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Badia, Comis, Colabella, Vani, Meadows Captain The Intelligencer’s 63rd Annual All-Valley Small School Football Team

December 21, 2013
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register


Spencer Badia, Bellaire


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Spencer Badia

This senior three-year starter rewrote the record books for the Big Reds and became the first player in OVAC history to account for more than 8,000 yards passing.

Badia finished his final season under center hitting 161 of 281 attempts for 2,265 yards and 28 scores while being intercepted eight times. He added 96 rushing yards and two scores.

For his accomplishments, he was rewarded by being named the Eastern District Division VI Offensive Player of the Year while also making the grade as a first team all-Ohio selection.

Fact Box

Honor Roll

First Team


OL - Wyatt Back, Bellaire

OL - Cole Seckman, Magnolia

OL - Cory Banco, Shadyside

OL - Josh Martin, Madonna

OL - Reno Colainni, Linsly

RB - Eric Howell, Shadyside

RB - Drew Keller, Magnolia

RB - Eliott Nero, Madonna

QB - Spencer Badia, Bellaire (C)

QB - Brenton Colabella, Steub. Catholic (C)

WR - Lavonte Hampton, Bishop Donahue

WR - Ryan Fletcher, Steubenville Catholic

WR - Nick Patrone, Bellaire

Util - Austin Dorris, Shadyside

Util - Ross Comis, Madonna (C)

Util - Chez Glenn, Toronto

K - Cody LaRoche, Bellaire


DL - Dalton Secrest, Beallsville

DL - Chris Vani, Bishop Donahue (C)

DL - Kyle Ritz, Magnolia

DL - Zach Meadows, Shadyside (C)

LB - Joe John, Wheeling Central

LB - Matt Vucelik, Bishop Donahue

LB - Kage Rohde, Magnolia

LB - David Brown, Barnesville

LB - Cody King, Toronto

DB - Bailey McGrath, Bridgeport

DB - Marcus Moxley, Wellsville

DB - Zach Kriechbaum, Linsly

DB - Will Bowser, Madonna

Util - Chris Littell, Shadyside

Util - Levi Brown, Monroe Central

Util - Curtis Nixon, Monroe Central

Util - Bruce Sefert, Beallsville

  • ? ?

