have bus service. Look around at some of the local vehicles-they arent luxury. This person may get income based housing, medical card, food card, even free daycare-but at least they are trying. If this same person made 20K or so more, they would not have the public benefits and would be about the same financially. I give credit to those who try, but think less of these poor even try, and do work the system too often. So it still falls on the middle class-who's quality of life continues to decline. The middle class is just getting poorer-and its not getting better.

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Apr-17-14 4:25 AM

The ‘Middle Class’ is going the way of the DoDo Bird...becoming extinct as manufacturing and production jobs have moved overseas to increase the ‘bottom line’ of the 1percent who rule America.

As many Democrats know ‘We, the people’ have been lied to for decades. America is NOT A DEMOCRACY IT IS AN OLIGARCHY!

The US government does not represent the interests of the majority of the country's citizens, but is instead ruled by those of the rich and powerful, a new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities has concluded.

The report, entitled 'Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens', used extensive policy data collected from between the years of 1981 and 2002 to empirically determine the state of the US political system.

We have become a nation of serfs to the GOP oligarchs!

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Apr-16-14 9:16 PM

Budman, too many RIDING on the wagon, not enough PULLING the wagon.

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Apr-16-14 8:08 PM

Soaring Food Inflation Full Frontal: Beef, Pork And Shrimp Prices Soar To Record Highs Tyler Durden's pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 04/15/2014 17:29 -0400

Bureau of Labor StatisticsConsumer Confidence

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Apr-16-14 8:06 PM

Buried deep on the website of the U.S. Census Bureau is a number every American citizen, and especially those entrusted with public office, should know. It is 86,429,000.

That is the number of Americans who in 2012 got up every morning and went to work — in the private sector — and did it week after week after week. All told, including both the welfare recipients and the non-welfare beneficiaries, there were 151,014,000 who "received benefits from one or more programs" in the fourth quarter of 2011. Subtract the 3,212,000 veterans, who served their country in the most profound way possible, and that leaves 147,802,000 non-veteran benefit takers.

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Apr-16-14 9:53 AM

good one troll.

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Apr-16-14 9:43 AM

Rich politicians? But politicians' salaries aren't high enough to make them "rich." How did all our career politicians get rich?


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Apr-16-14 9:31 AM

sme,politicians with their hands out.political welfare.when you are getting nothing for your money[lots of it].the rich in private industry have earned it.the rich politicians haven't.

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Apr-16-14 6:44 AM

I Googled rightiswrong. Google took me to whatareyoustupid? I won’t try that again.

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Apr-16-14 5:55 AM

Cowtrans, "abusive free market system that exploits the people, makes foreign wars, then eliminates jobs through technology" Blah blah BBWHAHAHAH!

So now you liberal loons want to put Bill Gates and Sergi Bren in prison for creating technology that makes man more efficient???

Sorry you started a business to make horse shoes but that was YOUR CHOICE, learn to LIVE with the consequences of being out of touch, #oldphart.

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Apr-15-14 9:06 PM

rightis, they buy a lot of gas. They just buy it with someone else's money. Ha,Ha,Ha, Tell me some more stupidity.

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Apr-15-14 7:14 PM

SME,So your saying 50 percent of the country never buys one drop of gas,Ha,Ha,Ha, Tell me some more lies.

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Apr-15-14 6:59 PM

A loaf of bread costs the same whether the buyer has food stamps, is middle class, or is wealthy. The burden is with the middle class, who are working harder and have a declining standard of living. Many middle class do not spend as much on food as what is provided by welfare per person-they can't because of the cost of housing, utilities, keeping vehicles running so they can work, etc. As the middle class approach retirement, it is even more bleak-many will end up below poverty level as health fails or in retirement.

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Apr-15-14 6:07 PM

Oh boy...

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Apr-15-14 5:22 PM

Men and women who work in extreme conditions, inhale fumes and dusty contaminants, and avoid equipment and traffic for safety have bigger tax burdens than the extremely wealthy who gained so much from those who kept shipping lanes open and manufactured freight moving. Republicans want to make it harder for working people to feed and educate children and don't want all hard-working people to have affordable health care.

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Apr-15-14 4:24 PM

yawn... calrants, you’re not the first person who, after a lifetime of laziness and failing to achieve success in the free market, whined that the free market system was “abusive.” But if that makes you lazy, low-achieving loons feel better about yourself, whine away. Make that First Amendment proud. LOL

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Apr-15-14 3:19 PM

You teabaggers make me laugh...funny stuff, troll, loghead,sme. This is the response of a government (read: the people)to an abusive free market system that exploits the people, makes foreign wars, then eliminates jobs through technology and outsourcing to increase profits and consolidate it's nefarious accumulation of wealth that has reached the point of vulgarity.

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Apr-15-14 8:25 AM

the middle class[working poor group] has and always will be the backbone of this country.when they are gone is when the welfare will stop.we have welfare at the top[politicians with their hands out] and bottom[moochers of the system].they all want a free ride on the backs of the middle class without contributing anything.the roads still s-uck.

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Apr-15-14 7:23 AM

coffee, The federal (tax payers actually) have spent 3.7 TRILLION on 80+ means-tested (poverty programs) in the last 5 years! So your 480 billion in 100 years is nothing! Funny stuff.

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Apr-15-14 7:16 AM

So Demorat Wvcoffee disagrees with the headline. Typical Demorat who doesn't think you're taxed enough. Remember that at election time.

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Apr-15-14 7:03 AM

Another BS headline! Over the past century, the federal government has pumped more than $470 billion into the oil and gas industry in the form of generous, never-expiring tax breaks.

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Apr-15-14 6:21 AM

All taxes combined take over 50% of the working peoples money. Income. Federal, state, county, city. Property taxes, sales taxes, fees to drive, fees to you name it. The income tax from earned income is but one tax area. The air we breath is not taxes yet, but soon may be. Many are paying taxes and fees for the removal of the waste that goes into your sewage system. It seems that every Govt. level wants more money all the time. We have created a monster that needs a constant stream of money.

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