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Grant Tax Relief For All Ohioans

May 30, 2013
The Intelligencer , The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Anyone who considers the Republican Party to be anything approaching unified has not been to Columbus lately. There, the governor, John Kasich, is a Republican. The state Senate is dominated by Republicans. The GOP also holds a majority in the state House of Representatives.

And three substantially different tax relief proposals are favored by Kasich, state Senate leaders and many GOP representatives.

Here, in essence, is where the situation stands:

Senators are right to consider job creation a top priority in Ohio. Their bill would exempt from state income taxes the first $375,000 in small business earnings by any individual.

That certainly would boost hiring among small businesses. It also would allow many to modernize facilities and equipment.

But working families in Ohio deserve at least some consideration in the two-year budget being debated at the Statehouse.

As Kasich and, to a lesser extent, leaders in the House, understand, general income tax relief would boost the state's economy, too. Much of the money individual and family taxpayers would save through general relief would be spent at Ohio businesses.

Unfortunately, it appears the $1.5 billion in tax relief contained in the House bill represents a ceiling in some lawmakers' minds. They don't think the state can afford much more than that in tax relief.

In part, that is because both houses have rejected tax increases proposed by the governor, primarily on the gas and oil industries.

Still, within the $1.5 billion limit, individuals and families should receive at least something of a break in their tax bills. State senators should compromise with the House and agree to provide it as part of a comprehensive tax relief plan.

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