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Tension Mounts Inside Ukraine

Government fears Russian incursion

April 26, 2014

DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — As top Ukrainians spoke of imminent invasion and the West threatened the Kremlin with more sanctions, Moscow said Friday that pro-Russian separatists would not lay down their......

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Apr-28-14 1:00 PM

raving1858 mentalcase:

Who signed the defense agreement between Ukraine and the USA???

Bill daBJ Clinton!

Who is rattling sabers and threatening more severe action in the White Crib while at the same time drastically cutting US military???

Barack Insane Obama

Get a freakin' clue, numbnuts.

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Apr-28-14 11:57 AM

My, my....I see Wraith, the professional poster, is all over the board today. Needs those 80 cent payouts for each comment I guess.

And true Repug that he is....stoking the drums of war for U.S. involvement in the Ukraine. Of course, like the Ro-money Family, Wraith and his own brood totally eschew ever serving our country. Nope, he and his kind wants true Americans (Democrats mostly poor) to continue to suffer and die for Repug military/industrial contracts, profits and such.

bzzzzzz...! The BIG LIE won’t work anymore...NO MORE WARS FOR AMERICA !

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Apr-28-14 9:50 AM

Tension mounts in the Ukraine as the Lyin' King cuts AMERICAN troop strength to the LOWEST LEVEL since WWII, even lower than Jimmy Jimmy Carter, the FORMER worst president of the 20th century.

We all know how Jimmy's peacenik efforts ended, don't we?

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Apr-27-14 8:03 PM

If you conservative republicans like the queen of SSI, feel that strongly about helping Ukraine, I suggest you go over there and help. Don't stand behind true American Heroes

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Apr-27-14 2:18 PM

Ukranians have NOTHING to worry about. The USA pledged to defend them.

{. . . . . CRICKETS . . . . . . . .

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Apr-27-14 2:16 PM

cowtransflat, Obama wrecked the middle class, doubled the number on food stamps, cut middle incomes $4300 added $7 Trillion New debt while printing $4 Trillion in new debt.

Biggest epic FAIL in human historty!!!

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Apr-27-14 2:13 PM

Hoppie back up your bullshat $7 Trillion war figure or shut up you igornantass hillbilly.

All TEN YEARS of the Bush wars cost less than the Obama's NOT SHOVEL READY STIMULUS.

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Apr-27-14 11:57 AM

Whee, where you and your cronies see failures, I see success. The ACA, ending two worthless, destructive wars, saving the economy, cleaning the air...EPIC SUCCESS!

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Apr-27-14 9:55 AM

Thank God neo cons are not in power to push us into another war. The chest beating on the right is typical of those eager to send OTHER PEOPLE's kids to fight. No more. No more senseless killing and spending our treasury. Use economic sanctions but do not go to war. Enough! We still have to pay back the $7 trillion spent by Bush on the last two debacles.

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Apr-26-14 9:05 PM

Putin is laughing at us and humiliating Barry Hussein Soetero Obama and John Francois-Kerry-Heinz on an almost daily basis.

Someone should have told Bathhouse Barry and Lurch that you must back up threats or else those you threaten will not take future threats seriously.

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Apr-26-14 7:59 PM

At least Opie has played more rounds of golf than Putine.

So take that you Commie Pinko Basturd.

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Apr-26-14 7:56 PM

Raver, and Obama looked into the anal cavity of Putin and said "May I kiss it some more, SIR? UUm Uuum uuumhhhhh!"

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Apr-26-14 7:37 PM

NY Times, "President Bush’s June 2001 declaration that he had looked Russia’s Vladimir Putin in the eye and “was able to get a sense of his soul” was greeted with bemusement ..”


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Apr-26-14 2:50 PM

The "Tension" is local. We are making it international. Takes people's mind off Obama failures.

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Apr-26-14 10:11 AM

The Ukraine is looking almost as bad a Nevada. Putin seems to have taken a page out of Harry Reid's playbook.

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