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Myers Wins In Playoff At Kalkreuth

Obecny II finishes second

June 10, 2013
By JIM ELLIOTT - Staff Writer ( , The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register


Staff Writer

WHEELING - Bryan Myers drained a 20-foot birdie putt on the fourth sudden-death playoff hole to edge Thadd Obecny II and win with 2013 Kalkreuth Amateur Golf Classic on Sunday evening at Oglebay's Crispin Course.

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Thadd Obecny II, right, congratulates Bryan Myers on his victory Sunday in the Kalkreuth Amateur Golf Classic.

Photo by Jim Elliott

The extra holes tied a record in the 68th playing of the tournament, conjuring images on 1961 when Don Stickney defeated Jim Curti and Don Crosson on the fourth playoff hole of the 17th Bernhardt's.

''I thought it was going to go further than that,'' Myers said.

Actually, it probably should have ended one hole shorter, and Obecny knew it. After chipping within two feet on the third hole (12) and watching Myers miss a 6-footer, Obecny needed only to tap that in to win.

Fact Box

2013 Kalkreuth Amateur - Medal

Championship Flight

Myers, Bryan66-65-131

Obecny II, Thadd67-64-131

Cimarolli, Rob64-69-133

Cimarolli, Mark68-66-134

McPherson, Trent65-69-134

Lis Jr, Larry68-67-135

Doerr, Joe70-67-137

Saseen, Alex72-65-137

Fisher, Eric70-68-138

Hines, Matt74-66-140

Potts, Bob68-72-140

Lambie, Eli69-72-141

Simonetti, Rico73-68-141

Swinehart, Kent70-71-141

Waialae, Roger70-71-141

Waligura, Jade75-66-141

Seabright, Joey70-72-142

Vallar, Larry72-70-142

Campbell, Jeff74-69-143

Spitak, Michael71-72-143

Blair, Daniel71-73-144

DuBois, Zack68-76-144

Zeigler, Jamie73-71-144

Garrison, Brooke72-73-145

Lis, Jason73-72-145

Palmer, Chris74-71-145

Swinehart, Samantha74-71-145

Lydick, Rod71-75-146

Carrigan, J T72-75-147

Swinehart, Steve70-77-147

Wilson, Nolan71-76-147

Archer, Brad76-73-149

Coram, David78-71-149

Fullerton, Jake77-72-149

Godzak, Jeff77-72-149

Peterson, Howie72-77-149

Hellock, Corey77-73-150

Abraham, Seth75-76-151

McCelland, Dan75-76-151

Phillips, Keith71-80-151

Guthrie, Don73-79-152

Marinoff, Austin76-76-152

Suter, Scott74-78-152

Holley, Franklin79-74-153

Reasbeck, Anthony82-71-153

Shane, Taylor78-75-153

Shonk, Brian75-78-153

Vannoy, Seth80-73-153

Ball, Matt76-78-154

Carrigan, Henry77-77-154

Stope, Andrew80-74-154

Van Laar, Grant77-77-154

Wyatt, Eric75-79-154

Cox, Brian70-85-155

Ferrell, Justin82-73-155

Ghaphrey, Brian74-81-155

Glover, Jeff77-78-155

Koegler, Jason82-73-155

Nelson, Travis80-75-155

Wensel, Kyle75-80-155

Ball, Brendan78-78-156

Carroll, Tanner80-76-156

Nickell, Wes80-76-156

Vantiburg, Anthony79-77-156

Young, Steve75-81-156

Frey, David74-83-157

Haynes, Bob81-77-158

Snyder, Jeremy80-79-159

Bommer, Chris82-78-160

Gaudino, Andy83-77-160

Miller, Doug86-74-160

Peterson, Trey79-81-160

Zitkovic, Duane84-76-160

Bryan, Hunter84-77-161

Carrigan, Andy79-83-162

Pentino, Alex83-80-163

Jorden, Jared81-83-164

Smith, Mike81-83-164

Swinehart, Dane83-81-164

Trifonoff, John81-83-164

Klug, Matt80-85-165

Nickell, Jake85-80-165

Pennybaker, Shawn82-83-165

Shane, Joel84-81-165

Eckman, Zachary86-80-166

Gorczyca, Stan83-84-167

Young, Bob84-83-167

Fuller, Jeremy81-87-168

Hawkins, Chuck85-85-170

Swisher, Larry84-87-171

Whiteman, Jeff89-82-171

Pennybacker, Jake83-89-172

Piko, Bill89-89-178