Second Team


OL - Austin Whipkey, Linsly

OL - Alexi Cubas, Caldwell

OL - Garrett Bever, Madonna

OL - Colton Campbell, Shadyside

OL - Marshall Mozena, Monroe Central

RB - Khalil Jones, Steubenville Catholic

RB - Chimechi Oparanozie, Linsly

RB - C.J. Burch, Wheeling Central

QB - Jesse Padlow, Bishop Donahue

QB - Chandler Lang, Fort Frye

WR - Eric Smith, Magnolia

WR - Brandon Cross, Paden City

WR - Colt Charlton, Bridgeport

Util - Zach Heasley, Paden City

Util - Parker Henry, Wheeling Central

Util - Bryan Duffy, Monroe Central

K - Matt Green, Madonna


DL - Nate Guio, Madonna

DL - Mike Jones, Monroe Central

DL - Logan Hamilton, Clay-Battelle

DL - Scott Hammond, Shadyside

LB - Kenny Hess, Bellaire

LB - Hunter Yoders, Cameron

LB - Brett Rosen, River

LB - Derek Lucas, Beallsville

LB - David Brown, Barnesville

DB - Dario Paolina, St. John

DB - Charles Ross II, Toronto

DB - Ben Duplaga, Wheeling Central

DB - Mikey Palmer, Beallsville

Util - Tristan Haught, Clay-Battelle

Util - Jacob Brill, Magnolia

Util - Jacob Highley, Tyler Consolidated

Util - Bryce Cross, River

Special Mention

Barnesville - Josh Schnegg, Brandon Collins; Beallsville - Kris Palmer; Bellaire - Brendon Ross, Dom Vinka; Bridgeport - Jared Heslop; Bishop Donahue - C.J. Huff; Buckeye Trail - Morgan Daughertym, Cory Cutlip; Caldwell - Kameron Rayner, Bricker Lori; Cameron - Logan Routt; Clay-Battelle - Tanner Bragg; Conotton Valley - Jacob Hoover; Fort Frye - Colten Schuster; Linsly - Chukwudi Chuckwu, Jameson Murray, Tyler Ashbrook; Madonna - Nate Guio; Magnolia - Carter Seckman; Monroe Central - Cordell Gauding; Paden City - Luke Cooper; River - Jordan Sapp; St. John - Cameron Opic; Shadyside - Matt Krupa, Jake Duvall; Shenandoah - Michael Vanfossen; Steub. Catholic - Aleks Perreca, Marty Engle; Toronto - Josh Roche; Tyler Consolidated - Jordan Baker; Valley - Trey Streets; Wellsville - Greg Beatty; Wheeling Central - Isaac Rine, John Burkhalter

Honorable Mention

Barnesville - Tyler Carleton; Beallsville - Levi Phillips, Chase Mercer; Bellaire - Myliek Green, Austin McConville; Bishop Donahue - Jared Yates, Alex Riedel, Josh Miller; Buckeye Trail - Travis Pontius, Tyler Starr, Tristen King; Caldwell - Kameron Rayner; Cameron - Clayton Ward; Clay-Battelle - Hunter Six, Alex Chilton; Conotton Valley - Devin Bailey; Fort Frye - Garrett Hall; Linsly - Isaiah Harvin; Magnolia - Brant Cain; Madonna - Tyler Ewusiak; Paden City - Kane Pyles, Spencer Billings; River - Kolten Wright; Steub. Catholic - Louis Fallon, Chris Murphy; St. John - Devon Hennessey; Shadyside - Hunter Hammond, Luke Nardo; Shenandoah - Kalob Thompson, Tanner Moore; Tyler Consolidated - Swen Scheidemantel, Kordell Stewart, Troy Watson; Toronto - Blaze Glenn; Valley - Peyton Palmer; Wellsville - Seth Bradford; Wheeling Central - Coty Knecht, Derek Yocke

Captains Through the Years

(The Intelligencer All-Valley, Small School captain selections since two-class setup started in 1951. One-class honors made from 1923-41.)

2013 - Ross Comis, QB, Madonna; Brenton Colabella, QB, Steubenville Catholic; Spencer Badia, QB, Bellaire; Charis Vani, DL, Bishop Donahue; Zach Meadows, DL, Shadyside.

2012 - Stepen Rogalski, WR, Magnolia; Ross Comis, QB, Madonna; Jordan Bonar, LB, Bishop Donahue; Chase Kinemond, DB, Shadyside

2011 - Gino Bianconi, RB, Wheeling Central; Tyler Kinchen, Utility, Monroe Central; Kyle Gillis, DB, Bishop Donahue; Cole Smelley, Utility, Brideport.

2010 - Marcus Clifford, RB, Wheeling Central; Brandon Sedinger, RB, Shadyside; Garrett Price, Utility, Ryan Jones, WR.

2009 - Zach Hood, QB, Wheeling Central; Nate Maleski, OL, Bridgeport; Lou Comis, LB, Weirton Madonna; Max Nogay, Utility, Madonna.

2008 - Tyler Brooks, RB, River; Eric Lucas, Beallsville, Utility; D.J. Duke, River, DL; Dan Gordon, LB, Wheeling Central.

2007 - Michael Angalich, QB, Bishop Donahue; Troy Starr, RB, River; D.J. Duke, DL, River (jr.); Dustin Sadlowski, LB, Shadyside.

