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Obamacare Costing County

April 16, 2014

Marshall County commissioners provided 103 full-time employees $1,500 pay raises for fiscal year 2015, but certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act are making it more expensive for them to......

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Apr-17-14 10:29 AM

Porthole, who will pay for the 30 million WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE when the ACA is FULLY IMPLEMENTED?

The same suckers.

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Apr-17-14 10:29 AM

Forbes 9/27/13

"I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. My health insurer, Kaiser Permanente, has finally calculated what our family’s new health insurance rates will be under the grotesquely misnamed Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare.) The upshot: my premiums are about to rise by 114.6%. My wife’s rates? Up 109%. Our kids? Don’t ask.

Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to my current plan, with its $232-a-month premium. That plan is being discontinued, I’m told, because it “does not meet the requirements of the ACA.” It was a nice plan, with low premiums, free physical exams, a high deductible and eligibility for a Health Savings account. We got access to Kaiser’s lower in-plan rates for minor medical care, and we had the peace of mind of substantial coverage if anything catastrophic ever happened.

But that plan is going the way of Lake Superior sturgeon or the Hetch Hetchy meadows. It’s vanishing in favor of what someone else has decided would be progress."

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Apr-17-14 10:26 AM

Cowtranfat, please slit your wrists now and save yourself the angst of hearing what an****whuppin you will get in November for the next 5 months.

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Apr-17-14 12:18 AM

But wait a minute Obama said that Obama care was going to lower to cost of my policy by 2500 dollars, that's why I voted for him, what happened? Do other people know about this?

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Apr-16-14 10:55 PM

cal, I sense some angst. The latest Congressional voter poll results got you down? Don't worry, it will all be over in November... LOL

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Apr-16-14 10:18 PM

right wing liars! It's what you do best. Soon, you will die of old age and America will move on. Adios!

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Apr-16-14 4:21 PM

No, Clueless. We can call them the years of an insurance crony-pandering Demorat-majority Senate and an insurance crony-pandering Demorat-majority House of Representatives. Who do you think wrote the Obamascam bill? Certainly not Bush, and not Pelosi, either; she even told us she didn't have clue what was in it.

And we can call the last five years the bbbbbut BUUUUSH! years. Since that's all we hear from you Ozombies... LOL

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Apr-16-14 2:51 PM

So in the years before Obama while insurance costs were raising at a 7% per year rate can we call those years the years of BUSH CARE?

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Apr-16-14 12:04 PM

them, not then!

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Apr-16-14 12:03 PM

Zeke Emanuel says " if Doctors refuse to accept OC and cause a shortage of Doctors, we will force then". Yes, this will get worse, much worse.

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Apr-16-14 9:39 AM

Appears we have another slow reader here. LOL

acoustic, the article says "Obamacare - is increasing the premiums the county pays..." Read that again. "the COUNTY pays." That means the county TAXPAYER pays. YOU, if you own property, or rent property and pay that tax through your higher rent payments.

So you're STILL picking up the tab for their health insurance. And these weren't your indigent emergency room goers. These are county employees who ALREADY HAD insurance.

Yeah, thanks for raising our taxes again, Barry Obamboozler.

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Apr-16-14 8:33 AM

Yep, it cost money for people to have health insurance....but thank God it's costing THEM their own money to cover THEMSELVES...instead of me picking up their emergency room bills.

Thank you President Obama!

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Apr-16-14 7:54 AM

Wvcoffee, yes, we know it’s a tax. At least we think it is; your Bamboozler in Chief flip-flopped on that several times to scam the Congress and the Court, but eventually he settled on “tax.” Whatever. Our wallets are lighter and your Bamboozler gets more of our wealth to spread around to his deadbeat parasite cronies. Yay.

And didn’t you read “Obamacare - is increasing the premiums”? Or “Pest said the tax is increasing premiums”? Or “The increase for prescription coverage attributable to Obamacare”? Maybe you have a selective skimming disorder... LOL

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Apr-16-14 7:41 AM

Guess you didn't read the article. " She said this is because of the tax the law places on the plans the commission provides." Cadillac benefits? Sounds like it.

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Apr-16-14 7:11 AM

Wait until they see the new deductibles. No crying if you voted for him.

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Apr-16-14 3:46 AM

You haven't heard the fat lady sing her last tune on Obamacare! Only the beginning!! The DUD community organizer from Chicago strikes again!

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