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Top Off Your Style With a Hat

When Otzi the Iceman, a well preserved natural Bronze Age mummy, was extracted from a glacier on the border between Austria and Italy in 1991, modern humans were given a telling snapshot of man in the fourth millennia B.C. — and one of the fascinating items found on Otzi’s person was a ...

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Nailed It!

For a talented nail artist, fingernails and toenails function as miniature canvases — ready to display the technician’s artistry and imagination, along with the client’s sense of adventure and style. One such technician, Lydia DeChiazza, also is an artist in her own right, having studied ...

7-year-old Leah Pierce of Valley Grove is sporting all the colors of the rainbow with this specialty coloring process known as underlights.

Rainbows Are Turning Heads, While Gray Is the New Blonde

Lady Gaga does it. Katy Perry has tested the waters. And now Ohio Valley women and men are taking their hair coloring to fashionable heights much like the stars of stage and screen. Color — from rainbow underlights to platinum blonde or rich caramel and auburn — has heads turning as ...

Local Shih Tzu Niko enjoys a fresh cut at Happy Tails Pet Salon in McMechen.

‘Ruff’ Life: Chic Dog Trends on the Rise

In 2017, dogs are more a part of the American family than ever before. At two local pup-friendly establishments, trends and family fun collide for a chic experience. Cool Cuts At Happy Tails Pet Salon in McMechen, staff members focus foremost on health and wellness, but fun is never far ...

Stacey Long, manager of Z’s Jewelry in Martins Ferry, shows off one of the many concealed     carry purses available for purchase at the shop. She said the store offers nearly 50  styles of          bags that are appropriate for carrying a        concealed weapon.

Photo by            Robert A. DeFrank

A Personal Touch for Your Guns

Firearms are growing in popularity in the local region and across the nation, and there is no reason that they can’t be used as another way to express a person’s sense of style. While not everyone can afford the gold inlay that master engraver Larry Parker of Belmont might apply, local ...

A dress with more structure in the bodice is appropriate for those with bust concerns.

The Perfect Match Deserves the Perfect Dress

Blushing brides have a multitude of wedding dresses available to them these days — and for a modern wedding they can even buy one in a trendy color of the season known as “blush.” The options for the perfect bridal gown are endless this season, and a bride can find the perfect dress. ...

Photo by Shelley Hanson
Becky Kessler, a kitchen designer at the Lowe’s in Wheeling, stands in one of the model kitchen at the store.

Multitude of Design Choices Make a House a Home

When it comes remodeling a kitchen, bath or even deciding to build another new dwelling altogether, a variety of products and trends can help make a house feel more like home, according to local designers and builders. ∫ Alana Hendershot, sales manager with Wayne Homes in Belmont, said ...

Photo by Scott McCloskey
Kevin Cook, general manager of automotive operations for Straub Automotive at The Highlands, displays a beefed up 2017 Nissan Titan Pro-4X.

What Does Your Car Say About You?

Whether it’s a heavy duty pickup truck or a sleek sports car, a vehicle may say a lot about your personal style. While pickup trucks and sports cars have very different styles and are used for different reasons, Kevin Cook, general manager of automotive operations for Straub Automotive at ...

Photos by Ian Hicks
Neckties — with “skinny ties” making a comeback — come in myriad colors and styles, making them a great way for men to express their individuality.

Men’s Wardrobes Show Their Sense of Style

With Pinterest and other social media sites bringing the latest in fashion to every corner of the globe almost instantly, there are more ways than ever for men to use their wardrobes to express their personal sense of style. “Once a look starts going, it doesn’t take a lot for it to ...

Jason Nagy shows off the completed part of what will eventually be a full leg sleeve tattoo.

Tattooers Talk Trends

Tattoos are an art form that is extremely personal, allowing the wearer to express what is important to them and the tattoo artist to express his or her vision of that concept. Trends come and go quickly in the industry, and local tattoo shop owners Chuck Schorr and Ron Meyers discussed what ...