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Cimarolli Wins Rasz Memorial

July 29, 2013
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

WELLSBURG - Tied with Eric Fisher and Bryan Myers at 140 after 36 holes, Rob Cimarolli emerged as champion of the 2013 John Rasz Memorial with a birdie on the sixth playoff hole Sunday at Highland Springs Golf Course.

Cimarolli shot 70 both rounds and trailed first-day leader Tom Facciani by two strokes heading into Sunday's play. Facciani fell to fifth behind the playoff trio and Rico Simonetti (141) by firing a 74 on Sunday.

Larry Lis Jr. finished sixth at 144, one stroke ahead of Dave Frey.

Larry Blake won the First Flight with a 150, one shot lower than second-place Corey Hellock. Doug Addis won the Senior Flight with a 140, one stroke better than John Zitkovic.

Howie Peterson won the Junior Flight at 151. Coming in second was Kyle Wensel at 152.

Myers and Simonetti wound up winning the Best Ball Championship Flight with a birdie on the fourth playoff hole against Cimarolli and Facciani. Dick Antil and Greg Humienny won the First Flight Best Ball with a first-hole playoff birdie against Hellock and James Speece. Both teams fired 146s. Kent Russell and Addis won the Senior Flight Best Ball with a 133.

Fact Box


*Cimarolli, Rob70-70-140

Fisher, Eric70-70-140

Myers, Bryan69-71-140

Simonetti, Rico69-72-141

Facciani, Tom68-74-142

Lis, Jr, Larry75-69-144

Frey, Dave73-72-145

Garrison, Brooke72-74-146

Dyer, Jeff74-72-146

Veltri, Jim73-73-146

Clark, Bob73-74-147

Coe, Eric80-68-148

Swart, Eric73-76-149

Newton, Bob76-74-150

Parker, Matt73-77-150

Wilson, Nolan72-79-151

Heakins, Lucas71-80-151

Myers, Caden74-78-152

Lis, Jason74-78-152

Lyle, Jim74-78-152

Nalepa, Shane74-78-152

Vallar, Larry77-76-153

DuBois, Zack77-77-154

Shane, Taylor77-77-154

DuBois, Terry76-80-156

Toth, Cory77-80-157

Yachini, rob76-81-157

Lowe, Jamie76-84-160

Peterson, Po84-81-165

Clark, John80-87-167

Phillippi, Mike87-81-168

McConaughey, John83-86-169

Sweitzer, Jeff87-82-169

Snyder, Bryant83-89-172

Gumm, Nick87-90-177

Dyson, John97-90-187

*Won with birdie on sixth playoff hole

First Flight

Blake, Larry78-72-150

Hellock, Corey75-76-151

Minor, Renee79-81-160

Antil, Dick81-80-161

Humienny, Greg80-81-161

Vantiburg, Anthony81-81-162

Gaudino, Tom81-81-162

Taczak, Bill83-80-163

Poland, Ed82-83-165

Hortsman, Jim85-81-166

Oswald, Vince81-85-166

Woodford, Bryan85-81-166

Conlon, Chris83-84-167

Speece, James90-81-171

Hellock, Dana85-86-171

Humienny, Jim85-88-173

Foster, Paul87-87-174

Dandurand, Doug91-91-182

Dunmore, Dan88-97-185

Young, Randy91-103-194

Schubenski, Bob108-100-208

Senior Flight

Addis, Doug70-70-140

Zitkovic, John70-71-141

Miller, Rich73-69-142

Schrickel, Gary72-70-142

Sparks, Jeff71-71-142

Dellovade, Pete72-71-143

Reasbeck, Dave71-73-144

Becca, John69-75-144

Bailey, John70-75-145

Schulter, Joe71-75-146

Russell, Kent71-79-150

Canistraro, Frank74-76-150

Clarke, Dave77-73-150

Campbell, Jeff77-73-150

Gordon, James75-77-152

Di Remigio, Dave76-76-152

Blackman, Terry77-76-153

DeStefano, Dan80-74-154

Crinkey, Marty78-76-154

Haught, Tom76-78-154

Newbrough, Bob79-75-154

DeMark, Ron78-77-155

DeMark, Greg80-76-156

Glitch, Bill76-80-156

Lis, Sr. Larry75-84-159

Neal, Mike78-81-159

Atkinson, John80-81-161

Pagac, Leon80-82-162

Morgan, Jim83-80-163

Greene, Mike82-84-166

Dellovade, Dennis83-84-167

Dellovade, Ken84-84-168

Mur, Rich82-86-168

Junior Flight

Peterson, Howie75-76-151

Wensel, Kyle80-72-152

Spitak, Michael78-80-158

Lis, Austin88-87-175

Gillam, Trey96-92-188

Schanbach, Austin103-103-206

Best Ball Results

Championship Flight

*Simonetti, Myers65-65-130

Cimarolli, Facciani64-66-130

Fisher, Wilson64-67-131

Vallar, Garrison67-69-136

Dyer, Swart67-70-137

Frey, Coe70-67-137

DuBois, DuBois67-72-139

Lis, Lis71-68-139

Shane, Myers68-72-140

Clark, Clark68-73-141

Toth, Parker69-73-142

Veltri, Phillippi71-71-142

Newton, Yachini71-71-142

Lowe, Heakins66-77-143

Spitak, Wensel74-69-143

Lyle, McConaughey69-75-144

Peterson, Peterson71-74-145

Lis, Snyder70-75-145

Sweitzer, Nalepa74-76-150

Dyson, Gumm81-83-164

Gillam, Schambach92-89-181

*Won with birdie on fourth playoff hole

First Flight

*Antill, Humienny72-74-146

Hellock, Speece74-72-146

Blake, Oswald75-71-146

Conlon, Vantiburg70-77-147

Foster, Woodford77-77-154

Poland, Young77-81-158

Hellock, Humienny80-80-160

Taczak, Schubenski82-80-162

Dunmore, Dandurand83-84-167

*Won Playoff with birdie on first hole

Senior Flight

Russell, Addis63-68-131

Miller, Zitkovic67-66-133

DiRemigio, Gordon65-68-133

Becca, Schrickel66-69-135

Clarke, Sparks68-67-135

Lis, Sr, Dellovade69-68-137

Campbell, Horstman70-67-137

Crinkey, Glitch69-69-138

Minor, Reasbeck68-71-139

Bailey, Greene68-72-140

DeStefano, Blackman73-67-140

Mur, Schulter69-72-141

Atkinson, Canistro70-72-142

Newbrough, Morgan73-70-143

DeMark, DeMark73-71-144

Gaudino, Neal73-73-146

Pagac, Haught72-76-148

Dellovade, Dellovade78-79-157

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