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Accident at W.Va. Coal Mine Traps, Kills Two

May 13, 2014

WHARTON, W.Va. (AP) — State and federal officials say two workers who were trapped when the ground failed at a West Virginia mine with a history of safety violations have died....

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May-14-14 4:43 PM

rayduck, Why would you blame the owner? These mines are unionized. If the working conditions are unsafe, then why keep working?

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May-14-14 3:15 PM

I thought the libs would be celebrating - 2 less coal miners to mine dirty coal.

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May-14-14 1:42 PM

Or just buy a judge..........

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May-14-14 11:45 AM

The following quotes are from an updated article on this issue:

"We just do not have the ability or authority to shut a mine just because it has so many violations," Stricklin said" So who does have the authority and ability??

"It was cited for 253 serious violations." Useless citations. What is the point in citations if they do not improve or face consequences (closure) if the do not imporove? Its like the health department coming into a pizza shop and saying, "you can't mix the borax and cock-roaches crawling on the counter with the pizza dough" 253 different times but still allowing the pizza shop to operate.

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May-14-14 11:22 AM

If anyone is really interested in information you can go to www <dot>msha<dot>gov/siteindex/ and look at the fatalgrams and Preliminary reports of any coal mining fatality. It may take up to three months to have the full investigation report available on line which will review the facts of the accident and the root cause. Not every fatality is caused by a greedy owner or management as some would have us believe, and in some fatalities the owner and management are not blameless either. Having worked underground for 16 years, I really get P-Oed with know nothings that shoot off their mouths without knowing a Hover****thing about it! Hey when men (or women) die underground and it can be traced back to management being at fault, I say "Hang 'em!", but I am a patient man and am willing to wait for the investigation's outcome before grabbing a rope.

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May-14-14 9:44 AM

There is an article on NPR, with a copy of the letter sent to the mine from MSHA. The procedures that were being used at this particular mine put production over safety.

Black- You are accusing people of politicizing this? There's a big wonderwhy!

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May-14-14 8:00 AM

The owner of the mine blames this on the previous owner. Tell that to the victims family.In court, I hope.

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May-13-14 9:00 PM

Two men die and the idiots make it into a political game without knowing any facts. That's why you are idiots.

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May-13-14 7:52 PM

As long as you have people that are owned by Murray and Don Blankenship, this is going to keep happening. The problem here in West Virginia is, rather it be for lack of education or what, but people are brainwashed into thinking the people that are really trying to protect the coal mines, are the ones out to do them in.

People you really need to stop listening to wingnut radio, and turn off Fixed News. And remember come November, VOTE!

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May-13-14 6:01 PM

"We're over-regulated as it is!" - Republicans

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May-13-14 5:47 PM

Very sad. Big Branch and Sago come to mind..............

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May-13-14 3:50 PM

idliketoknow - a very true statement. Have to wait for the accident investigation to see what the root cause was.

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May-13-14 2:56 PM

The miners are as much responsible for safety as the operator...

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May-13-14 1:03 PM

"high or reckless disregard for miners' health and safety"...isn't that the creed that Murray and his employees have signed their blood to? No one in the industry, even the workers who are at risk themselves, are willing to stand up for safety, let alone environmental protections. Where else in the American can a business be haplessly run like the coal industry? Big money equals turned heads. Shame and disgrace to all who support coal as it stands today.

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May-13-14 12:46 PM

Citation after violation, citation after violation, citation after violation, on and on... What does it take for this mine to be shut down?? Do these lost lives warrant a shut down? Nope, still money to be made and we all know that in WV money is far more important than lives.

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