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Who’s Going to Pay the Bills?

May 3, 2014

As I’ve noted previously, West Virginians recognize a bargain when they see it. They also understand a bad deal when it’s offered to them....

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May-15-14 9:35 AM

LOL. How typical that liberal truthy would 'accuse' someone else of something he/she is doing themselves! It's the 'democrat' way!! Do as I say and not as I do is their sad motto. Obama WH underpays the women in comparison to the men. What??!?! Hypocrites! Now the New York Times has fired their first woman editor because she had the audacity to ask for the 'same' higher pay her predecessor ( a male) made before her. Oh the horror...liberal media/liberal dems promote equal wages for women and they themselves won't do it! The hypocrites want you to do as they say; not as they do! Take a bow sheep.

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May-04-14 3:04 AM

truthy:" your grammar and punctuation are atrocious"

Oh my, I didnt know that there was such concern for grammar usage on a chit chat site. I feel as though Ive been caught coming to a bar... in the wrong sweatpants and t shirt.

Is that the best you got? I leave them lil nuggets to tempt the worst in liberals. Ever thought you might correct with a tad more constructive tone? You know, the way you DONT when someone says birth-day...and includes an "f" sound in there somewhere. Know what Im sayin.

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May-03-14 7:51 AM

truthforonce, This is the age of textin' and twitterin'! No one is worried about the King's English.

BTW, In your rant you have a minimum of 2 mistakes! I always find those that complain about a post (grammar and punctuation) are usually only 3-5 posts away from making mistakes! You accomplished to do it in the very post you ranted....Funny stuff.

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May-03-14 7:46 AM

truth,somebody had to tell him.good job.

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May-03-14 6:37 AM

S'more, your grammar and punctuation are atrocious. Why don't you take a remedial bone head English course and come back to see us when you can use the king's English. While you're at it, try a logic course, too.

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May-03-14 12:48 AM

Whose gonna pay the bills isnt ever a concern for those that PAY NO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES. 50% of our nation doesnt. So how can anyone expect they ever will.

Look to Katrina. Despite warnings the most entitled members of that city stood still WAITING for help. Because if theyve surrendered themselves to generations of gubment handouts why be surprised when they look for guidance even when its a hurricane bearing down on them.

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May-03-14 12:46 AM

What people dont get is all the leftists wanted was those few to sign up. ANd short of armed revolt they will never give it up. Because one truth is certain from the Democrat kind. Those that DONT and WONT work to gime themselves luxury sure will if you try to take the gimmes away...even though they didnt earn it. Its a twisted form of survival. Democrat style

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