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Election Fraud Still A Problem in U.S.

August 29, 2012
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Opponents of measures intended to keep elections honest claim ballot fraud is not really a problem in the United States. One self-proclaimed expert insisted recently that during the past several years, fewer than 10 cases have been reported.

Unfortunately, we have proof right here in West Virginia that vote fraud has not been abandoned by crooked politicians.

A case from Lincoln County still is being processed by investigators, prosecutors and the courts. But enough culprits already have admitted wrongdoing that we know what happened there in 2010.

Lincoln County's former sheriff, a former county commissioner and others were involved in a scheme to submit absentee ballots fraudulently. At least 300 of them were doctored through the conspiracy - enough that, once a judge threw out the dishonest ballots, the result of one local race was reversed.

Elsewhere in the country, other cases of fraud have been reported and sometimes proved. Yet claims that fixed elections should not be a concern persist.

Indeed, our election system should make it as easy as possible for honest voters to register and cast ballots. Unnecessarily placing roadblocks in their way is not acceptable.

At the same time, however, measures do need to be taken to guard against those who would, in effect, steal elections.

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