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Take Power From Public Worker Unions

March 13, 2011
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Editor, News-Register:

Collective bargaining is a well-earned right by the private sector labor force that too often suffered from abusive employers. Public sector union bosses now blatantly abuse the process that they did not earn and they certainly do not deserve. Public employee union bosses have made collective bargaining a facade of our time. Their abuse of collective bargaining is extortion of the taxpayer.

Public employees' purpose is to serve the taxpayer by facilitating the operation of government. Efficient functioning cannot occur between adversaries. Federal employee unions are illegal.

Is it truly collective bargaining when the AFSCME - American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees - sits down to bargain with Democrat officials that they helped to elect? Is it truly collective bargaining when partisan union bosses of AFSCME extract plush contracts from Democrats they helped to elect? Those plush contracts provide an average 45 percent higher pay and benefits than earned by private sector labor. "Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" is a blatant abuse of the collective bargaining. It is blatant abuse of collective bargaining when those plush contracts gave $400 million support to the Democratic Party in the 2008 election campaign. That $400 million came from the dues of public employee union members who work for us and are paid by us taxpayers. Yes, we taxpayers are funding the Democrat Party through so-called collective bargaining between public service union bosses and Democrats they have elected to office. Whether you are Democrat or Republican or Independent, or plain citizen you are being extorted. You are unwittingly the power base of the Democrat Party via forced union dues by public employees!

Who knows if the kickbacks are verbalized or just tacit during the so-called collective bargaining? We do know that it has become ingrained in the process over 50 years! We also know that many public employees would not pay those union dues but must do so! No political contributions of union dues would be a lethal blow to the careers of politicians who engage in collective bargaining facade!

This arrangement is absolutely and totally immoral and we the taxpayers are the suckers! Not are we only funding the Democrat Party, our children and our country suffer from an inept education system strapped by union work rules that reward mediocrity and protect the incompetent. Incompetents are not only vehemently protected; they are given tenure, some after only three years! Why do your best when you cannot be fired?

How long has this been going on? How much longer will we tolerate it? How much longer must all taxpayers support the Democrat Party's election campaign? How much longer can we let them add to the states' pension liabilities before the ship sinks? To allow is to encourage!


Don Krahel

St. Clairsville

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