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Will things ever change for the city of Wheeling?

March 10, 2012
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

In regards to some council members wanting to raise city employees health costs contributions by as much as several hundred dollars a month. Quit trying to put everything on the backs of the lower-paid workers. Why don't some of the higher-paid employees take pay cuts?

If the city is going to be in a bind, why doesn't these councilmembers agree to serve for free and give up their benefits they get from the city. I wonder how many would stick around if they didn't get paid? I think we would see how far their dedication went! I'm sure there are a few positions that could be eliminated without anybody noticing any difference ... such as development director.

And quit spending all this money on downtown parking lots and sports fields (East Wheeling) that are a huge waste of money. We never seem to be short of money when it comes to raising salaries of the city manager and some of the other higher ups. And why don't some of these councilpeople quit trying to make a second career out of council and quit and give somebody new a chance.

It seems they are just like Washington politicians - once in you can't seem to get them out.

Things never seem to change. I'm willing to bet that some of our council members already have good health insurance through employment or retirement and are still taking insurance through council. Will things ever change?

Donald R. Britt


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