Samsa Breaking Records

There aren’t too many people who can say they hold a world record. Bobby ”The Freak” Samsa can now say he holds five.

On Dec. 2, Samsa competed in the 100 Percent Raw Powerlifting Federation World Championships at West Shore High School in Melbourne, Fla., where he established himself as one of the best raw powerlifters in the world.

Samsa competed in the 20-24 age group and the 220-pound weight class as opposed to the 198-pound weight class where he broke two world records in August.

? In the bench press, Samsa lifted 440 pounds, breaking the previous world record by 40 pounds.

? In the squat competition, Samsa lifted a staggering 605 pounds breaking the previous world record by 75 pounds.

? In the overall lift, which totaled his bench press, squat and deadlift (595 pounds), he posted a combined total of 1,640 pounds, shattering the previous world record by 105 pounds.

”I feel really excited,” Samsa, a 2004 graduate of Shadyside High School, said.

”This one feels like more of an accomplishment. Now I’ve proven myself, not only in the U.S., but all over the world.”

The two-day event saw lifters from as far as Estonia and the Ukraine compete for the world championship.

”I wanted to hit a number that I had never hit before in a competition,” Samsa said. ”I had lifted this much weight in the gym before, but it’s not legitimate until you do it in a competition so I was determined to do it.”

Samsa, who took the 14-hour trip to Florida in a car, knows he couldn’t have accomplished this without some help.

”Matt Coffland of Matt’s Tiger Pub in Shadyside helped finance most of the trip,” Samsa said. ”I just want to thank my friends and family and the community of Shadyside for giving me all of their support.”

As if five world records isn’t enough, Samsa still feels that there is more to accomplish in powerlifting.

He has been invited to compete in the Raw Unity Competition at Tampa, Fla., in Jan., where they take the top-10 raw lifters in the world in every weight class to compete.

”This is the strongest I’ve ever been or felt in my life,” Samsa said. ”I think winning this competition would validate me as the best raw powerlifter in the world.