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Weigh Proposed Plant Prudently

April 27, 2014

Both Marshall County commissioners and the county Board of Education have approved preliminary agreements that could lead to construction of a $615 million, gas-fired power plant just south of......

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Apr-29-14 11:10 AM

I feel for you, ohyeah. The lesson here:

If you buy a home next to an industrial area, don't be surprised when industrial activity occurs next to your home.

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Apr-28-14 10:41 PM

I posted on today's article and I am going to post my anxiety on this one too. this really concerns me. I moved to Washington lands in 2005. First off, I moved here to raise a family. A year later we get a letter saying a company will be spraying a deodorizer while trying to move hazardous waste from the chemical plant. Then Williams moves in and our house is level view of the burning flame not even a mile away. Now an electrical plant? I am concerned for my families health. It scares me. Since the new year none of my kids have been feeling good. Every month we are at the Dr's taking care of the same persistent issues that were never a problem before. Also , the electric plant will be my new view of the riverside. How on earth am I going to sell my beautiful home that we planned to live in for the rest of our lives to move my children to a healthier location? It is a big problem for me.

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Apr-28-14 7:01 PM

The problem with the county entering into the deal is that commissions change politically and the plant could find itself having to deal with commissiones who have other agendas in the future. Will someone run for Commission and pander to unions and threaten the plant operators and interfere to please the voter base he/she has? Some think gov going into business is a risk, but business going into a partnership with government is risky too. Imagine some of the past clowns who have served on this commission and imagine them being in a position to sweat a business. That is some scary stuff there. So what happens if a future commission runs the business off or into the ground with their private agendas?

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Apr-27-14 10:50 PM

the county is the sole shareholder in this but no dividend.???

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Apr-27-14 10:48 PM

Presumably the County would sell bonds to pay for the plant. They will be responsible. The operator will be able to have-and profit from-the facility with no equity or risk. sweet deal! However power is a very sure bet. Perhaps some sort of profit sharing with the County is in order; beyond the school tax.

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Apr-27-14 7:17 PM

OK. How about a short vote on this. If you say yes to having the local Govt. own the plant but the business people get the profits.. then Agree... if you think having the local Govt. owning this plant is a very bad idea then vote.. Disagree.... My vote would be disagree

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Apr-27-14 6:53 PM

I'll believe this plant when I see it. I don't trust the weasels. It won't happen. Forget it. Same deal as the coal gasification plant that was proposed several years ago.

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Apr-27-14 4:10 PM

"Businessmen really love socialism when it's for THEM!"

I actually agree with hoopie on this! Quantitative easing has enriched Wall Street to the tune of $75/85 Billion a month for years now. Solyndra and all the other failed green initiatives have left the tax payer holding the bag. GM, Tesla, GE, Apple all taking advantage of their connections to cash in!

It appears all their campaign contributions to Democrat (and some R) were well worth it!

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Apr-27-14 12:17 PM

Oh, and by the way, the power lines are already in place. And good luck convincing your greenie pals that a new Keystone-East gas pipeline is a good idea... LOL

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Apr-27-14 12:12 PM

WVUGEO "it makes more energy sense to build the power plant nearer to the market for the electricity, and then to transport the fuel to it. Doesn't make sense."

So you think it's cheaper to run pipelines than power lines? Think again, coal shill. LOL

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Apr-27-14 12:11 PM

wvhoopie, then why do your Demorat pols continue to offer such sweet socialist deals to those capitalists? Stop redistributing all that taxpayer-funded wealth to your evil capitalist cronies and they'll start spending their own money, just as you wish.

Oh, but then that would end the kickbacks to your Demorat pols. So I see the source of your "progressive" quandary... LOL

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Apr-27-14 9:49 AM

Businessmen really love socialism when it's for THEM! This is the norm in America, the wealthy want to use us, socialism, to take the risk of their business, then when they reap the profits, they pat themselves on the back and brag about their business savvy to make millions. If the business goes bust, they just walk away and blame the gov't or tax payers......

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Apr-27-14 7:43 AM

Fascism at the local level is becoming more of an accepted policy. "Merger of state and corp. power is Fascism by definition." Benito Mussolini

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Apr-27-14 7:38 AM

If competitively-priced electricity from shale gas over the longer term is such a sure thing, why do they need local government participation/guarantees to finance it in the first place? You would think major electric suppliers who have the money would be lining up to do so. And, why build it here? With Ormet, and it's Aluminum refinery requirements for electricity, shutting down and the population shrinking, where's the local demand for power, even with the announced closing/shut down/reduction of some of the older coal-fired plants? With transmission losses, it makes more energy sense to build the power plant nearer to the market for the electricity, and then to transport the fuel to it. Doesn't make sense.

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Apr-27-14 7:34 AM

this'll go bust.too much government involved.we know what they do to everything they touch.what's the board of education know about producing electric?another joke on the taxpayers.

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Apr-27-14 7:23 AM


A monumental decision for the residents of Marshall County rests in the hands of three County Commissioners. One Commissioner is now a resident of Belmont County, Ohio. Another has announced his retirement and the third is finishing his second year of service. I guess it could be worse. We could have a retired school teacher making a complex decision.

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Apr-27-14 5:37 AM

The "gamble" is with tax payers money! Funny thing is that it seams the tax payers are the only "good" source of funding these days......

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