2006 - Brandon Tucker, RB, Wheeling Central; Taylor Jovicic, RB, Shadyside

2005 - Brandon Tucker, RB, Wheeling Central; Bud Hines, RB, Barnesville; Zach Hawrot, RB, Steubenville Catholic

2004 - Jacob Zerkle, RB, Shenandoah; Jake Myers, RB, Weirton Madonna; Tony Walls, DB, Linsly

2003 - Erik Cwalinski, QB, Shadyside; Gabe Gordon, LB, Monroe Central; Tom Contraguerro, DL, Wheeling Central.

2002 - Steve Spence QB, Steubenville Catholic; Chris Wilson, RB, Monroe Central; Chris Carroll, DL, River; Charlie Hunter, LB, Toronto.

2001 - Mike Kernik, QB, Shadyside; Jon Gordon, LB, Wheeling Central.

2000 - Chris Caldwell, QB, Beallsville; Don Price, DB, Toronto; Jon Gordon (jr.), LB, Wheeling Central.

1999 - Nate Walker, Toronto; Kenny Howell, Bellaire St. John's; Dan Stephens, Linsly.

1998 - Nate Walker (jr.), Toronto; Roger Snyder, Wheeling Central; John Schumacher, Monroe Central.

1997 - Ed Drummond, Linsly, RB; Colby Street, Beallsville, QB; Mike Gehrig, River, QB; Mike Swearingen, Toronto, DB.

1996 - Ed Drummond (jr.), Linsly, RB; Bryan Widmor, Bridgeport, RB; Colby Street (jr.), Beallsville, QB; Brent Wear, Wheeling Central, LB; Hank Boka, Toronto, LB.

1995 - Bo Carter, Wellsville, OE; Bryan Widmor (jr.), Bridgeport, RB; Joe Barker, Valley, DE; Rick Meade, Beallsville, DL.

1994 - Jeff Snedegar, Buckeye Trail, QB; Jamie Zelewicz, Bishop Donahue, RB; Eric Wolfe, Wellsville, LB; Jason Angelica, Steubenville Catholic, DT.

1993 - Chris Dalrymple, Woodsfield, OT; Mike Orlando, Steubenville Catholic, QB; Joff Starcher, Paden City, RB; Steve Cain, Valley, DE; Donald Thorn, Steubenville Catholic, LB.

1992 - Andy Martin, Wellsville, RB; Tim Rohde, Valley, RB; David Bosley, Paden City, Spc.; Ryan Walton, Tyler, LB.

1991 - Jon Knowlton, Woodsfield, RB; Steve Schumacher, Woodsfield, OL; Dave Stanwick, Steubenville Catholic, DL; Shane Florence, Shadyside, DB.

1990 - Eric McGhee, Wheeling Central, RB; Jason Dalesio, Cameron, RB; Matt Hohman, Wheeling Central, OL; Eric Obrokta, Linsly, DL.

1989 - Brent Burkhart, Shadyside, QB; Eric McGhee (jr.), Wheeling Central, RB; Brett Grimm, Sistersville, DL.

1988 - Bill Seach, Mingo, QB; Pat Staley, Bellaire St. John's, RB; Kevin Kissner, Tyler, LB.

1987 - Jim West (jr.), Valley, RB; Greg Schumacher, Woodsfield, Off. Spc.; Kevin Warner, Tyler, DE; Mitch Bendle, Springfield, DB.

1986 - Jeff Swisher, Sistersville, RB; Chad Seckman, Tyler, LB.

1985 - Jeff Swisher (jr.), Sistersville, RB; Eric Peterson, Cadiz, RB; Rick Faust, Beallsville, LB.

1984 - Joel Wilson, Sistersville, RB; Eric Petho, Bellaire St. John's, LB; Scott Lash, Tyler, DB.

1983 - Matt Archer, Sistersville, QB; Blaine Rose, Stanton, OE; Dave Rose, DE, and Jeff Crowell, RB, Linsly; Mike Liggett, Cadiz, DL.

1982 - Dan Hawthorne, Cadiz, RB; Mark Brenneman, Sistersville, Off. Spc.; Jack Rodman, Weirton Madonna, DB; Mike Potenzini, Mingo, OE.