Lis, Austin92-89-181

Bridges, Brad85-101-186

Pagel, Brian103-83-186

Provost, Turner94-94-188

Dierkes, Randy91-101-192

Senior Flight

Bailey, John67-69-136

Zitkovic, John70-66-136

Sparks, Jeff68-69-137

Savage, Doug70-69-139

Dellovade, Pete68-72-140

Miller, Richard69-71-140

Clarke, Dave69-72-141

Reasbeck, Dave70-71-141

Shuff, Brad73-68-141

Becca, John71-71-142

DuBois, Terry72-70-142

Honsaker, Garth70-72-142

Russell, Kent73-69-142

Schrickel, Gary74-69-143

Kurtz, Penn71-74-145

Wilson, Mike67-78-145

Potts, Mike72-74-146

Brickner, Mike72-75-147

Clark, Bob73-74-147

Crinkey, Marty73-74-147

Kupfer, Roger76-71-147

Yanen, Chip74-73-147

Hand, Mel74-74-148

McCracken, Bob73-75-148

Bittengle, James73-76-149

Mosa, Jay76-73-149

Neal, Mike77-72-149

Stillmak, Tom74-75-149

Kurtz, Paul73-77-150

Maguire Sr, Mark77-73-150

McKenzie, Bill77-73-150

Minda, Dave76-74-150

Andrews, Aris76-75-151

Snyder, Russ75-76-151

Goodnight, Larry75-77-152

Anderson, Bob75-78-153

Glitch, Bill75-78-153

Lewton, Phil73-80-153

Shuler, Floyd74-79-153

Gaudino, Tom73-81-154

Gaudino, Greg75-80-155

Gilligan, Tim80-75-155

Helms, Ron75-80-155

Hornick, Ray78-77-155

Humienny, Greg78-79-157

Chlon, Wally79-79-158

Greene, Mike80-78-158

Kiedaisch, Gary78-80-158

Lloyd, Jim78-80-158

McKenzie, Ray78-80-158

Albers JR, Bill77-82-159

Jarrett, Mark77-82-159

Lis Sr, Larry78-81-159

Antill, Dick82-78-160

Dailer, James80-80-160

Forrester, Dale84-77-161

Nolte, Kirk78-83-161

Tennant, Daniel80-81-161

McLaughlin, Bob83-80-163

Marcellus, Bernie84-80-164

Sims, Dave83-83-166

Humienny, Jim81-86-167

Hribal, Jim82-86-168

Colley, Rich82-87-169

Oswald, Vince83-87-170

Hartline, Mark90-81-171

Scott, Steve86-85-171

Slonaker, Dave82-89-171

Hellock, Dana86-87-173

Evans, Robert85-89-174

Mikula, Rick85-91-176

Carney, Paul96-95-191

2013 Kalkreuth Amateur

Best Ball

Championship Flight

Cimarolli, Cimarolli 61-60-121

McPherson, Obecny II61-62-123

Kurtz, Myers64-61-125

Dellovade, Lis Jr63-63-126

Clark, Doerr64-63-127

DuBois, DuBois63-66-129

Garrison, Honsaker65-64-129

Lydick, Simonetti65-64-129

Palmer, Waialae66-63-129

Ferrell, Zeigler65-65-130

Potts, Wilson62-68-130

Crinkey, Hines67-64-131

Fisher, Frey66-65-131

Abraham, Guthrie64-68-132

Saseen, Carroll69-63-132

Reasbeck, Reasbeck69-64-133

McCelland, Wilson65-69-134

Seabright, Seabright66-68-134

Swinehart K , Swinehart Sa68-66-134

Vallar, Yanen67-67-134

Blair, Holley68-67-135

Jorden, Lambie66-69-135

Marinoff, Peterson65-70-135

Stillmak, Waligura71-64-135

Cox, Hellock65-72-137

Koegler, Kurtz69-68-137

Lis Sr, Lis70-68-138

Stope, Wyatt67-71-138

Campbell, Fuller72-67-139

Carrigan, Carrigan67-72-139

Carrigan, Suter70-70-140

Lis, Spitak70-70-140

Shane, Shane73-67-140

Snyder, Snyder70-70-140

Swinehart D, Swinehart St68-72-140

Eckman, Fullerton73-68-141

Zitkovic, Godzak74-67-141

Ball, Ball70-72-142

Ghaphrey, Lewton68-74-142

Phillips, Shonk68-74-142

Van Laar, Wensel69-73-142

Coram, Nickell75-68-143

Archer, Pentino74-70-144

Gorczyca, Nickell72-72-144

Bryan, Bommer74-71-145

Gaudino, Tennant74-71-145

Haynes, Vantiburg73-73-146

Klug, Nelson75-71-146

Marcellus, Smith74-72-146

Chlon, Glover74-73-147

Provost, Vannoy77-72-149

Young, Young73-76-149

Miller, Evans80-71-151

Pennybaker, Piko78-74-152

Whiteman, Swisher78-78-156

Bridges, Trifonoff76-81-157

Hawkins, Pennybacker76-81-157

Pagel, Dierkes79-80-159

Peterson, Quinn79-81-160

