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Liberals Destroying Nation’s Economy

April 18, 2014

Americans seem to have become numb to worry about our astronomical national debt, already at $17.5 trillio....

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Apr-21-14 12:54 PM

Let us not forget that we arent 1950s AMerica when Made in AMerica actually meant something. Back then we were 93% EUro AMericans. Shared a history, tongue, and faith. Today when people babble about Bring it Home, well, we arent the same America. Our migration is overwhelmingly third word arrivals who care NOT to share our faith, our history our tongue. Gee, and that leads to unified goal of making better things? Keep dreaming.

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Apr-20-14 11:04 PM

caltransplant, Outsourcing jobs has been killing us for years! So the liberal idea, make all the illegals legal! Funny stuff.

Wrongiswrong, You really think those overseas hide-outs are not a D and R thing? Funny stuff. Those boyz on both sides are laughing all the way to the Caymans!

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Apr-20-14 8:28 PM

rightis wrong, take a look at the biggest overseas money offenders, GE, Apple, Microsoft, Pfizer tax records and then look at where their campaign donations go and who they support.

All those Obama supporters could probably give you some advice on avoiding taxes via overseas financial stashes!

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Apr-20-14 6:13 PM

I understand about the 24 trillion but does it mean I cant hide my money overseas that I dont pay taxes on and can I still deduct my five new houses that I used to disguise other asssets I have.Please tell me I wont have to give all that up!!!!

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Apr-20-14 2:10 PM

Ratboy, you can ignore the facts, but outsourcing jobs overseas has been killing us for years. Teletech type occurrences happen daily nationwide. Look at Comcast. Try calling them and see who you end up talking to. I know this doesn't support your spin, but that's tough. Try a dose of reality.

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Apr-20-14 10:56 AM

“ Liberals Destroying Nation’s Economy” What a disgusting lead-in for a totally bogus ‘opinion article’!

As was asked of Sen. McCarthy....’Have you no decency, Sir?’

When I was a kid only the communists were propagandists....seems now the GOP has embraced this disgusting tactic as their key weapon to sustain their Oligarchy! Luckily, progressives are more educated than their ******* Repug counterparts and this crapola won’t work. Of course it does keep the more dull of the dull-witted, toothless tea party in line as they are the definition of gullible idiots.

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Apr-20-14 9:59 AM

The angry opponents are more mobilized than the beneficiaries,” said David Axelrod, the longtime adviser to Mr. Obama.

Young adults and minorities tend to vote in midterms at lower rates than older and white voters. And a poll by the Pew Research Center and USA Today found that more Republicans than Democrats will be influenced by a candidate’s stance on the health law.


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Apr-20-14 9:58 AM

NYT: "Even as Mr. Obama announced that eight million Americans had enrolled in the program and urged Democrats to embrace the law, those in his party are running from it rather than on it, while Republicans are prospering by demanding its repeal.

The reasons are complex and layered in the early assessments, but say much about the nation’s political polarization, its shifting fault lines of class and race, and a diminished faith in government.

Continue reading the main story RELATED IN OPINION

Editorial: How to Run on Health ReformAPRIL 18, 2014 Democrats could ultimately see some political benefit from the law. But in this midterm election, they are confronting a vexing reality: Many of those helped by the health care law — notably young people and minorities — are the least likely to cast votes that could preserve it, even though millions have gained health insurance and millions more will benefit from some of its popular provisions."

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Apr-20-14 9:54 AM

6 years...

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Apr-20-14 9:54 AM

You liberal IDIOTS have had SIX friggen of Obamashat and what is the track record?

Middle class income DOWN $4300!

DOUBLE the number of people on FOOD STAMPS!

All time RECORD percentage of Americans NOT WORKING.

WORST ECONOMIC RECOVERY in the history of the country.

"Permanent" 6.5%+ unemployment.

REAL unemployment 27%

BLACK YOUTH unemployment 49%!!!


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Apr-20-14 9:51 AM

Caltrans the "technologist"!

Get a CLUE, idiot, the jobs in America did not GO to India or China or Mexico, they just CEASED to EXIST!

Did bank tellers go to Mexico? NO, ATM MACHINES

Did draftsmen jobs go to China?

NO, CAD/CAM programs for PC's make one guy do the work of 10.

Did 750,000 auto worker jobs go to India?

NO, robots and automation on the automobile assembly line ELIMINATED the need for their jobs.

What is YOUR SOLUTION, you bigmouth LUDDITE (Google it)???

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Apr-20-14 9:47 AM

Hilarious to watch the big mouth single line posters wrongdong, caltransflab, wheelingslumdog etc. yet none of braindead zombies can refute ONE FACT i have stated.

I got the facts you jerkoffs got jack and the AMERICAN PEOPLE are learning the TRUTH of Obamacare at a rate of thousands per day.

We are going to sweep you scum out the Senate and hand that community disorganizer his freakin head on a platter as a reward for the DISASTER he has rained down on this country for 6 years.

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Apr-20-14 9:02 AM

The longer the Dems ignore the debt, the more severe will be the method of correcting it.

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Apr-20-14 5:16 AM

Detroit is the Democratic blueprint for the rest of the USA. Yes Dems. you (built) destroyed that.

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Apr-19-14 10:02 PM

Don't look very far to see the results of liberal goberment spending! WV receives $1.85 from the feds for every $1.00 paid in federal taxes! Funny stuff.

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Apr-19-14 7:22 PM

caltransplant, More of that name calling! Funny stuff.

For those that claim the corporations would be bad for the US! Do you have any clue how big the US Federal Goberment is? Funny stuff.

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Apr-19-14 6:17 PM

SME, that's socialized, you sixth grade drop-out.

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Apr-19-14 6:15 PM

Troll, I understand it. Unfortunately, you don't understand why. It's not Obama, ya goof. It's a nasty combination of overpopulation, technology and corporate greed resulting in outsourcing jobs. What happened to those 500+ jobs at Teletech is a micro example of what is happening all across this country, you incredible feeb!

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Apr-19-14 5:11 PM

rightis, you mean the "but BUUUUSH!" truth you're always whimpering here. No, I found it. Maybe you missed my LOL.

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Apr-19-14 5:08 PM

swingdog "My gawd, how did the American people miss hiring some of the self-proclaimed economic experts (actually experts in everything) who so generously share their wisdom with the rest of us?"

... said the all-time self-proclaimed expert in everything, who regularly shares his wisdom with those of us foolish enough to read beyond the self-promoting swingdog/wheeldog screen name. Too funny.

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Apr-19-14 5:05 PM

SME ,Names,you got names or giving us more fuuny stuff.

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Apr-19-14 4:16 PM

"Lawmakers from 9 states gather in Utah, discuss ways to take control of federal lands."

Thats what standing up to liberal Federal goons gets you. Action. Revolutions arent won sitting on a couch. Do as the leftists did in the 60s. Now who could be against that?

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Apr-19-14 4:16 PM

CUba...Haiti...Zimbabwe...Detroit...Success stories of Socialised living.

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Apr-19-14 3:05 PM

Rat,I forgot to tell you.Strike two.

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Apr-19-14 3:04 PM

Troll,Remember what we talked about yesterday.The TRUTH.I put it right under your nose and you still cant find it.Just remember I have been told that it gets very hot down there.

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