1981 - Brian Swisher, OE, and Mike Salmons, Sistersville, LB; Mike Brooks, Cadiz, RB; Brian Miller, Bridgeport, Def. Spc.

1980 - Tom Archer, Sistersville, QB; Darryl Shipp, Woodsfield, RB; Brett Elliott, Springfield, DL.

1979 - Jay Peterson, Cadiz, RB; Steve Mele, Bishop Donahue, RB; Vig Ceglie, Weirton Madonna, LB; Jeff Fox, Paden City, QB.

1978 - C.R. Howdyshell, Sistersville, RB; Lance LaFollette, Woodsfield, WR; Don Roe, Buckeye North, LB.

1977 - Rick Doan, Barnesville, RB; Don Kennedy, Cameron, Off. Spc.; Wade Lucas, Beallsville, DB.

1976 - Dave Cosper, Paden City, RB; Tim Magorien, Woodsfield, RB; Dan Hall, Buckeye North, LB.

1975 - Jeff Kendziorski, Cadiz, FB; Bob St. John, Bridgeport, Def. Spc.

1974 - Pat Singleton, Woodsfield, RB; Tom Sapp, Jefferson Union, OT; Jeff Grandstaff, Bridgeport, Def. Spc.

1973 - Greg Ketchum, Wellsville, OT; Jim Kovalo, Shadyside, DT.

1972 - Joe Gaudio, Yorkville, RB; John Figurski, Buckeye West, OE; Norm Trowbridge, Paden City, LB.

1971 - Bob Haught, Stanton, RB; Terry Edwards, Linsly, RB; Dennis DaGrava and Gary Kish, Smithfield, DBs.

1970 - Sonny Brown, OT, and Roy Kinnison, LB, Bridgeport.

1969 - Mike Nelson, Paden City, RB; Frank Rico, Tiltonsville, RB.

1968 - Ron Kontra, Smithfield, RB; Phil Harvin, Brilliant, T; Jim McVey, Powhatan, E.

1967 - Dick Kerwood, Bishop Donahue, C.

1966 - Mike Hostasa, Shadyside, T.

1965 - Randy Massey (jr.), Bridgeport, RB.

1964 - Randy Donahue, Tiltonsville, T.

1963 - Randy Donahue (jr.), Tiltonsville, T.

1961-62 - none selected.

1960 - Bill Lee, Cadiz, QB.

1959 - Arcelius (Ace) Lyle, Paden City, RB; Henry Boyd, Smithfield, G.

1958 - Jerry Dougherty, Brilliant, RB.

1957 - Marvin Brown, Powhatan, T.

1956 - Burley Grimes, RB, and Jim Yoho, E, Cameron.

1955 - Robert Allen, Cameron, RB; Frank Noble, Dillonvale, RB.

1954 - Jim Jarvis, Adena, RB.

1953 - Kenny Mikes, Sistersville, RB; Jim West, Cameron, G.

1952 - Mike Kernik, Powhatan, RB.

1951 - Sam West, Cadiz, G.

Badia is a returning first-team All-Valley honoree.

Brenton Colabella

Steubenville Catholic


Colabella managed to match many of Badia's accomplishments, finishing his career just behind the Bellaire signalcaller with 7,790 passing yards, becoming the third player in Valley history to top the 7,000-yard mark.

In becoming the first quarterback in Steubenville Catholic history to start four years under center, he finished his final campaign completing 135 of 215 passes for 2,229 yards and 30 touchdowns.

He was also the Eastern District Division VII Offensive Player of the Year and a first-team all-Ohio member.

Ross Comis

Weirton Madonna


Comis, a returning All-Valley captain, was a record-setting machine in leading the Blue Dons to a perfect 14-0 record, the West Virginia Class A state championship and finishing tied for second in voting for the prestigious Kennedy Award.

As a senior, he rushed for 2,037 yards and 35 touchdowns while passing for 1,731 and 22 more scores. His rushing totals were state records for a quarterback.

