WVSSAC Could Have Used Better Timing

WHEELING – No matter what the organization does, the WVSSAC seems to be wrong in some corner of the state. Some of the criticism isn’t warranted, but the current backlash has some legs.

In case you missed it, the SSAC announced the new classifications Wednesday for next school year. There were plenty of movers and shakers, including several that are still playing football as we speak.

For instance, Oak Glen just played in a Class AA quarterfinal against a top-ranked Point Pleasant team that will be a Class AAA school next season. And for good measure, the No. 2 Class AA team (Spring Valley) is also moving up.

There’s certainly no issue with anything numerical from this desk, but the timing certainly could have been better. What’s the rush? You couldn’t have waited until the completion of the Super Six in two weeks to make this announcement?

We all know how fickle fans can be. They look for excuses or reasons they were wronged almost as much as the remains of Jimmy Hoffa have been sought. If you’re the SSAC, why subject yourself to unneeded venom?

It’s not like you don’t see a lot of it as it is.

Good Luck, George

While we’re on the topic of mistakes, here’s looking at you, Buckeye Local. Some time ago the school decided it wanted to go in another direction in terms of its head baseball coach and let George Laase, a guy that has given a good chunk of his life to the school, walk.

Good baseball men are sometimes hard to find, but Robert E. Lee High School in Staunton, Va., didn’t waste much time getting one. The school recently hired Laase, as good of a person as you will find, to fill the vacancy left by Mike Guertler, who resigned earlier this school year after two seasons.

There are people in this world who deserve every good thing that comes their way, and George Laase most certainly falls in that category.

Best of luck, George.

Ballots Not Needed

Just wondering if anyone has noticed the lack of debate surrounding this season’s Kennedy Award, which is given annually to the best prep football player in the state. Usually at this time of year there’s weekly updates at how the leading contenders are doing, and columnists from all around weighing in.

Not this year.

The reason is simple: George Washington junior running back Ryan Switzer is head-and-shoulders better than anyone else in the field.

Switzer, who stands 5-foot-10, weighs 170 pounds and runs the shuttle in 4.1 seconds, already has Division-I scholarship offers from Bowling Green, Florida State, Marshall, Ohio University, Penn State and Wake Forest, according to Rivals.com. Additionally, West Virginia, Pitt and Virginia Tech are seriously intrigued.

So let’s save us all the trouble, keep a couple trees from being killed, and just not send out ballots this year. This race is a landslide.

Shawn Rine can be reached via e-mail at Rine@theintelligencer.net