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Court Upholds Life in Prison for Lane

High school shooter wore ‘killer’ shirt during trial

May 13, 2014

CHARDON, Ohio (AP) — A teenager who fatally shot three students in a school cafeteria didn’t have his constitutional rights violated when he was given a prison sentence of life without parole, an......

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May-13-14 5:42 AM

yes, but with the prisons over crowed and the cost of over $60,000/ yr. to keep an inmate, Ohio has only two choices. Build more prisons, or turn more criminals loose. Well the third we all know won't be taken seriously. A swift death to killers like this fellow. But no, that would be cruel. It's fine by the courts for millions of little babies to be killed before birth, but it's cruel to kill known murderers? Does anyone else think there is something wrong with the system?

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May-13-14 7:47 AM

premeditated murder should always get the death penalty.

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May-13-14 8:23 AM

Very sad. This child is now part of the institution for life.

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May-13-14 10:03 AM

think of all the freebies he'll receive.for life.the three judges should pitch in to pay for all of this.the taxpayers are getting stomped by the politicians and their many bad decisions nowdays.the taxpayers should get a vote.the only way to slow the murdering in this country is to start killing room and board along with all the free healthcare isn't helping anything.politicians are so dumb.

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May-13-14 10:05 AM

start killing them[the murderers].

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May-13-14 10:12 AM

I'm hoping I misunderstood the previous comments or they are so sarcastic that even I was duped, but this person is not a child. He may be a part of the insitution system for life, but he made the decision to make three other human beings a part of the Earth forever. That's a very adult decision and technically he is a minor, but his numerical age is not an entirely accurate representation of mental and physical development.

Unfortunately, giving anyone the death penalty has become an entirely meaningless endeavor. Because we live in a country where whiny lawyers rule it seems that the time, effort, and resources required to execute a genuinely evil human being is not worth it. It would probably be at least 10 years before he was even remotely close and cost millions of dollars. Throw him in a hole for the rest of his meaningless existence.

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May-13-14 11:36 AM

SME, I am literally rotfl. Man are you ignorant!

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May-13-14 11:38 AM

No loghog, not me.

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May-13-14 12:07 PM

As usual the "Do Gooders" want to save the scun of the earth. If one of the victims were their child etc. How would they feel??

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May-13-14 6:07 PM

Yet ANOTHER instant multi-millionaire!!!!!

This rabid dog will now cost taxpayers MILLIONS to keep behind bars!!!!

There is no possible way the prison system can keep this up!!!

The taxpayers simply can't afford to pay 3 million dollars a person to keep these animals alive for life!!!!

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May-14-14 10:07 AM

Sme, look at your 5/13 post @ 2:53 a.m. That's not satire. It's unintelligible garbage. It makes no sense. Of course, it was in the middle of the night. Lord only knows what sort of substance you had ingested. LOL!

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