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Ohio County Students Win Forensics Contest Honors

More than 100 take part in annual middle school competition

January 31, 2013
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

More than 100 Ohio County middle school students took part this week in the annual middle school forensics program.

Students from Triadelphia, Wheeling, Warwood and Bridge Street middle schools competed in five categories: Prose, Poetry, Declamation, Duo and Debate.

Wheeling Park High School hosted the event, and Park speech team members served as judges.

Article Photos

Photo by Sarah Harmon
Pictured are Triadelphia Middle School students who placed first in their respective category at the Middle School Forensics Competition on Tuesday at Wheeling Park High School, front from left, Josie Daugherty and Caroline Humphrey and, back from left, Sarah Ihlenfeld, Emma Blair, Betsy Brossman and Jordan Shanley.

"I've been running the competition for about nine years and I think it's a terrific activity for the middle school students, because it achieves the basic goal of improving their communication skills, particularly in front of a group," said William Cornforth, head of speech and drama at the high school. "At a young age that is a very good education accomplishment. They also get to meet kids from the other middle schools, and they get to interact with the Wheeling Park kids who are really their teachers, as well."

Triadelphia Middle School ruled the event, taking first-place honors in four of the five categories. Forensics coach Lara Parsons praised her students for their hard work.

"... Some would even come in early before school to get pointers and practice. They're a really good group of kids," she said.

Fact Box

Overall winners at Ohio County annual middle school forensics competition:


1st Place - Allee McCardle, Wheeling

2nd Place - Perry Maness, Triadelphia

3rd Place (tie) - Maguire Glass, Warwood

3rd Place (tie) - Rowan Courts, Warwood

4th Place - Grace Myers, Bridge Street

5th Place - Maggie Aulick, Triadelphia

6th Place - Katie Hedrick, Warwood

7th Place - Kylie Parker, Bridge Street

8th Place - Emily Braun, Bridge Street

9th Place - Lauren Shultz, Bridge Street

10th Place - Vance Mazure, Triadelphia

11th Place - Kylie McKennan, Bridge Street

12th Place - Shayla McFarland, Bridge Street


1st Place - Jordan Shanley, Triadelphia

2nd Place - Adam Craig, Wheeling

3rd Place - Emily McIntosh, Triadelphia

4th Place - Kelley McCardle, Wheeling

5th Place - Sydney Mofett, Bridge Street

6th Place - Kelsey Chacalos, Warwood


1st Place - Sarah Ihlenfeld, Triadelphia

2nd Place - Hinal Pujara, Triadelphia

3rd Place - Katherine Leary, Triadelphia

4th Place - Wolfram Winter, Warwood

5th Place - Grace Morse, Warwood

6th Place - Benjamin Jones, Bridge Street


1st Place - Emma Blair and Betsy Brossman, Triadelphia

2nd Place - Samantha Pearl and Joana Tsuhlares, Warwood

3rd Place - Ella Penhos and Shawn Gutherol, Triadelphia

4th Place - Emma Smith and Julianna Pond, Triadelphia

5th Place (tie) - Remi Sau and Ritika Reddy, Triadelphia

5th Place (tie) - Rikki Ross and Sarah Miller, Warwood

7th Place - Hannah Chenoweth and Natalie Turner, Warwood

8th Place - Annarenne Speaker and Jared Ullom, Warwood

9th Place - Josie Laing and Mark Hawkins, Triadelphia

10th Place - Faith Richter and Kailey Filben, Wheeling

11th Place - Abby Hudrlik and Breanna Sayre, Bridge Street

12th Place - Rebekah Horsky and Sarah Horsky, Triadelphia


1st Place - Caroline Humphrey and Josie Daugherty, Triadelphia

2nd Place - Nolan Mattern and Ronnie Saunders, Wheeling

3rd Place - Morgan Glass and Marissa Garlitz, Warwood

4th Place - Jared Jorden and Zack Zoilkowski, Triadelphia

5th Place - Allison Holmstrand and Abbey Delk, Triadelphia

6th Place - Melina McCabe and Amber Blankenship, Wheeling

Triadelphia Middle student Sarah Ihlenfeld, the daughter of U.S. Attorney William Ihlenfeld II, thanked her father for his assistance.

"I was excited to get first place" in the Declamation category, Ihlenfeld, a seventh-grader, said. "My dad really helped me with practicing the speech, because he did speech at Wheeling Park, so he gave me a lot of good pointers."

Triadelphia's winners were:

- Poetry - Jordan Shanley

- Declamation - Sarah Ihlenfeld

- Duo - Emma Blair and Betsy Brossman

- Debate - Caroline Humphrey and Josie Daugherty

Taking first place in the Prose category was Allee McCardle of Wheeling Middle School.

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