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New Cameron School ‘In the Home Stretch’

November 14, 2012
By DANIEL DORSCH - Staff Writer , The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

With 21 days remaining before their Dec. 18 deadline on the Cameron High School project, on Tuesday evening the Marshall County Board of Education fixed its attention on the structure and those involved in its completion.

"I don't have any outstanding issues I can think of that can hold us up," said Project and Construction Services representative Allen Street. "We've got a good working team up there."

He said the wood floor on the auxiliary gymnasium has been installed. And the terrazzo flooring installation should be finished by Thanksgiving. Classrooms are being set up, and computers and equipment are being installed. On Nov. 27, Street said, he plans to have his final walk through the facility with the state fire marshal.

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Photo by Daniel Dorsch
During a meeting of the Marshall County Board of Education Tuesday, contractors Patrick Rymer, left, of McKinley and Associates, Al Street of Project and Construction Services, and Tim Mizer of McKinley & Associates talk about their progress to board members.

When building inspectors told contractors that certain doors were not wide enough, Patrick Rymer of McKinley & Associates said that doors were shuffled around, reusing as many doors as they could.

The roof, Street said, will be covered under a warranty by the company it was purchased from. Any and all work that has to be done to it will be the responsibility of that company until the warranty expires.

During the meeting, officials expressed concern for the project and stressed the importance of professionalism in finishing it.

"We are down to the last five weeks," said Assistant Superintendent Wayne Simms. "We need to get it done, but we're making sure it's done right. As long as you (contractors) work together, we'll keep going."

Simms added that he calls Street on a daily basis asking if there is anything happening in the project that he needs to know about.

Acknowledging the delays in the $32 million project and stressing the need for a concentrated final effort, Superintendent Fred Renzella spoke directly to the contractors.

"We want everybody playing on the same team at the same time," Renzella said. "No changes are to be made without approval by the board. ... At the end of the project, if there's a need to point fingers, we'll do it then. But not now."

"We're in the home stretch now," added board of education President Roger Lewicki. "Let's work together, and let's complete it."

One of the last problems to be solved with the school involves a water tower which is linked with the cooling system. According to reports, the tower is in need of technical adjustments and repairs. More volume needed to be added, and the tower had to be raised. Simms explained the tower is needed for air conditioning, but that with the winter months coming heat will be more important. When asked, Street said he could expect the tower to be finished by March 2013.

For now, the Dec. 18 deadline stands. Rymer said this date marks the "substantial completion" date, which means that while the building will be ready to be used as a school, there will still be a number of projects to be completed before the school is entirely complete. He added that it could be several months before the project is completely done.

"I've got 21 working days, and I need every one of them," said Street.

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