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Spend Money Here, Not Abroad

June 26, 2011
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Editor, News-Register:

I have never written an article before. I guess you have to get angry enough to do it. The time has come.

Our president and elected leader have finally hit a minus-zero in leadership and common sense. We have five major problems in our country right now: No. 1, the wars. No. 2, our national debt. No. 3, our Social Security program. No. 4, our Medicare program. And No. 5, our borders. There is a quick fix to all five. Stop the wars yesterday.

We have about $3 trillion invested in the wars already and are spending about $3 million a week still. The money isn't even the real issue with the wars. It's our soldiers getting killed. One of our fine soldiers getting killed fighting for these corrupt government is one soldier too many. Stop the wars and take $1 million a week to pay down our national debt, $1 million a week to shore up our Social Security and $1 million a week to shore up Medicare. Bring our troops home and line our borders with them and make our country the strongest again.

We need to defend ourselves and stop babysitting the world. We have been paying other countries billions of dollars for years to be our friends. Face it, most of them are not our friends. There should not be a penny of foreign aid. We need to use that money to pay off our debts and to help our own people. We have bad things happening here with the floods and tornadoes and don't have the money to help our own people.

As far as I can see, I don't see any other countries rushing in to help us. We need to wise up and the faster, the better. By putting our troops on our borders that would stop the illegals from coming, in which costs us billions, too. And what's the deal with women coming here to have a baby that becomes an instant citizen that the taxpayers have to care for until they are 18? If we put our troops on our own borders we could probably stop this. Illegals crossing our borders are costing the taxpayers billions of dollars in health care and schooling.

I think it's way past time the voters elect leaders that are going to look out for us and not the rest of the world. God bless the Tea Party people. Guess we should have done this years ago. We need to start electing leaders that are going to represent us and not themselves. The voters and taxpayers better wake up soon. Mr. President, every time you take Air Force One up it costs the taxpayers at least $250,000. Stop your trips and vacations and spend some time in the White House and start working on our problems.

Tom Wickham


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