For his career, he topped the 9,000-yard plateau in total offense, rushing for 4,839 and 71 scores and passing for 4,416 and 49 touchdowns. Again, his rushing totals are West Virginia records for a quarterback.

He was also the first team offensive Captain for the Class A all-state team.

Wyatt Back, Bellaire

Back was one of the main reasons Badia had the success he did, starting on the offensive line for three years and giving him the protection he needed to become one of the finest quarterbacks in Ohio Valley history.

Back was named to the Division VI Eastern District first team and was a second team all-Ohio performer on the defensive line, charting 58.5 tackles on the season.

Cole Seckman, Magnolia

This senior graded out at 95 percent blocking, and 99 percent out of the shotgun formation, which was enough to help him earn a selection on the West Virginia Class A first team all-state unit.

Seckman was also a standout on defense with 16 solo tackles, 56 assists and two fumble recoveries.

Cory Banco, Shadyside

All this senior two-way standout did was help pave the way for three 1,000-yard rushers for the Tigers while helping Shadyside once again advance all the way to the regional championship game makes his second first team appearance on the All-Valley team.

He graded out at better than 90 percent blocking while collecting 50 tackles on defense, including 21 of the solo variety. Banco also recorded two sacks and recovered a fumble.

Banco was named first team on both the Ohio Division VII Eastern District unit and the all-Ohio squad.

Josh Martin, Madonna

This massive senior, a returning all-valley lineman, was one of the main reasons that Comis and Eliott Nero were able to chew up all the yardage they did in 2013. Standing 7-foot-2 and weighing 295, he was not an easy target for opposing defenses to try and maneuver around.

Martin graded out at 93 percent blocking while recording 53 tackles on defense and three sacks. He was named first team all-state on the offensive line.

Reno Colainni, Linsly

This senior graded out at 80 percent on the offensive line in sharing the team's offensive lineman of the year award. Colaianni also recorded 67 tackles on defense, 16 for loss, with 5.5 sacks and a fumble recovery for B.J. Depew's 8-2 record squad.

Eric Howell, Shadyside

Another first team Division VII Eastern District and all-Ohio performer, Howell was one-third of the Tigers talented backfield that rushed for more than 1,000 yards on the season.

He finished with 1,201 yards on 194 years and averaged more than 6 yards a pop and 92 yards a game with 25 touchdowns.

Defensively he recorded 67.5 tackles from his end position with nearly half of them solo efforts. Howell also recorded 13.5 sacks, forced four fumbles and blocked a pair of kicks.

Drew Keller, Magnolia

After working his way through some early season injuries, he was one of the main reasons the Blue Eagles advanced all the way to the Class A state semifinals as the No. 14 seed.

Along the way Keller, surpassed his older brother as the team's all-time leading rusher and scorer in being awarded with a berth on the West Virginia small-school all-state list.

The senior finished with 1,871 yards and 22 touchdowns while being involved in 78 tackles on defense and recovering a fumble and intercepting a pass that he returned for a touchdown.

Keller is a returning first team All-Valley selection.

Eliott Nero, Madonna

This first team all-stater teamed with Comis to become one of the most feared backfield combinations in the entire state.

When Comis wasn't running or throwing the football, it was normally in Nero's hands as he ran for nearly 2,000 yards and 30 touchdowns and also had 400 and four scores through the air.

Nero was also involved in more than 60 tackles on defense.

Lavonte Hampton

Bishop Donahue

When looking at Hampton's statistics and accomplishments, you might never know that he struggled through an injury-filled campaign. However, when he was on the field he made magical things happen for the Bishops.

This first-team all-West Virginia Class A pick caught 43 passes for 713 yards and nine touchdowns while running for 103 and five more. He was also dangerous on special teams with three punt returns for scores while returning an interception for a touchdown.

Hampton finished his brilliant career with 80 receptions for just under 1,300 yards and made 30 trips to the end zone.

