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‘The Stoney’ Ready to Tee Off

Full field of 300 ready for tourney

July 12, 2013
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register


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WHEELING - The biggest golf tournament on the Ohio Valley Golf Association's card will be played at full capacity this weekend on Oglebay's championship-quality Arnold Palmer and Robert Trent Jones Courses.

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Larry Lis Jr. is a five-time winner of the Stoney Hollow Amateur Golf Championships.

Stoney Hollow Tire Amateur tournament director Tom Gaudino says it's the first time in five years the tournament, known as one of the premier amateur golf events in the country, will have a full field of 300 players.

With a few on the waiting list, it's clear after the first 13 playings of the tourney, word has gotten out on 'The Stoney.'

''I think it's just because it's so popular and the economy has loosened up a little where people have the money to play,'' Gaudino said. ''There are 70 people that played last year that aren't playing this year, so that's quite a turnaround.''

They've even got a few on a waiting list.

With just six different winners in 13 years, the Stoney draws players far and wide, as amateur golfers want to try their hands against guys like five-time winner Larry Lis Jr. and four-time winner Bryan Myers. (Howard ''Po'' Peterson, Dave Frey, Carson Schambach, and Bart Mease, each with one title, are the only other Stoney winners).

''We have a group of probably 12-16 from the Columbus-Dayton (Ohio) area,'' Gaudino said. ''And some of the guys from Pittsburgh are bringing more and more people down.''

A month after players marveled at the shape of Oglebay's Crispin Course for the Kalkreuth Amateur, Gaudino, who walked the courses Thursday evening, reports the Jones and Palmer courses look great. Heavy rains have kept the grass and rough green.

''We've had maybe too much rain,'' Gaudino said, ''but the courses are in top shape. The courses will play as they always have, but as wet as it's been, they will play a little longer because you don't get the roll. That helps some of the better players.''

There are four divisions in the Stoney - Seniors (age 50 and over), Super Seniors (age 62 and over), championship, and First (handicaps of 7 and over). There is a medal and best ball event for each division.

Mease is in the field to defend his championship title, as are Myers, Lis Jr, Frey, and last year's runnerup Rob Cimarolli. Bob Clark, the 2012 Senior Division champion, and 2011 champion Jeff Sparks are both back, while four-time Senior Division Champion Mark Wheaton is also entered. Gary Schrickel, the 2012 Super Senior Division champion, and 2011 champion Lynn Martin, have also signed up to play. Dave Johnson, the defending First Flight champion, will not defend his crown, but runner-up Brad Crawford will try and take the top spot.


In addition to the rounds of golf and carts for the two days, players in the event receive free use of the driving range, a meal and drinks each day, a plaque denoting their participation in the 13th annual tournament, and a special gift bag. The tournament, put on by John Seckman of Stoney Hollow Tire, benefits junior golf in the Ohio Valley.

Saturday's Tee Times for the 14th Annual Stoney Hollow Tire Amateur Championships

