Red Devils Teammates Win 5K Crowns

WHEELING – It was a clean sweep for St. Clairsville during the 5K run at the 38th annual Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic.

Former Red Devils cross country and track standouts Shane Scheuer and Juliana Madzia finished first in the men’s and women’s run, respectively.

Scheuer’s winning time of 17:35.48 was more than 19 seconds faster than Wheeling’s Jason Bennett, who finished second.

Madzia finished fifth overall with a time of 18:48.56.

While Scheuer admits his time was good, he expected it to be a little lower.

”I thought I was going faster then that,” the 22 year-old said. ”It’s a good time, but I’ve ran around 16 (minutes) before.”

Both said the hills, which are a signature part of the Ogden races, really weren’t as bad as advertised.

”It’s a nice course to get a nice time on because there weren’t too many hills, but just enough to push you up and down to speed up a little bit,” said Madzia, who is a part of the running club at the University of Cincinnati where she is studying neurobiology and just finished her freshman year.

”I think if I was doing the half marathon it’d be a lot harder, but the hills weren’t too bad at all compared to some other hills in this area.”

Scheuer said he was so much in the zone he didn’t even notice them.

”I kinda lost my own head when I was running,” he said. ”I didn’t really even notice the hills. They weren’t as bad as everyone makes them out to be.”

It was the first 5K of the year for Scheuer, who recently joined the Navy and is leaving for Connecticut next month, and the first one he’s won since he was in high school. It was also his first time running the Ogden 5K.

In all, 203 runners participated in the event.