Ryan Fletcher

Steubenville Catholic

This senior dandy was one of Colabella's favorite targets, which was enough to earn him first team Division VII Eastern District, and a spot on the all-Ohio team.

Fletcher's regular season included 26 grabs for 540 yards and 12 touchdowns while also rushing for 355 more and five scores.

Nick Patrone, Bellaire

When you are one of the most prolific passers in Valley history, you have to have a favorite receiver, and for the past two seasons Patrone was Badia's for the Big Reds.

The senior - and returning first-team All-Valley player - caught 44 passes for 727 yards and 10 touchdowns this season, averaging 16.6 yards per grab. On defense, he was in on 40 tackles and picked off three passes, one of which he returned for a touchdown.

Patrone had more than 200 catches in his fine career and logged a 1,000-yard receiving campaign as a junior. The all-Eastern District first-team player was also a third team all-Ohio nominee.

Austin Dorris, Shadyside

Dorris, The Intelligencer's 2012 Sophomore of the Year was the straw that stirred the Tigers' drink after moving over from tight end where he played his first two campaigns.

The lanky 6-5, 215-pounder finished with more than 1,300 rushing yards and 19 touchdowns while throwing for better than 600 yards and six more scores.

He was a first-team all-Eastern District performer and third-team all-Ohio selection.

Chez Glenn, Toronto

This senior led the Red Knights in all offensive categories including 725 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns and 254 more through the air and two scores.

Glenn was a second-team performer on the all-Eastern District Division VII list.

Cody LaRoche, Bellaire

This junior was easily the leading kick scorer in the Ohio Valley, hitting 36 of 42 extra-point attempts and nailing 5 of 6 field goal tries. He was also in charge of getting the ball to Badia as the Big Reds' center.

LaRoche was the first-team kicker on the all-Eastern District squad while also being named to the second unit of the all-Ohio Division VI team.


Chris Vani, Bishop Donahue


This senior was a monster on the defensive side of the football for the Bishops, racking up 121 tackles, 43 of those for loss, and recording 19 sacks. Vani also forced a pair of fumbles and recovered a pair.

For his career, the first-team all-West Virginia Class A selection logged 285 tackles, 86 for loss, had 25.5 sacks with six forced fumbles and three recoveries.

Zach Meadows, Shadyside


This two-way lineman was one of the Tigers' leaders in the trenches, earning Division VII Eastern District Defensive Player of the Year honors and being named to the first team all-Ohio unit as well.

Meadows recorded 41 tackles, 21 solos, and 13 for loss while recording 5.5 sacks and recovering a pair of fumbles along the way.

Dalton Secrest, Beallsville

If you were looking for Secrest on the football field, he could usually be found chasing quarterbacks in the opposing team's backfield. This 6-2, 270-pound senior finished with 50 unassisted stops, 50 assisted tackles, 11 tackles for loss and a whopping 26 quarterback sacks.

He was named to the all-Eastern District first team and was a second-team all-Ohio selection in Division VII.

Kyle Ritz, Magnolia

A sophomore - and two-time All-Valley first teamer - Ritz recorded 74 tackles, exactly half of them unassisted, had 15 for loss, nine sacks, forced four fumbles, recovered three and had an interception. On offense, the tight end caught 16 passes for 182 yards and four touchdowns.

All of that was enough to earn him second-team selection on the all-state second team squad and give Blue Eagles coaches and fans something to look forward to in the future.

Joe John, Wheeling Central

While the Maroon Knights were fighting through and uncharacteristic, injury-filled season, this senior linebacker was a force for Coach Mike Young's squad. John logged 82 tackles, two sacks, a fumble recovery and an interception. On offense, he ran for 295 yards and three scores while catching 16 passes for 240 more and another three touchdowns.

John did all of this after switching positions due to the Knights' numerous injuries and was rewarded with a spot on the Class A all-West Virginia squad.