Jones Course

Tee 1

8 a.m.: Jim Bittengle-Dave Sims; Mark Maguire, Sr.-Jeff Hockenberry

8:10: a.m.: John Monto-Rick Zandron; John Tarr-Arch Riley

8:20: a.m.: TJ Radevski-Kurt Marshall; Mitch Miracle-Rick Thompson

8:30: a.m.: Hank Ullom-Todd Clegg; Calib Meyer-Anthony Vantilburg

8:40: a.m.: Steve Powell-Joe Templin; Jim Dailer Phil-Lewton

8:50: a.m.: George Melnik-Rich Humphrey; Robbie Evans-Doug Miller

9:05 a.m.: Bob McLaughlin-Kirk Nolte; Tom Ackerman-John Seckman

9:15 a.m.: Paul Kurtz-Jeff Kuske; Penn Kurtz-Tim Kurtz

9:25 a.m.: Michael Dolak-Stan Kavanagh; Jeremy Fuller-James Speece

9:35 a.m.: Lynn Martin-Ray Sovik; Bill Stebelton-John Zitkovic

9:45 a.m.: George Anderson-Don Lamb; Corky Gehrig-Jerry Whitfeld

9:55 a.m.: Mike Neal-Floyd Shuler; Gary Schrickel-Ron Helms

10:05 a.m.: John Kingora-Georeg Knapp; Mark Wheaton-Greig Paetzold

Tee 10

8 a.m.: Jim Tysk-Joe Hartman; Ed Burgy-Jay Mosa

8:10: a.m.: Gary Yahn-Chris Yahn; Gary Kiedaish-Chuck Dedo

8:20: a.m.: Rich Auber-Phil Saseen; Brad Archer Joe-Grilli

8:30: a.m.: George Becca-Jesse Stillmak; Clay Bethel-Dave Steere

8:40: a.m.: Scott Hand-Gary Mercer; David Polanski, Jr-John O'Connell, Jr

8:50: a.m.: Rich Colley-Mark Hartline; Angelo Cornell-Mike Perring

9:05 a.m.: Terry Murphy-Ryan Murphy; Bruce Mills-Eric Burkle

9:15 a.m.: Seth Abraham-Don Guthrie; Courtney Smith-PJ Bokanovich

9:25 a.m.: Mike Marrara-Eric Fairbanks; John Simpson-Ed Zuk

9:35 a.m.: Bob Harmon-Edward Kuenzig; Jeremy Leeds-Jim Entinger

9:45 a.m.: John Nielzialek-Ron Rositani; John Becca-Tom Powell

9:55 a.m.: Mike Wilson-Bob Clark; Tom Mendenhall-Jon Rogers

10:05 a.m.: Dave Clarke-Mark Mickley; Gary Brewer-Jeff Sparks

Tee 1

27 12:35 p.m.: Dana Hellock-Jim Humienny; John DeLeonardis-Rick Burns

28 12:45 p.m.: Dick Antill-Greg Humienny; Corey Hellock-Brian Cox

29 12:55 p.m.: Chris Paull-Alan Miller; Joe Botinovch-Terry Stephenson

30 01:05 p.m.: Randy Dierkes-Steve Groome; Brian Pagel-Bruno Santimarino

31 01:15 p.m.: Garfield Meeks-Jamie Davidson; Brad Shuff-Doug Savage

Tee 10

32 12:45 p.m.: Doug Addis-Kent Russell; Rich Miller-Jim Murphy

33 12:55 p.m.: Kevin Burke-Collin Burke; Andy Wilt-Corey Bevins

34 01:05 p.m.: Kaitlyn Bliss-Larry Bickerstaff; Mike Brickner-Roger Kupfer

35 01:15 p.m.: Bob Newbrough-Jim Morgan; Mike Greene-John Bailey

Palmer Course

7 a.m.: Terry Pasinetti-Tim Pasinetti; Harry Himrod-Bernie Marcellus

7:10 a.m.: John Walters-Tom Miller; Jim Maynard-Sean Jamison

7:20 a.m.: Ray Muller-Marty Crinkey; Tony Chiazza-Greg Hamm

7:30 a.m.: Tony Campbell-Tom Mitchell; Dan Oliver-Mike McCulley

7:40 a.m.: Bob Potts-Steve Spitz; Taylor Shane-Caden Myers

7:50 a.m.: Jack Walters-Roger Kent; Dom Granata-Andy Garber

8:05: a.m.: Don Lough-Steve Keding; Cecel Chiplinski-B J Widmer

8:15: a.m.: Trevor Ciszewski-Pat Skerbetz; Adam Stupak-Seth Vannoy

8:25: a.m.: Eric Coe-Dave Frey; Eric Fisher-Luke Ullom

8:35: a.m.: Dan Tennant-Tom Gaudino; Andy Gaudino-Greg Gaudino

8:45: a.m.: Bob Haynes-Doug Ohalek; Troy Fisher-Nolan Wilson

8:55: a.m.: Starters Time

9:10 a.m.: Jake Fullerton-Grant Van Laar; Zack Stahl-Zack Hood

9:20 a.m.: Tom Stillmak-Jade Waligura; Michael Rogers-Alex Colantonio

9:30 a.m.: Rob Cimarolli-Mark Cimarolli; Josh Anderson-Clint Paxson

9:40 a.m.: Terry DuBois-Zack DuBois; Robert Lemons-Mark Picilla

9:50 a.m.: Matt Ball-Chris Zambito; Dan Bozic-Ted White

10 a.m.: Ron Ard-Earl Buono; Freddie Rine-Billy Fowler

10:10 a.m.: David Jamison-Marcus Ondra; Jeremy Enslen-Bob Tajc

10:20 a.m.: Mike Dorman-Partner Dorman; Mark Zavatsky-Terry DePew

10:30 a.m.: Joe Kissane-Sam Migliano; Kyle Ackerman-Jamie Ziegler

10:40 a.m.: Pat Carothers-Matt Kissane; Chris Howe-Bill Buck

10:50 a.m.: Roger Stewart-Rick Harris; Scott Korab-John Gallagher

11 a.m.: Starters Time

11:10 a.m.: Jason Lis-Bart Mease; Larry Lis, Jr-Rob Dziak

11:20 a.m.: Shawn Pennybacher-Jake Pennybacher; Joe McGlumphy-Jerry McGlumphy

11:30 a.m.: Mike Revak-Bill Denny; Eric Moore-Greg Moore

11:40 a.m.: Zack Eckman-Dan Caryll; Adam Lewton-Christian Lewton

11:50 a.m.: Pete Kurelac III-Kyle Hill; Alan Beddow-Bruce Wetherholt

Noon: Brooke Garrison-Garth Honsaker; Tim Bishop-Matt Golein

12:10 p.m.: Tyler Boulware-Bret Boulware; Chris Palmer-Thadd Obency

12:20 p.m.: Joey Vincent-Steve Hussey; Will Johnson-Mike Keiffer

12:30 p.m.: Dave Neer-Scott Sant; Donnie Gilbert-Steven Gretchen

12:40 p.m.: Tyler Anderson-Brad Patton; Brian Anania-Marshall Hone

12:50 p.m.: Starters Time

01 p.m.: Scott Merideth-Jeff Campbell; Chip Yanen-Chet Guzek

1:10 p.m.: Eric Wyant-Andrew Strope; Daniel DiCola-David Paladino

1:20 p.m.: Bryan Myers-Rico Simonetti; Rod Lydick-Joe Sturm

1:30 p.m.: Pete Yochum-Zac Yochum; Anthony Montes-Joe Montes

1:40 p.m.: Brad Crawford-Rusty Fonner; Mark Thorn-KC Carter

1:50 p.m.: John Clark-Eric Snodgrass; Joey Seabright-Scott Seabright

2 p.m.: Wally Chlon-Jeff Glover; Andrew Chlon-Adam Jefferies

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