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IRS Claim Is Not Believable

June 23, 2014

Using illegal methods to harm one’s political opponents, then lying to cover it up, is serious business, as former President Richard Nixon learned....

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Jun-25-14 1:15 PM

Jmoron, the plagiarist, this proves WHAT about the missing IRS emails?

Tu quoque logic fallacy again!

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Jun-25-14 7:22 AM

Mrrightiswrong-when all you can do is call people names, then you know your argument is weak.

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Jun-25-14 5:43 AM

The White House failed to comply with subpoenas, claiming the emails had vanished because the administration failed to comply with the Presidential Records Act. The Bush/Cheney spokesperson at the time, Dana Perino, told reporters at the time, “We screwed up.”

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) said in a Feb. 2008 hearing on the missing White House documents “I think it’s fair that we recognize that software moves on and that archiving in a digital age is not as easy as it might seem to the public". Issa added that Democratic complaints about the missing emails were “shameful.”

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Jun-24-14 7:34 PM

One question for rightiswrong! If there has been nothing illegal going on then why did Lois Lerner plead the 5th?

I'm sure your answer will be both educational and enlightening!

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Jun-24-14 7:32 PM

"A low cost option for data protection that has been around for quite some time."

Indeed it has BigMike! But the IRS had terminated a contract with back up company Sonasoft right AFTER Lerner "lost" her emails. And as usual liberals cite budget cuts. It's obvious you can't spend the $30-40 million Koskninen claims they needed when your IT budget is $1800 million!

No one except the ultra left Big Govt zealots believe the IRS here. And said zealots have no choice! It would shatter their utopia where the warm embrace of big brother nurtures them from cradle to grave.

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Jun-24-14 7:16 PM

When I keep hearing them dems say: "Nothing to see here, move along", then I know they are hiding something.

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Jun-24-14 6:27 PM

Have they not even heard of mirrored RAID arrays?

A low cost option for data protection that has been around for quite some time.

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Jun-24-14 6:24 PM

Of course it's not believable and Kostinen himself seems to be very complicit in this crime. Every expert says these e-mails are out there and retrievable. Forget about the IRS complying, they won't, get some expert company to retrieve them.... and then defund the IRS more and more.

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Jun-24-14 5:20 PM


Seems you are only dork around who knows where they are.

I suggest you tell the IRS commissioner because HE sure as}{ell does not know.

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Jun-24-14 4:38 PM

Impeach Ovomit.

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Jun-24-14 4:37 PM

Yeah, the magic lost emails show:

"The most recent and probably most outright violent attack on free speech is the IRS targeting scandal. Lois Lerner used her power at the IRS to unfairly target conservative groups due to their political speech and opposition of President Obama’s policies.

Evidence indicates that conservative groups were targeted way more than liberal groups. Emails have proven that Lerner was ordered by superiors to carry out these audits, Attorney General Eric Holder planed on using the information to arrest and prosecute individuals who donated to these groups.

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Jun-24-14 2:30 PM

beaver,If you check 100,000 emails and cant find anything.What are the chances the few left contain any information.ZERO,Another witch hunt from the reputents.Issa looked liked a hurt little puppy when he was barked back to.He can deal it out but sure cant take it when it's given back to him.

This is not about paying taxeas moron it's about, Was the teabaggers picked on.Ha,Ha,we should just leave it the other two heads in the party figure it out.Rand Paul maybe.

Whats the big deal anyway.The reputent party wants to do away with the irs,SO,just believe that under the republicans the emails wouldn't be there anyway.Ha,Ha.

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Jun-24-14 10:08 AM

"Nearly all the emails have been found". Hey mr rightis wrong-if the IRS audited you, do you think "nearly all your records" would be good enough for them? Can't believe people continue to support this administration. Have you noticed what they do with underlings? "Rogue people in the Columbus IRS office are responsible. It was just a few rogue employees in the Phoenix VA office." And then we have Ambassador Chris Stevens, another supporter of this administration. Yet people continue to hang on, hoping for some crumbs.

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Jun-24-14 8:24 AM

Nearly all the e-mails have been found.No smoking gun found.The reputents are grandstanding again.When will they learn.Let them go back to probing each other.The three headed elephant doesn't know which way to turn.

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Jun-24-14 7:33 AM

Private COMPANIES have to have extensive EMAIL backups to comply with Sarbanes Oxley for just this type of crime.

Why doesn't the US government live under the same rules as it forces on private business.

5 computers have hard disk crashes at the same time?


Many computers these days have high performance Flash drives that CANNOT CRASH because they are flash memory, not a magnetic storage disk,

This is all BULLLS*** we are being fed.

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Jun-24-14 7:31 AM

It is against the law for a COMPANY to destroy email when they are under investigation. How above 20 years prison terms for all involved.

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Jun-23-14 8:02 PM

"Not even mass corruption -- not even a smidgen of corruption.”!!

Obama's statement might be laughable if not so sad!

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Jun-23-14 12:06 PM

I'm sure there is nothing at all about restricting American's freedom's in those TWO YEARS of missing emails. I'm sure Nixon had his defenders as well!

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Jun-23-14 8:21 AM

Hurting the tea party.That's a knee slapper. They are targeted becouse the are destroying this country in the name of freedom.Just look at the nuts they have.Bring it on.

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Jun-23-14 8:07 AM

our government is full of lies these days.they'll all become pow's in the soon to come civil war brewing.

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Jun-23-14 7:31 AM

It's the goberment! "Of the people by the people for the people!" Funny stuff.

Someone needs to inform congress that the emails can be found on the SERVER not the computer hard drive! I can imagine that congress is likely scared of what they might find! No one wants to pull the trigger on that NOMOMMA! LOL

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