Senior Flight

Sparks, Clarke62-65-127

Stebelton, Zitkovic66-62-128

Savage, Shuff67-63-130

Becca, Schrickel67-64-131

Bailey, Greene66-66-132

Brickner, Kupfer69-66-135

Russell, Miller67-69-136

Anderson, McCracken69-68-137

Hand, Helms70-70-140

Hornick, Potts70-70-140

McKenzie, McKenzie71-69-140

Neal, Shuler70-71-141

Bittengle, Sims71-71-142

Gaudino, Gaudino70-72-142

Burgy, Mosa72-71-143

Forrester, Goodnight74-69-143

Mikula, Minda71-72-143

Andrews, Oswald73-71-144

Dailer, Glitch73-71-144

Kiedaisch, Maguire Sr73-72-145

Antill, Humienny73-73-146

Albers Jr, Gilligan75-73-148

Jarrett, Lloyd73-76-149

McLaughlin, Nolte74-77-151

Hribal, Scott 77-76-153

Hartline, Slonaker78-76-154

Hellock, Humienny78-81-159

Carney, Colley81-79-160

He missed it.

''It happens,'' Obecny said. ''I should have made it obviously. I've been missing a lot of those lately, but I shouldn't have missed that one.''

Added Myers: ''That was his tournament. He should have won. But you have to putt them in.''

That gave Myers new life on 13, a 192-yard par-3 straight downhill. Obecny hit within 15 feet, while Myers was roughly 20 feet out, both down and right of the cup.

Looking at the putt, Myers had a good feeling.

''I told (playing partner) Paul (Kurtz) this is one of those putts I just hit it good and it might go in - and it did,'' he said. ''Sometimes you think that. I just thought I was going to make it.''

Obecny missed his shot at keeping things going and Myers had won his second Kalkreuth Amateur, bettering his 2010 winning score by a stroke (131).

Obecny matched that score by birdieing his last four holes to force the playoff.

''There's just holes on this course that I look forward to,'' he said. ''I know 12 is a birdie hole. Once I got past 13 with a par, I know all the holes coming in are birdie holes, so I was just trying my best to make birdies.''

Myers, who was two back of first-day leader Rob Cimarolli entering Sunday's play, sprinkled in six birdies around an eagle, nine pars and two bogeys to wind up at 65 on Sunday. Obecny was one better, turning in a 64, the low round of the day.

''I play a lot of golf with BT (Myers),'' Obecny said. ''I'm glad he won.''

Cimarolli, the 2007 Kalkreuth champion, wound up third at 133, followed by Mark Cimarolli and Trent McPherson, a St. Bonaventure recruit who last October was part of University High School's Class AAA state champion golf team that edged Obecny's Wheeling Park club on Oglebay's Jones Course. Mark Cimarolli and McPherson both shot 134. Larry Lis Jr. (2002, '05, and '08 champion) was sixth at 135, followed by Joe Doerr and Alex Saseen at 137. Rounding out the top 10 was Eric Fisher at 138 and Matt Hines and Bob Potts at 140.

Bob Bailey and John Zitkovic each shot 136 in the senior flight, but a one-hole playoff was all that was needed there with Bailey tapping in a birdie putt after Zitkovic found all kind of trouble to emerge as the champion.

Jeff Sparks shot 137 and finished third, followed by Doug Savage (139) and Pete Dellovade and Richard Miller (140).

The Cimarollis shot 121 to win the championship best ball by two strokes on McPherson and Obecny. Kurtz and Myers were third at 123, followed by Dellovade and Lis Jr (126).

Sparks and Dave Clarke won the senior flight best ball at 127, followed by Bill Stebelton and Zitkovic at 128, and Savage and Brad Shuff at 130.

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