Matt Vucelik, Bishop Donahue

A versatile two-way player, this junior racked up 104 tackles, 14 for loss, three sacks and an interception on defense while rushing for 539 yards and eight touchdowns on offense. He also hauled in a pair of receiving touchdowns.

Vucelik was named honorable mention on the small-school all-state squad.

Kage Rohde, Magnolia

Another key member of the Blue Eagles' Road Warriors Show that advanced to the state semifinals, this senior had 53 solo tackles, assisted on 57 more, 23 for loss, five sacks, caused four fumbles and recovered two. On offense he ran for 271 yards and four touchdowns and caught a pair of passes for 21 yards.

Rohde was a first-team member of the Class A all-state team and is a returning first team All-Valley player.

David Brown, Barnesville

Brown did a little bit of everything for Coach Matt Johnson's Shamrocks, and did it all while fighting through injuries. At any given time, he could be found at inside linebacker or defensive end on defense or on the offensive line or fullback on offense.

He recorded 62 tackles, 12 for loss, and had five sacks.

Cody King, Toronto

A sophomore, King led the Red Knights with 111 tackles while recording a pair of sacks and recovering two fumbles. Standing only 5-7, 155 pounds, he was also named to the first-team Division VII all-Eastern District squad.

Bailey McGrath, Bridgeport

This junior had more than 30 tackles from his defensive back spot for the Bulldogs and has been a big part of the varsity since his freshman campaign. McGrath was first-team all-Eastern District in Division VII while being named to the third-team all-Ohio squad.

Marcus Moxley, Wellsville

This Division VII all-Ohio first teamer led Wellsville to a 9-3 record and into the second round of the playoffs after a season in which he had 71 tackles and five interceptions, one of which he returned for a score. He also had 832 combined offensive yards for the Tigers.

Zak Kriechbaum, Linsly

The team MVP following an 8-2 campaign for the Cadets, Kriechbaum had 42 tackles and four interceptions, one returned for a touchdown, and caught 21 passes for 422 yards and four more scores on the other side of the football. He was also one of the Valley's top punters and booted 25 extra points.

Will Bowser, Madonna

This senior was one of four Blue Dons named to the first-team all-state squad after helping lead Madonna to the Class A state championship. Bowser recorded more than 60 tackles while recovering a fumble and picking off six passes. On offense, he had more than 40 receptions for better than 700 yards and six scores.

Bowser is a returning All-Valley first teamer.

Chris Littell, Shadyside

This senior was a force on both sides of the ball for the 12-1 Tigers. Littell had 50.5 tackles, 26 solo, 1.5 sacks, an interception and two fumble recoveries. On offense, he was one of three 1,000-yard backs for Coach Mark Holenka's powerhouse, finishing with 1,211 and 14 scores. He also had 15 catches for 267 yards and four touchdowns.

He was a member of the Division VII all-Eastern District first-team.

Levi Brown, Monroe Central

This junior was a force in helping to lead the Seminoles to the Division VI state semifinals. While being just about everywhere on the defensive side of the football, he also accounted for more than 1,200 yards and 20 touchdowns on offense. Brown was first-team Eastern District and Special Mention all-Ohio.

Curtis Nixon, Monroe Central

With the Seminoles beginning the season 0-2, Coach Jay Circosta again showed why he is the Ohio Valley's all-time winningest coach by moving Nixon to quarterback, a move that helped take Monroe Central to within a game of playing for a state championship.

While playing a big part on defense along with Levi Brown, Nixon threw for more than 1,500 yards on offense and finished just 6 yards shy of 1,000 on the ground while accounting for 30 touchdowns. He was a first-team all-Eastern District selection and Special Mention all-Ohio.

Bruce Sefert, Beallsville

A second-team Division VII all-Eastern District selection as a running back, this senior also had nine quarterback sacks and was in on 67 tackles on defense. The ball-hawking Sefert recovered four fumbles as well. He also accounted for nearly 800 yards of offense and 17 touchdowns on offense.

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